HealthBeat Update:

HealthBeat Update:

The Flu and Colds – How to beat ’em the Natural Way!

Featured Supplements: Your Home Herbal First Aid Kit:

B.A.M. (Broad Anti Microbial)

Immune Boost

Vitamin C

Whey Protein

Energy Rehab


Hot Flashes: (Late-Breaking News)

Flu Makes Headlines All Across The Country!

Ask Dr. Myatt: How can I stay healthy while traveling?

HealthBeat Update: The Flu and Colds – How to beat ’em the Natural Way!

Colds and flu are a fact of life – sooner or later you will catch one or the other. But you can make it easier for your body to resist them, and when you do get sick you can do plenty to help your body get well and to lessen the severity of the symptoms. First, let’s remember one really important thing about colds and the flu – they really do not respond to “antibiotics”! In the medical business we like to explain that your cold will last for about a week if we give you antibiotics, or for about seven days if we don’t give you antibiotics. Now, having said that, what can you do to avoid these two scourges of winter?

First, make sure your immune system is in the very best shape possible:

  • Get regular exercise: exercise stimulates the immune system. Just 10 minutes of good, all-out exercise each day is all it takes!
  • Use immune-enhancing herbal formulas – I’ll describe some of Dr. Myatt’s recommendations below.
  • Practice stress reduction.
  • Use positive visualization and affirmations – Dr. Myatt’s Body / Mind video will help you develop this skill.
  • Practice meditation.

Give your body the materials it needs to keep the immune system fit:

  • Eat plenty of protein. The body needs it for maintenance and repair.
  • Avoid fruit juices and sugars – sugars suppress the immune system
  • Be sure to use a good multi-vitamin. Dr. Myatt’s MaxiMulti is the very best available.
  • Drink 64 ounces (2 quarts) of pure water or herb teas (non-caffeinated) daily.
  • Be well-rested.

Colds and flu are caused by over 100 different strains of viruses. Vaccinations are sometimes useful for people with weakened or compromised immune systems but they do not offer complete protection because there are so many different strains of virus that cause colds and flu. Antibiotics are useless against viruses and can cause harm.

Symptoms of the Common Cold include nasal discharge (runny nose) with sneezing and sore throat, usually without fever. Flu (Influenza) is characterized by fever, cough, headache, malaise (feeling weak, achy & “blah”) and all the other symptoms of a cold.

When is a cold or flu serious? If you are having trouble breathing, or if you (as an adult) have a fever over 104° that is unrelieved by aspirin or ibuprofen (remember – no aspirin for anyone under 21 years of age!), or if you are unable to eat or drink and are becoming dehydrated then you should call your doctor. If you are recovering from a serious illness, are immunocompromised or on immunosuppressive drugs, or have just had or are about to have surgery you should contact your doctor for instructions. Otherwise, it is best to stay out of the Emergency Room or clinic. Those places are just full of sick people!

What else can you do to avoid getting sick? Avoiding crowds will help, frequent hand washing definitely helps (most of these viruses are spread through contact), and avoid those inconsiderate people who insist on going in to work or out visiting when they are sick.

So, what about the “Flu Shots” that are getting so much attention nowadays? Well, as I mentioned above, they only protect from a very few viruses – the ones that the drug companies guessed might be the biggest problems when they designed the shots many months ago. If you are not at special risk, you might want to pass on them, for they can have side effects. There is also a new nasal vaccine, FluMist, that the drug companies are pushing because of the “shortage” of injectable vaccines. It uses a live strain of flu virus, as compared to the injectable vaccines that use a “killed” virus – would I willingly snort a live flu virus? Not likely! There are some new “anti-flu” drugs being marketed, that claim to be able to “possibly” shorten the duration of a flu (by one day!), if they are taken within 48 hours of the very first onset of symptoms. That doesn’t sound to me like a very good bet either, so I’ll just use the tried and proven herbal remedies.

Hot Flashes: Flu Makes Headlines All Across The Country!

Here is just a small sampling of the headlines that have crossed my desk over the past couple of days.


  • Flu Outbreak Has Parents in a Frenzy  Associated Press – December 16
  • Flu Vaccine Shortage Highlights Vaccine Woes  Reuters – December 16
  • U.S. Gov’t Buys 375,000 More Flu Shots  Associated Press – December 16
  • Flu Sufferers Across Nation Jam ER Rooms  Associated Press – December 17



Dr. Myatt’s comment: Is there really that big a problem, or is this just a big marketing push to boost drug company sales? Yes, we have a flu season every year, and yes, every year some unfortunate people do succumb – usually to complications of the flu, like respiratory failure or dehydration. A few simple measures like those mentioned in this newsletter can go a long way toward making this a healthy and safe flu season for Wellness Club Members and their families. Be ready to strike back at the flu with your “Herbal First-Aid Kit,” and keep your immune system as strong as possible with a few simple supplements.

