HealthBeat Newsletter Back Issues

HealthBeat Newsletter Back Issues

12/20/07 What’s Old Is New Again – Can You Say “Chia Pet?”

  • What’s Old Is New Again – Can You Say “Chia Pet?”
  • Fiber: Longevity Secret and More
  • More Questions About L-5-HTP and Paxil
  • Laughter is the best medicine: Age and Experience Beats Youth and Enthusiasm…

12/14/07 Where We Draw The Line On “Free Advice”

  • “Hot Flashes” from this Week’s Conventional Medical Journals
  • A Fitness Resource That We Use – And You Can Too!
  • Some Thoughts Regarding “Free Medical Advice” – A Nurse Mark Rant…
  • “But I really Miss Mashed Potatoes…” Our Secret Cauli-tato Recipe
  • Laughter is the best medicine: More Of The “Lowest Form Of Humor”…

12/07/07 Dr. Myatt’s Christmas Gift Ideas And Suggestions

  • Dr. Myatt’s Christmas Gift Ideas and suggestions
  • Laughter is the best medicine: Remembering Hollywood Squares

11/30/07 Mustard Plasters And A Grandmother’s Dilemma

  • Mustard Plasters And A Grandmother’s Dilemma
  • And Another Mustard Plaster Success Story
  • What About The “Good Sugars?”
  • What are “ketones” and “ketosis?” Isn’t Ketosis dangerous?
  • L5HTP vs Paxil vs St. Johns Wort: Which to use?
  • Laughter is the best medicine: 11 people on a rope…

11/19/07 Pneumonia – Deadly But Preventable – Here’s How:

  • Pneumonia – Deadly But Preventable – Here’s How:
  • Mom Wishmeyer’s Good Old-Fashioned Mustard Plaster For Chest Infections.
  • Common Sense For Colds And Flu…
  • We Get Letters: Peanut Oil And Label Claims – How To Know What’s What?
  • We get letters: When Will The Super Fast Diet Be Available In A “Paper Book?”
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: Test for Dementia

11/02/07 Special “Heart Health Report” Edition

  • Special “Heart Health Report” – Heart Attack and Stroke – what are your real risks?
  • Dave Checks in – What to do for shingles?
  • Laughter is the best medicine: From the kids…

10/26/07 Flu and Cold Season Is Coming – Get Natural Protection and Relief!

  • “Where Was My HealthBeat Last Week!?!” The Techno-Gremlins Ate It…
  • Flu and Cold Season Is Coming – But There Is Natural Relief!
  • Dr. Myatt’s Mighty Herbal First Aid Kit – For Colds and Flu Too!
  • Don’t Forget – Dr. Myatt Has A Crazy “No-Flu” money-back Guarantee!
  • Surprise And Disappointment – It Seems Everyone Figures Someone Else Will Do It…
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: A Skeletal Bit of Humor

10/12/07 – What’s It All About?

  • – What’s It All About?
  • We Get Letters – Complete With Lab Results…
  • We Get Letters – And Compliments!
  • Recent News From The FDA – “Power To The People!” NOT!
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: The Times, They Are A-Changin’

10/05/07 The Wellness Club Supports America’s Military Men and Women: Goes Live!

  • Wellness Club Launches
  • It’s Finally Here! The Wellness Club Website Has Had A Make-Over!
  • Seems The New Website Is A Hit! (With most folks, at least…)
  • Will the REAL Naturopathic Medical Doctor Please Stand Up?
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: Anger Management

09/27/07 It’s Finally Here! The Wellness Club Website Has Had A Make-Over!

  • It’s Finally Here! The Wellness Club Website Has Had A Make-Over!
  • Optimist or Pessimist — Does It Really Matter To Health?
  • What I Admire About My European Patients
  • A Lesson In How To Get Your Research Funded (And Your Salary Paid): A Look Behind The Scenes
  • Got Cancer? Two Reasons You Have My Deep Sympathy
  • We Get Questions: What Oil To Cook With?
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: Remembering Red Skelton

09/20/07 Rooster’s Crowing Is Determined Responsible For Sunrise – Learn More!

  • Something Wonderful Is Getting Ready To Happen At The Wellness Club!
  • The Problem With Research Article Abstracts – Or, How The Rooster Crows To Make The Sun Rise…
  • CT Scans And Radiation Risks In Children – Is It Really Worth It?
  • Phlebitis / Thrombophlebitis – A Dangerous Condition Much In The News Of Late
  • Some Fun With Politics
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: Some Truly Useful Information This Week – Conversion Units

09/13/07 Rheumatoid Arthritis – it’s a hopeless diagnosis, right? Not Here It Isn’t!

