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Telephone Consultations
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What Natural Medicine Can Do for You — That Conventional Medicine Can’t

Modern conventional medicine performs amazing “heroic” care. If your broken body is found at the site of a serious car accident, conventional medicine’s ability to air-lift you to a hospital, CT scan you, set and pin broken bones, and keep you on life-support while you heal is what high-tech conventional medicine does best. And we are great at that — probably some of the best in the world.

But modern conventional U.S. medicine is NOT the best at everything. It it NOT the best solution for most day-to-day problems and most diseases. If it were, we would have some of the longest life expectancy — and health expectancy —- in the world. Yet here’s what the statistics show about health in the U.S.A.:

  • Americans spend 17+% of their GNP for health care, more than any other country in the world.
  • Life expectancy in America ranks 49th in the world, lagging far behind many countries who spend far less than we do for health (disease) care. (1)
  • Sixty-eight percent (two-thirds!) of Americans are overweight, thirty-three percent of these SEVERELY overweight (obese). (2)
  • Over ten million Americans take anti-depressants.
  • 50 percent of people over 85 will have Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • * Someone dies of heart disease every 34 seconds.
  • * One in six Americans suffers from an Anxiety Disorder.
  • * One in six Americans is either pre-diabetic or diabetic.

Modern medicine is an all but complete failure at curing or controlling chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and anxiety/depression. Instead, the best conventional medicine can offer is a temporary “patch” for the major diseases of our time. In many instances, such as cancer treatment, the “medicine” often kills the patient before the disease would.

Beyond Conventional Drugs and Surgery — Natural Medicine Treats the Cause, Not Just the Symptom

Natural medicine and lifestyle counseling can prevent and reverse disease. This is because natural medicine looks for the cause of disease instead of merely treating symptoms. For example: depression has never been shown to be caused by a Prozac deficiency! But B complex vitamin deficiencies, lack of precursor amino acids (which are necessary to manufacture neurotransmitters), food allergies, heavy metal or other toxicities and emotional factors can all cause depression. Why mask a problem when the cause can be found and corrected? Genuine cure is more profound and certain than a Band-Aid will ever be.

Natural Medicine Treats the Patient, Not the Disease

No two people with the same disease have that disease for the exact same reason. Therefore, there can be no effective “one size fits all” medicine, yet this is how we are trained to treat people in the conventional medical model. For example: one person with irritable bowel syndrome is suffering because of a food allergy. Another may have the exact same diagnosis because of a lack of gastric acid function. A third may have IBS because of a yeast overgrowth in the colon. Yet the drugs prescribed for each of these patients is the same. Does this seem right to you?

Dr. Myatt Isn’t “Against” Drugs! (Especially Safe and Effective Ones)

Dr. Myatt practice complementary, integrative medicine, which means that she will use or recommend the best available treatment from both conventional and natural medicine. When  a drug or surgery seems like the best option, that is the advice she will give you.

If in her opinion you will benefit from a drug, that is what she will recommend and prescribe.

So often, however, our conventional drugs and treatments cause more harm than good. As a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Dr. Myatt is trained to look for the cause of disease. Once the cause is known, there is opportunity for a genuine cure. The cure almost always entails natural methods, such as good nutrition, eliminating aggravating factors and restoring the body to a state of balance. These things are rarely if ever accomplished by drugs alone.

Dr. Myatt Finds “The Rest of The Story” that Modern Medicine Overlooks

If a person has a clear-cut set of symptoms, conventional medicine is good at giving the problem a name. We call this “diagnosis.” Just because we have named the problem does not imply that we know the cause, and in conventional medicine, it doesn’t even mean that we continue to look for a cause. You suffer from arthritis? There — we’ve got a name and we have a small collection of drugs that we will try until you feel pain relief. When your pain stops, our work is done. If none of our drugs stop your pain, oh well, we’ll just keep trying different drugs in different combinations.

The problem with this method of diagnosis and treatment is several-fold. First, because we are treating symptoms and not the cause, we might not be able to “cure” the problem with any of our available drugs. Secondly, since the treatment is a band-aid and doesn’t address the cause, the underlying problem is still going on with all the associated negative physical consequences. Finally, the drugs themselves usually have adverse consequences, up to and including death. Conventional treatment might offer some temporary pain relief, but at what cost?

