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Good Health for the Golden Years

Healthy, Active SeniorsAs I wrote in one HealthBeat article, “The ‘golden years’ can kiss my grits.” What I meant was that “The Golden Years” — that time in life when the family is raised and we are “hopefully” financially secure enough to stop working full time, and to travel or work at our favorite hobbies if we so choose — are often tarnished by failing health. I think that’s a pity, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you read the discussion on aging at the Anti-Aging Health Solution Center, you know that the human life expectancy should be on the order of 120 years. I’m not talking about just living long, either. I’m talking about spending those years in good health. Many people start crawling toward the grave from young or middle adulthood, plagued with aches, pains and illnesses. That’s not the way it is in many cultures.

By following some Basic Rules of Good Health and choosing natural, corrective measures over often-dangerous drugs and surgical “band aids,” a longer, healthier life is certainly possible.

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