Bio-Identical (Natural) Hormone Therapy Under Attack:

The Next Loss of Health Freedom

What is Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (nHRT)?

Although synthetic and horse-urine derived hormones have been the standard in conventional medicine for years, such forms of hormone replacement therapy are unsafe. Higher risk of heart disease and hormones-related cancers are the most worrisome side effects of conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Most holistic physicians prefer to use natural HRT (nHRT), an alternative that actually reduces the risk of heart disease, hormone related cancers, osteoporosis and premature aging.

Natural hormone replacement therapy is conducted by first performing a female hormone profile. Such testing of the entire complement of female hormones including estriol, estrone, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA is almost NEVER done in conventional medicine. Instead of using a “generic” prescription, the holistic physician can instead use the results of the female hormone profile to write a custom-tailored hormone prescription for each patient. These customized hormone prescriptions are filled by “compounding pharmacists” who specialize in making custom formulas.

Unlike conventional HRT which uses high doses of estradiol and synthetic progesterone almost exclusively, nHRT typically encompasses all the sex hormones and in doses that attempt to duplicate the hormone pattern that a woman had in her younger years. This is a very different and much safer approach to hormone replacement therapy.

Thousands Helped with nHRT

Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of women and men have been helped with nHRT.
Not only is bio-identical hormone replacement safer than conventional HRT, it also works better for many people.

Women who have not found relief from menopausal symptoms with the unnatural hormones typically prescribed often feel better than they have in years once they are switched to natural hormone replacement. Further, duplicating the hormone pattern of youth has proven to be a potent anti-aging strategy employed by many holistic and longevity physicians.

Why Big Pharmacy Wants nHRT Outlawed

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, makers of Premarin® and Prempro® (the dangerous synthetic and horse urine-derived hormones), recently petitioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requesting severe restrictions on the compounding and dispensing of bio-identical hormones. If granted, these restrictions would put an end to all natural hormone replacement therapy.

Although “bio-identical hormones” appear far safer than conventional hormone therapy, Big Pharmacy and their lap dog, the FDA, are trying hard (and will probably win) at making natural, safe, bio-identical hormones illegal. Hey — if the competition cuts into profits, why not just destroy it?