Dr. Myatt looks for “the rest of the story.” If your diagnosis is arthritis, wouldn’t you like to know why your joints are deteriorating? The “wear and tear” theory has never been proven to be a cause of arthritis. Elderly marathon runners suffer far less arthritis than age-matched non-exercisers.

Is it a lack of bone and joint nutrients in the diet? An excess of inflammatory substances in the blood (which also increases heart disease and cancer risk)? A food allergy? Excess of a toxic substances or heavy metals? Once the underlying cause or causes are found, we not only have a better idea of how to stop pain, we have a genuine shot at a cure. And the side effects from natural remedies are that other complaints are often also corrected! Good things happen when we look for and treat the cause of a problem, not just the symptoms.

When No One Knows What’s Wrong

In conventional medicine, if your complaint fits into a neat little category that we can give a name to, we also know the drugs or surgeries that we are supposed to prescribe. They are in “the doctor cookbook.” But what if you have vague or unusual symptoms that don’t fit into any existing diagnosis?

If you have good insurance, you’ll get ATKTM — All Tests Known To Man (or all tests know to modern medicine). You may find yourself being CAT-scanned for an irritable bowel complaint and MRI’d for joint pains. Such ATKTM only rarely finds an anatomical cause for disease, and it NEVER locates a functional cause of disease.

Diagnostic tests are supposed to complement the doctor’s comprehensive evaluation, helping to “rule in” or “rule out” a suspected cause. Today, however, many physicians order tests in lieu of careful case study and patient evaluation. This “hit and miss” method of diagnosis is expensive, time-consuming and rarely productive. And when ATKTM comes back negative and you still have the complaint, then what? For conventional doctors it’s time to give you a “head med,” because if modern medical tests haven’t shown anything, the problem must be in your head.

The natural medical approach, which is Dr. Myatt’s approach, is to do a meticulous case study. By reviewing your symptoms, lab work, lifestyle and diet histories, family and personal medical histories, she is able to develop a solid “rule out” list of possible causes of your complaint.

Next, medical tests are ordered if they will rule in or out each of the items on the list. Like peeling the layers of an onion, she carefully explores the potential causes of your complaint until she finds it. In rare cases finding a cause is impossible, but most times it is merely difficult!

Using a combination of both conventional and alternative diagnostic measures, Dr. Myatt is able to find answers for many people who have been “given up on” by conventional medicine.

Why Dr. Myatt is The Doctor of First Resort — Prevention is Easier than Cure

Or stated differently, “If it ain’t broke, fix it before it breaks!”

Dr. Myatt and her team specialize in Health Optimization — making diet, lifestyle and other changes to prevent disease before it can establish a foot-hold.

Why wait until you have diabetes to make positive diet changes? Early signs, symptoms and lab abnormalities can predict your risk factors for many diseases years before they appear. The easiest time to correct a problem is before it even gets started. This is known as “preventive medicine,” and it is one of Dr. Myatt’s specialties. In the case of Health Optimization, a yearly review of your diet, symptoms, and lab results are recommended. From this, Dr. Myatt formulates a “Health Optimization Protocol” which is your personal guide to continued wellness for the coming year.

And Why She Is The Doctor of Last Resort — For “The Incurables” 

Prevention is always easier than cure, but perhaps you are past the point of prevention. If you already have a medical condition — even a serious one — Dr. Myatt can help. Her patients include people with advanced metastasized cancer, life-threatening heart conditions, autoimmune problems, neurological diseases and numerous other “incurable” problems.

With careful case-study and evaluation, Dr. Myatt makes health and life-saving recommendations to patients with all types of serious medical conditions.

Dr. Myatt’s patients have proven time and again that “where there’s life, there’s hope.”

Anti-Aging and Longevity Are Within Reach

Scientists estimate that the genetic lifespan of humans should be on the order of 120 years, yet the average US life expectancy for men and women is in the 70’s (and we rank 49th in the world for life expectancy).

For those who manage to live to 70’s 80’s and beyond, the way is often fraught with disease and disability for the last 20 or more years of life (the number of years of life spent in good health is known as “Health Span”). Why are we falling so short of our genetic potential for both lifespan and healthspan, in spite of the fact that we spend more on “health care” than any other nation on earth?

