Medical White Papers for Laypersons

For Laypersons

These Medical White Papers, while of interest to Medical Professionals, are written especially for laypersons. They are scientifically and medically accurate and are intended to be understadable to those without extensive medical or scientific training.

Vitamin D – A Special Report

Fungus, Yeasts and Molds: Hidden Cause of Many “Unexplained” Diseases

10 Dangers of Carbohydrates

Cooking in The Microwave Oven: Is It Safe? A special investigative article.

What’s Burning You? The REAL Cause of Heartburn, Indigestion and GERD and “Sour Stomach”

Fiber: 25 Benefits of a Dietary “Non-Nutrient”

Cardiovascular Risk Factors Assessment Checklist

Prostate Cancer, PSA, and Biopsies – A Critical Look