Advanced Fertility Enhancement Consultations

Optimize Your Health to Improve Natural Fertility

If you have a known impediment to fertility such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, PCOS, obesity, uterine fibroids or other gynecological or medical condition, OR if you have begun to have irregular menstrual cycles, then the Advanced Fertility Program is correct for you.

If you are age 40 or over, have known fertility difficulties or have had more than one unsuccessful IVF’s, the Advanced Fertility Program is also correct for you.

Your comprehensive health review will include a review of fertility history including a comprehensive review of previous laboratory studies, nutrition and lifestyle evaluation and specific fertility concerns evaluation.

After careful review of your medical records and testing, plus evaluation of your diet, lifestyle, family history and habits, Dr. Myatt will create a Comprehensive Fertility Optimization Program designed especially for you.

You will learn how to eat delicious, nutritious meals that will enhance your fertility and correct any health or medical problems you may have. If you are obese (a known impediment to fertility), your nutrition program will allow you to lose weight while improving your general health. Your program will include specific exercise, lifestyle and other recommendations all aimed at improving your general health and specifically enhancing fertility.

A program of tailored nutritional supplementation, diet, exercise and related therapies will be recommended.

In addition to your one-hour intake telephone conversation with Dr. Myatt, you will be scheduled for phone follow-ups to help ensure that your fertility program is progressing as planned. This is also the time to trouble-shoot problems you may be having and get answers to any questions that arise.

Your Advanced Fertility Program also includes email follow-up with Dr. Myatt for 3 months. This is a fast and easy way to get the answers and support you need to follow through on your fertility-restoring program.

In Summary, The Advanced Fertility-Enhancement Program includes:

  • Comprehensive Health Evaluation – including family and personal health history, diet and lifestyle evaluation, gynecological history, medication and supplement review and detailed medical records review.
  • Complete Personal Protocol Recommendations. No need to guess about what to do. Dr. Myatt makes it easy with everything from a customized diet plan — with recipes and cooking hints and tips — to designing an exercise program that suits your personality and health needs.
    You will receive a chart of recommended nutritional supplements and a daily “tracker” that makes it easy to remember when and what to take.
  • Initial and Follow-Up Teleconferences with Dr. Myatt. After your initial one-hour intake telephone consultation, you will be scheduled to follow-up with Dr. Myatt as often as necessary, usually every 2-4 weeks (more frequently if needed) at the beginning and later a minimum of once every month. Your program includes a total of 4 hours of telephone follow-up. (Value: $2,000 at Dr. Myatt’s current private practice rates).
  • Email follow-up with Dr. Myatt for 3 months.

Can We Guarantee A Successful Pregnancy?

No doctor can guarantee that you will become pregnant and maintain that pregnancy all the way through to having a healthy baby. Only a Higher Power can promise that!

But we DO guarantee that our program will help you become as healthy and fertile as you can possibly be through natural means, thereby improving your chances of having either a successful “natural” or assisted pregnancy.

We want you to have a baby just as much as YOU want to have one. To that end, we work diligently to uncover the “hidden” causes of infertility, and to consider causes that are not yet recognized by mainstream medicine but are never-the-less known to science.

We have many “successful babies” in our practice and we’d like you to add another to our nursery!

IVF and related assisted pregnancy therapies can be expensive. The Advanced Fertility Optimization Program will help you make the most of your conception efforts. The cost of this program is a one-time fee of $2,997 and includes all services listed. There are no  additional charges for email and telephone follow-ups during the 3-month program.

Call us today and schedule your preliminary screening consult ($80, refundable with program) or order your Brief Telephone Consultation here to find out what Dr. Myatt can do to help you have a healthy baby. 1-800-DR.MYATT (376-9288)