Modern medicine doesn’t really deliver “health care.” Instead, it is a model of “disease care,” waiting for a problem to happen  before taking action. Even then, the “action” taken is usually a Band-Aid instead of a cure. When it comes to prevention, health optimization and advanced methods of life extension, conventional medicine is woefully inadequate.

By identifying obstacles to good health and utilizing the vast body of longevity-enhancing techniques available, it is possible to extend both lifespan and healthspan. Much more is known about anti-aging and longevity than we currently utilize in conventional medicine.

Fortunately, alternative and complementary medical practices take advantage of this knowledge. Anti-aging and Longevity is one area of special interest and study for Dr. Myatt. She can help you know how to take advantage of your genetic potential for long life and good health.

You Can Consult Dr. Myatt In The Comfort of Your Home…. by Phone

Health Optimization requires careful medical detective work. Dr. Myatt evaluates your family history, personal past medical history, diet, lifestyle, risk factors, symptom profile and physiological stressors. She carefully reviews your laboratory reports and medical records, all pertinent medical data, and medications. Finally and most importantly, she listens carefully to your description of symptoms, complaints, and health goals. All of these factors are carefully weighed as Dr. Myatt and her medical team perform an exhaustive evaluation of your case.

Following your telephone consultation and case study by Dr. Myatt, you will receive your personalized Health Optimization Protocol. This report will include specific recommendations for diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, herbs and other conventional and/or complementary care — a complete “action plan” to put you on the path to Optimal Health, whether you are already healthy and looking to stay that way, or you suffer from a serious medical condition, or something in-between.

How Can Dr. Myatt Help Me Without Seeing Me in Person?

Dr. Myatt’s care does not replace your personal general physician. In fact, she insists that everyone have a personal family doctor in their local area. When the need arises, you should have someone locally who can listen to your lungs and heart with a stethoscope, perform routine examinations and stitch up boo-boos. Everyone needs a general family physician.

Dr. Myatt practices the advanced medical specialty of holistic and integrative medicine. Her evaluation of your case will go far beyond the type of medicine practiced conventionally. And because Dr. Myatt is also trained in conventional medicine, she can review and incorporate your conventional medical evaluations as part of your comprehensive work-up.

If you have asthma, for example, your local physician or health professional will have already listened to your lungs, referred your for breathing tests and prescribed medication. Dr. Myatt does not need to repeat this basic medical evaluation. She will, however, refer you to the appropriate type of medical practitioner when it appears that you have not had the complete “look” that should have been done. And she may suggest additional testing which has not been done by your conventional physician if it appears appropriate and necessary. This is all arranged by distance. Dr. Myatt writes prescriptions and lab orders for patients in every state and in countries around the world.

How Do I Enlist Dr. Myatt’s Services?

Use this link to schedule a brief telephone consultation. After you have completed purchase of your brief consultation, Dr. Myatt’s office will be in touch with you via email to schedule a time for this initial visit. Brief consultations can usually be scheduled quickly, usually within a matter of days.

All advanced patient programs begin with a brief telephone consultation. During this time, you will discuss your case with Dr. Myatt so that she can advise you as to which program / patient track is best suited to your unique situation.

If you elect to become a patient of Dr. Myatt’s after this initial visit, the cost of your brief phone consultation will be deducted from your program fees.

Next Steps: If You Are Accepted As a Patient

Before your initial one-hour intake visit, you will be asked to complete the following:

Patient information This form explains your relationship with Dr. Myatt, and how you will work together towards your best health ever.
Authorization to Release Medical RecordsThis form, signed and given to your other health care providers will allow them to send your medical records to Dr. Myatt for her study and analysis.
Patient Registration and Comprehensive IntakeThis form sounds simple, but here you will provide a great deal of information about yourself, your health, family history, medical history, diet, history of current illness and what you wish to achieve as you work together with Dr. Myatt.
Comprehensive Symptom SurveyThis 9 page health questionnaire and symptom survey will make you think hard. By completing it fully and honestly, you will provide Dr. Myatt with valuable insights to your body systems and clues to help her in her investigations as she develops your personalized Health Action Plan.

Copies of available medical records should be included (a records request form is included in case it is needed).

