Dr. Myatt’s HealthBeat Newsletter

April 14, 2006

In this issue:

Vitamin-less Vegetables: The New Nutrient Deficiency. Vegetables and some fruits contain nutrients critical to good health. Current government recommendations suggest that a minimum of 5-9 servings should be eaten daily to prevent disease, but many scientists feel this number should be increased to 10-18 servings. Find out why we need to eat so many veggies (it’s a scandal!), and how you can achieve this goal without turning into a wabbit!

Powerful Cancer-fighting Herb that Drug Companies are Rushing to Imitate. You probably have some in your spice cabinet right now. Use more of it, and you can hedge your bet against cancer, arthritis and blood clots.

The Healing Power of Flowers. Humans spend much time and money cultivating flowers. Science has finally cracked the code on our fascination with these delightful gifts of nature. PLUS: it’s not too late to send flowers for Easter. You’ll want to lavish them on friends and family once you read the studies!

Health Freedom Alert: Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Under Attack. Bio-identical (natural) hormone replacement therapy (nHRT) is far safer than synthetic and horse-urine hormones used in conventional medicine. It has helped thousands if not hundreds of thousands of women and men over the last several decades. Now, the makers of Premarin© and Prempro© (the dangerous, un-natural hormones) has petitioned the FDA to outlaw our right to prescribe these custom-formulated hormones. Act today to preserve this important health freedom!

Wellness Club Website Wins Award. Dr. Myatt’s Wellness Club website was nominated, reviewed, and awarded the “A Better Way Award” for noteworthy contribution to the Natural Health Community. You’ll see us sporting our award logo on the left side of our pages. Interestingly, the logo for the award is a big, red apple—- the same as our Wellness Club logo!

Dr. Myatt and Nurse Mark to Speak in Phoenix. The~Z~Team (Dr. Myatt-Ziemann and Mark Ziemann, R.N.) will be speaking in Phoenix the end of April to both public and medical audiences. The public presentation, titled ADD/ADHD in Children: are there Really Alternatives to Ritalin and Prozac? Is free and open to the public. The second presentation, Nutritional and Botanical Considerations in Cancer Treatment: 2006 Update, will be presented to physicians at the semi-annual AZNMA Medical Conference.

The Shaman’s Lesson of Worth. Think you can’t afford alternative health care? I have people on a daily basis asking me to do pro bono medical consultations. Find out what I learned from an Indian Shaman in my first year of medical practice that makes me say “no” every time to these requests for free services.

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