Dr. Myatt’s Pain Drawing

Dr. Myatt’s Pain Drawing

Please draw in the appropriate location of pain with the symbol that best describes the discomfort that you are presently experiencing. Be as accurate and complete as you can. Then answer the questions below. Patient Name:


Sharp and Stabbing = ++++++
Dull and Achy
Pins and Needles
= ////////////
Spasm or Cramp
Stiff or Tight or Tense







What makes the pain better?

What makes it worse?

Have you ever had this pain before?

If yes, when?

When did the pain begin?

Why did the pain begin? (If you know)

How often do you have the pain?
A – Occasionally
B – Half the time
C – Frequently
D – Constantly

How intense is the pain?
1 – slight
2 – Mild
3 – Moderate
4 – Severe

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