On the appointed day and time, Dr. Myatt will call you for your appointment. This initial “visit” is one hour long. Your Health Optimization Protocol will be mailed to you several days to a week later (to allow sufficient time for case study) and will contain a complete set of instructions and recommendations for everything needed to begin a healthier lifestyle.

Follow-Up and Ongoing Care

Everyone has different needs, hence the different levels of programs and services. A person with advanced heart disease or cancer will require much more contact and ongoing monitoring that a healthy person seeking to improve further on their good health. These factors are taken into account when Dr. Myatt advises which level of service your care requires.

Unless you are quite healthy and simply seeking expert advice on the best diet and nutritional supplement program, you will need to follow-up with Dr. Myatt via phone and internet (email) to insure proper execution of your program.

Adjustments and corrections may need to be made to your protocol, depending in large part on how you respond to treatment, your ability to follow the program as closely as possible, and other intervening factors. Dr. Myatt has taken the requisite follow-ups into account in the various levels of service she provides.

Your care will include follow-up and a “retainer”-based program for the email answers and other feedback you may need to keep you moving toward health at the fastest, most effective pace.

How Come Dr. Myatt Charges More Than Other Doctors?

She doesn’t. A specialist who sees you in-office for 15 minutes, for example, may charge $90. However, after you leave the office, this doctor spends no additional time reviewing your case.

Dr. Myatt will spend an initial hour discussing your health concerns, then she and her team go to work studying your case, including review of all relevant medical data. This “case study” typically takes from 4-12 hours depending on the nature and complexity of your health concerns. This often involves not just case study but also medical research on your behalf. Then and only then does Dr. Myatt create your “Recommendations,” a complete, written protocol for you to follow. When you consider the level of time, care and attention that each patient receives, Dr. Myatt’s fees are a bargain.

Why the “Retainer” and Pre-Paid Follow-Up Visits?

Dr. Myatt has found that the inclusive follow-ups and retainer program is in the best interest of her patients for the following reasons:

  1. Patients who have made a commitment are more likely to follow through. Follow-through produces positive results.
  2. Prevents “treatment failures.”  The initial recommendations are a solid “starting place” for good health, but the program must be adjusted and “tweaked” as circumstances change, new information becomes available and patient health improves.Some patients, after paying the initial consult fee, either drop out (fail to follow-through) because they don’t want to incur additional visit expenses OR because they expect unlimited email follow-up at no charge.By incorporating the predicted follow-up visits into program costs, patients are far more likely to follow-up. Making the necessary “course corrections” with Dr. Myatt’s careful guidance produces far better results than an initial visit with no follow-up.
  3. Get the answers you need — ALL of them. Your program fees include significant email follow-up. Got a question? No reason to stumble on your health program, get bad advice off the internet, or simply let a question go answered. All you have to do is email Dr. Myatt and she will respond with the information, assurance and guidance you need to keep you on track to a healthier life.
  4. Better cost predictions. How much will that “only $90” visit cost if you have to return to the doctor dozens of times over the same health concern? Costs for holistic care can add up to a big “unknown.” Although it is possible that a person may exceed their annual program allowance with Dr. Myatt, this is unusual. By having pre-paid for your care and follow-up, you can have a much better idea of what your advanced holistic care will cost.

Can Anyone Become a Patient? Why Does Dr. Myatt “Screen” New Patients?

Dr. Myatt is big on results, something even her advanced cancer patients will attest to.  Because of this, she is very particular about who she will accept as a patient. Only those who seem truly ready to put forth the necessary effort to get well, or improve health, are accepted.

And because each individual patient is given so much time and attention, Dr. Myatt must necessarily limit her services to only as many patients as she can truly devote herself to at any one time. When you are under Dr. Myatt’s care, you can rest assured that you are being watched over very carefully. She does not “spread herself thin” and accept more patients than she can be totally devoted to.

There are also some patients who have ideas and desires that would make them unsuited to Dr. Myatt’s method of practice.

For example, Dr. Myatt is a firm believer in scientific holistic medicine. She does not practice “esoteric” or unproven techniques although she is familiar with most of them. Patients who want “chakra balancing,” “aura cleansing” or recommendation of nutritional supplements by crystal pendulum dowsing would not be happy with Dr. Myatt’s highly scientific, well-researched and proven methods of practice.