  • Extreme Sports, Nutrition, Vitamins, And Immunity – A conversation with my car mechanic got me to thinking and researching…
  • Lung Disease In A Bag: Why do insist on exposing ourselves to these toxic chemicals?
  • Patent Drugs: Prescription For Problems:
  • Ginkgo Biloba and Longevity
  • A New HealthBeat Feature: Readers Rants!
  • We Get Questions: A potpourri this week…
  • We Get Questions: Rheumatoid Arthritis – it’s a hopeless diagnosis, right?
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: Some Zen sarcasm…

09/06/07 The Flu Can Be a Brutal Enemy. Are You Relying on a Flu Shot Alone to Protect You? And How About A Money-Back Good Health Guarantee?

  • 3 Steps to A Natural Facelift – A More Youthful Appearance without Botox Or Surgery!
  • Cancer In a Can – Are You Really Still Drinking This Stuff?!?
  • More Great News For Grape Fans – Study Shows Prostate Cancer Benefit…
  • Green Tea Gets A Boost – Yet Another Study Shows It Stops Colon Cancer Tumors…
  • The Flu Can Be a Brutal Enemy. Are You Relying on a Flu Shot Alone to Protect You? And How About A Money-Back Good Health Guarantee?
  • We Get Questions: Seizures In Children…
  • We Get Questions: Hip Problems, Fosamax, Osteoporosis – And “Everything Hurts” For This One Senior – So, What To Do?
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: Simple Truths And Knowledge From Our Canine Friends

8/30/07 Surgical Dilemmas, Bad Knees, Infertility, And “Drug To Normalization”! A Potpourri Of Problems…

  • Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t! The dilemma of Big Surgery
  • Dave, With The “Bum Knees” Checks Back In… It still hurts – even after Big Surgery!
  • Fibroids, Fertility, and Working For Free… We get questions!
  • News Reports, Political Correctness, drugs, and Guns – One thing leads to another…
  • Kennedy, Roberts, and Burr – Meddling With Your Health Freedom Again…
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: The Latest In Diagnostic Technology, brought to you by Dr. Myatt!

08/23/07 Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine According To New Research!

  • Yet More Good Reasons To Stop The Pop Habit – Metabolic Syndrome And Addiction
  • This week’s FDA “Warnings”…
  • The FDA Is “At It Again”… Keeping Us Safe From Mother Nature
  • We Get Letters I –  Comments and Questions…
  • We Get Letters II – Readers Ask Medical Questions…
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: Kids Say The Darndest Things – Part 2

08/16/07 Poisons Lurking In Common Plastic Items

  • Vitamins: What You Should be Taking, and Why
  • Readers Question Of The Week: What Dangers Lurk In Plastic?
  • US Ranks 42nd In World For Life Expectancy – What The Heck Is Wrong Here?
  • AstraZenca Profits Take Hit In Prilosec Heart Attack Scare
  • Problems with Diabetes Drugs continue
  • We Get Questions…
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: Kids Say The Darndest Things!

08/09/07 Got Mercury Amalgam Fillings? You Gotta See This Video!

  • Yet More Good News For Vitamin D!
  • Dr. Myatt’s Super Shake recipes
  • Alzheimer’s, Heartburn, Or Neither: What’s Your Pleasure?
  • Still have “Silver Fillings” in your teeth? You won’t want to after seeing this!
  • We Get Letters I – What Natural Treatments Are Available For MS?
  • We Get Letters II – Readers Ask Us Medical Questions…
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: “Pirates Of The West” stealing from Nature…

08/02/07 Detox Your Way To Better Health With Colon Cleansing

  • How To Have A Healthy Bowel – And A Healthy Body…
  • FDA Updates: “And The Beat Goes On…”
  • We Get Letters: Insurance Companies Out Of Control – And Something That You Can Do About It…
  • We Get Letters II – Readers Ask Us Medical Questions…
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: Wisdom From One Of Our Readers…

07/26/07 The Most Dangerous Food You Can Eat!

  • 10 Dangers of Carbohydrates – Carbs are NOT your friend!
  • Fungus, Yeasts and Molds: Hidden Cause of Many “Unexplained” Diseases
  • Those Not So Golden Years… and the story of a nice little truck.
  • Raw Almonds No More! Your Government, Hard At Work Protecting You…
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: Like it or not, a Compendium of Puntifications

07/18/07 Why Aerobic Exercise is a Waste of Time

  • Why Aerobic Exercise is a Waste of Time (Dr. Dana Myatt)
  • Strontium: The Missing Mineral for Osteoporosis Prevention and Reversal
  • FDA Tyranny Now Law: TWO Low Blows For Health Freedom and What It Will Mean to You
  • Ask Dr. Myatt:  Is Ostaderm Safe for Hot Flashes in a Woman on Breast Cancer Medication?
  • Laughter is Good Medicine: The Death of Common Sense



