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Hello Patients, Members and Friends:

I hope this edition of HealthBeat finds you enjoying some warm and wonderful Spring weather! If you’ve been hibernating indoors during the cold Winter months, now is the time to get out for some fresh air, sunshine and exercise. How about a nice walk through a local park to enjoy the flowers as they burst forth for the season?

It is with pleasure that I introduce a new staff member to you, Jamie Jameson-White. Jamie will be taking over the editorial duties of HealthBeat, thus allowing me to continue to put the necessary time into my private practice and careful oversight of The Wellness Club. Jamie’s presence on staff will also allow me time to continue to research and develop cutting-edge nutritional products and services. Her background in journalism should be a welcome addition.

Make no mistake about my having an editor: HealthBeat will still be researched and written by me. Jamie will smooth out my rough text, ask pertinent questions to refine articles, and do independent reporting on her own, but HealthBeat is still very much “my voice” to you. Without further ado, let me turn this over to Jamie so she can introduce herself…

Hello All!

I’m thrilled to be able to work with Dr. Myatt and be a part of Dr. Myatt’s Wellness Club. I believe my background in journalism will ensure that Healthbeat continues to be the dynamic newsletter you’ve come to expect from Dr. Myatt, while allowing her sufficient time to do the research necessary to keep us all on the leading-edge of medical science and health breakthroughs. It has been a long and interesting road since I first met The Good Doctor.

Seven years ago, I attended a lecture given by Dr. Myatt in the Chicago area. I enjoyed her speaking so much— easy to understand, no hype, great information delivered straight from the heart. I had learned about Dr. Myatt from reading her book, “A Physician’s Diary,” loaned to me by a friend.

A few months after this lecture, I started having aches and pains in my joints. It was hard to get going in the morning, the pain in my feet and ankles made me feel so old! (I was only 28 at the time). After several visits to my general doctor and two specialists, I still had no diagnosis. What I DID have were three prescription drugs, none of which alleviated the pain. I remembered Dr. Myatt telling us during her lecture that she could help a person via telephone consultation. I also remembered the deep feeling of trust and confidence she inspired in me when she spoke, so I gave her a call.

Dr. Myatt’s office nurse convinced me to schedule a bona fide consultation, get my medical records to her, and fill out the extensive set of intake forms, including a six-page “symptom survey.” It seemed like a long shot that anyone could help me over the phone when the local doctors who had examined me in person were still stumbling, but the pain and disability convinced me that I needed to try something radical. Dr. Myatt was my “something radical.”

I felt better after that first one-hour consultation even though I hadn’t really done anything different yet! I’m sure it was because Dr. Myatt was so confident that she could help me.

“Has anyone told you that you have rheumatoid arthritis?” Her question surprised me.

“No, none of my doctors have mentioned that.”

“Well, by conventional diagnostic standards, that’s what we’ll have to call it. Your rheumatologist will give you this same diagnosis after he takes time to look at all your lab reports.”

“But he HAS looked at my lab reports!” I couldn’t understand why no one had mentioned this term to me before.

“Doctors get busy,” Dr. Myatt explained. “It was an oversight not to have seen this, but I’m sure when he reviews your case again, he’ll see it. Besides, the name of your condition doesn’t matter too much. What matters is that we help you out of it….”

With that, my journey back to health began. It wasn’t all that difficult, really. Dr. Myatt helped me discover that I was allergic to several foods, and I had to stop eating them. Within just a week, the improvement was noticeable. I started taking the nutritional supplements and herbs recommended by Dr. Myatt, sort of. Instead of getting high quality products (I thought they were all about the same), I bought brands at my local health food store that were the cheapest. The following month, though I felt pleased with my improvement, Dr. Myatt was underwhelmed. She said she expected even MORE improvement than I was reporting. When she questioned me about my supplements, I assured her that I had taken everything as prescribed, all purchased from the local health food store. It was then that Dr. Myatt taught me about the lack of quality control in the nutritional industry and convinced me to try Wellness Club supplements for a month. The difference was amazing! My improvement progressed at lightening speed after that.

It took about four months for the stiffness and discomfort to completely subside. During that time, my local doctor “discovered” that I had rheumatoid arthritis and wanted me to go on even stronger drugs, but I declined. I didn’t need them. My pain resolved and has not returned to this day. Needless to say, Dr. Myatt has been my “medical hero” ever since.

When I heard through the grapevine that Dr. Myatt was looking for an editorial assistant to help with HealthBeat, I jumped at the opportunity. It will be my privilege and pleasure to be working with all of you, helping you stay at the front of the pack when it comes to health news and breakthroughs. Please let me know what topics you are interested in and I’ll do my best to see that your requests are featured in future editions of HealthBeat. I’m looking forward to working with Dr. Myatt and with you!

Glad to be On Board!

Jamie Jameson-White

Editor, HealthBeat Newsletter