How Dr. Myatt’s Health Optimization Program is Different from other Healthcare Practices

  • Dr. Myatt takes the time to listen. No “quickie” initial or follow-up visits. Dr. Myatt takes the time to truly listen to your symptoms, complaints, questions and health goals. She and her team also spend an extensive amount of time reviewing your individual case. Very few physicians — even holistic and naturopathic practitioners — spend so much time entirely devoted to each individual patient.
  • Dr. Myatt and Team perform an in-depth analysis for each patient. Our testing is typically more comprehensive than traditional laboratory testing. We use “optimal,” not just “normal” values for lab interpretation. We look beyond the bounds of conventional “disease diagnosis” and try to truly understand the underlying causes and imbalances contributing to an individual’s symptoms.
  • “Tolle causum” — treat the cause. We are totally devoted to discovering the “hidden causes” of your health challenges in a way that goes far beyond conventional medical diagnosis and treatment. From this, we develop a customized treatment plan exclusively for you. No two people, even with the same diagnosis, will have the same treatment plan because all of our work is highly individualized.
  • “Vis Medicatrix Naturae” — with the healing power of nature. The human body is, to a great extent, self-healing when given the proper conditions. We cooperate with nature by using TLC — Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes — and natural remedies to stimulate the body to heal itself.

Modalities that Dr. Myatt Uses to Treat Disease and Optimize Health

Dr. Myatt is trained and licensed in conventional medical treatment including convention laboratory and physical diagnosis of disease. She can write prescriptions for drugs, deliver babies, commit surgeries, and sign death certificates.

However, her primary methods of treatment — “Vis Medicatrix Naturae” — include:

  • Diet and nutrition / nutritional supplements
  • Botanical medicine
  • Exercise and fitness programs
  • Bio-identical hormone therapy
  • Detoxification programs
  • Immune Enhancement
  • Lifestyle Counseling

Dr. Myatt’s Specialties Include:

  • Anti-aging and Longevity Medicine
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Auto-immune Disease
  • Heart Disease Prevention and Reversal
  • Cancer Prevention and Treatment Options
  • Natural (bio-identical) Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Diabetes Managements and Type II Diabetes CURE
  • Anxiety, Depression and other Mood Disorders
  • Adrenal and Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Weight Loss and Maintenance
  • Digestive Difficulties (IBS, constipation, diarrhea, GERD)
  • Osteopenia / Osteoporosis
  • Infertility
  • Health Optimization
  • “Real” — Carefully Researched And Considered — Second Opinions

What Level of Care Best Suits Your Needs?

 Health and Wellness Review 1 *Health and Wellness Review 2 *Anti-aging / Health OptimizationHealth Recovery ProgramAdvanced Health Rescue
Who is this for?People with no diagnosed disease and minor or no health problems who want an holistic review of their diet, lifestyle, and recent medical (lab) reportsPeople with diagnosed disease and minor to moderate health problems who want an holistic review of their diet, lifestyle, and recent medical (lab) reportsHealthy people (no disease) who want to optimize their health further and implement an anti-aging programPeople with health problems for which no conventional diagnosis has been found OR with non-life threatening diagnoses not well-addressed by conventional medicinePeople with serious medical conditions: heart disease, cancer (stage 3-4),  diabetes, auto-immune disease, etc.
Initial visit
Personal Health Report
30 mins60 minsunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
60 mins60 minsunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
* Health and Wellness Review follow-ups must be completed within 45 days** This is a Six Month Program** This is a Six Month Program** This is a Six Month Program*** Can be paid in monthly installments / one year program

Please Note: Dr. Myatt will apply the cost of the Health and Wellness Review toward any of her more advanced care programs.

Most people spend more money maintaining their car than they do maintaining their health. Dr. Myatt’s patients recognize that an investment in their health is one of the best investments they can make. Without your health, all other things in life — family, friends, possessions, hopes, dreams and plans for the future cannot be enjoyed to their fullest. What is your health worth to you?

What is it worth to add 10, 20, or more active years to your life?
What is it worth to have a slim, fit figure?
What is it worth to avoid a fatal heart attack? A stroke?
What is it worth to put an advanced cancer into remission?
What is it worth to turn back the clock and be healthy and full of life again?

Health Optimization Programs with Dr. Myatt: Affordable.
Good Health: PRICELESS.

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