  • Neurological Disease: What You’re NOT Going To Hear From Your Conventional Doctor. You’ll NEVER hear any of this from your conventional medical doctor, for at least two reasons. First, there are no known cures for neurological diseases in conventional medicine. In fact, even our symptomatic treatments are fairly lame. Secondly, when a doctor does have information about a “non standard” (read that: “not conventional medicine”) approach, he or she could lose their medical license by telling you about it. So don’t be disappointed if your conventional medical doctor, no matter how good or well-respected, doesn’t have much hope to offer. That’s conventional medicine. If I found out tomorrow that I had a neurological disease, here are the steps I would take right away: Read the rest of Dr. Myatt’s article here…
  • Freedom – Ours to Keep or Lose. As the Founding Fathers knew, the way we remain free as individuals is because we each have a voice and a vote. If we fail to exercise our freedom to speak and to elect our officials, then we get the government we deserve. That is why I continually encourage you to be pro-active. It’s the only way we can continue to enjoy the freedoms that we do, health freedom included. Read the rest of Dr. Myatt’s article here:
  • The FDA’s Road Map to End Dietary Supplements. This document frightens me for the future of America’s access to nutritional supplements – In this document the FDA has laid out a very precise 3-year plan to decimate the nutritional supplement industry, reduce the availability of nutritional supplements to Americans, and to radically increase the price of those nutritional supplements that remain. Read the rest of Nurse Mark’s article here:
  • Mother Was Right: Drink Your Vegetables! “A French team now reports that diets rich in flavonoids – the antioxidant compounds in fruit, vegetables, coffee, tea, and chocolate – could reduce the decline in mental function associated with aging.” Following on Dr. Myatt’s article “Vitaminless Vegetables: the New Nutrient Deficiency” this article details important new proof of the value of veggies and fruits. Read this Craig Weatherby article here:
  • Letters: Mangosteen Juice – Hip or Hype? And “Dave” checks back in… Find out if this new MLM marvel is for real – Dr. Myatt shares her thoughts about Mangosteen. And, some updates on “Dave” as he works his way to better health – in his letters with Nurse Mark. Read it all here:
  • Laughter Really Is Good Medicine. Our readers like to share funnies with us – and this one makes you wonder: does all that healthy living really make you live longer, or does it just make it feel like longer? Read on…




  • Prescription Drugs In Your Drinking Water You are taking your neighbors drugs whether you like it or not! Read on to learn more, and find out how to protect yourself…
  • Vitamin D Cuts Cancer Risk By An Amazing 77%You won’t hear it from the American Cancer Society or the AMA or the FDA! Find out more about this latest research…
  • We Get Letters The American Cancer Society says the War On Cancer has been won! Do you believe it? We don’t, and neither does this savvy reader…
  • Upcoming Bill Strengthens FDA Power To Ban SupplementsThere are smokescreens being laid to keep us diverted from this threat to our health freedoms – read, learn, and act now!
  • The Decay Of Organic FoodsNo, the food isn’t rotting, but the standards are, under new USDA rules allowing non-organic ingredients in organic labeled foods…
  • Laughter – Not a funny this week, but a heartwarming story and a lesson for us of love and tolerance  from our furry friends…






  • What’s Burning You?Yes, you’ve got heartburn – but maybe not for the reasons that you think! Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia have hoodwinked you again – find out what you can do about it. Read about the simple test you can do at home…
  • Washington Updates: What matters more to your senator – money or your health and freedom? You’ve been sold out – read more…
  • Counterfeit Drugs: The FDA is warning us about them, but who is responsible? Nurse Mark shares his opinions…
  • Obscene Profits are what it’s all about – analysis and opinion by Nurse Mark…
  • Mother’s Day is coming: And just where do you think you would be without your mother…
  • Laughter:  Growing older ain’t for sissies – so you might as well laugh about it…

05/05/07 Political Activism Pays Off!

04/21/07 FDA To Regulate Healthy Foods as Drugs 04/30/07

04/06/07 Are GMO Foods Safe to Eat?



03/02/07 Killer Vitamins: Doctors of Spin Are At It Again

2/23/07 Sinister Things Afoot in US Medicine

02/15/07 LDL Cholesterol: Another Big Fat Lie

02/08/07 Valentine’s Day Special: Heart-Healthy Issue

02/02/2007 Senile Dementia Linked to Common Nutrient Deficiency

01/26/2007 FDA Outlaws Vitamins: Closer By The Minute

01/19/2007 Do We Really Need a “Trans Fat Ban”?

01/11/2007 Dying for Pain Relief

01/04/2007 Welcome to The New HealthBeat!

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