Featured Supplements:

B.A.M. (Broad Anti Microbial) That’s right, we don’t know what’s wrong. It could be a fungus, bacteria, virus, mycoplasma – or any combination thereof – and this tincture gets serious with all of them. Take during an acute infection to put the “bad guys” in their place. A potent broad spectrum “anti-bug” formula designed for acute infections. Contains: Propolis, Pau d’ Arco, St. John’s Wort, Red Cedar leaf, Echiacea Royal, Usnea, Goldenseal root, and Meadowsweet. Suggested dose: 60 to 80 drops, 3 to 4 times a day.

Energy Rehab Infections can weaken the body, drain energy, and prolong recovery time. This formula supports the body’s energy systems typically affected by any type of infection. May be continued after infection to ensure complete energy and immune recovery. Contains: Astragalus, Echinacea, Siberian ginseng, Licorice root, and ligustrum. Suggested dose: one-half to one teaspoon, 1 to 4 times per day.

Immune Boost The immune system has a wide variety of different cells and functions to protect the body. This formula contains herbs to stimulate every aspect of immune function. Potent liquid tincture goes to work “lightning fast” to enhance immunity. Contains: Astragalus, Ashwanganda, Schisandra, Echinacea, Siberian ginseng, Panax ginseng, American ginseng, Licorice root, and Goldenseal. Suggested dose: 1 teaspoon, 1 to 4 times per day.

Vitamin CThe Master Immune Stimulant. Vitamin C is antiviral and antibacterial, but it’s most most potent effect is to enhance immunity. It increases white blood cell activity, interferon production, and thymic hormone secretion.. Levels of vitamin C are quickly depleted during infection. Our vitamin C is specially buffered to reduce acidity. Each capsule contains Vitamin C 1000 mg, Bioflavinoid complex 100 mg, and is buffered with calcium and magnesium. Also available as a potent powder – each 1/4 teaspoon contains the same ingredients as the capsules and mixes easily in water or other beverages. Suggested dose: 500 to 1000 mg every two hours (during acute infection or immune system stress.)

Whey Protein Superior Protein With Immune Factors. The immune system is highly dependant on protein for it’s normal function. Many people consume enough calories to be overweight but insufficient protein calories to keep the immune system strong. Whey contains easy-to-assimilate, high quality protein, plus immune globulins and lactoferrin. Available in chocolate and vanilla, it makes easily into a shake or pudding – see page 130 of your Holistic Health Handbook for more information about this amazing protein, and for great recipes.

InspirolA Super-Powerful Inhalant for respiratory conditions: hay fever, sinusitis, coughs, colds, congestion, and bronchitis. Every household should have a bottle of this on hand! Contains: Tincture of tolu balsam, eucalyptus oil, tincture of benzoin, turpentine oil, rectified creosote in an antiseptic grain alcohol base. The oversized bottle allows fumes to gather. Suggested use: 3 to 4 deep inhalations, 4 to 6 times per day.

Throat Mist Spray on sore throats – it helps instantly! It doesn’t just “numb” a sore throat, but contains herbs which help stimulate immunity. Contains: Echinacea Royal, Propolis, Ligusticum (Osha), Hyssop, Prickly Ash bark, and essential oil of orange. It is sprayed on the inflamed tissues at the back of the throat, as needed up to every hour.

Herbal Cough Elixir II  Not just another cough syrup, but a true respiratory tonic. For children and adults. Contains: Yerba santa, Usnea, Marshmallow, Cherry bark, Elecampane, Ligusticum, Colt’s foot, Rose hips, Lemon grass, Cinnamon, essential oil of orange and lemon in a base of 15% alcohol, water and glycerine. For adults use 1 teaspoonful every hour or as needed, For children see page 18 of the Holistic Health Handbook to calculate dosing.

Dr. Myatt’s comment: The supplements described above are not just “good to have” they should be a part of every household’s “Herbal First-Aid Kit.”  You would not be without bandages for cuts, or aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce fever, or Bromelain as an anti-inflammatory – and so you should have these formulas on-hand to use at the first sign of a cold or flu (or other infection). If you don’t have a Holistic Health Handbook, you need one – it is a goldmine of valuable information! Click here, and order yours now.

Ask Dr. Myatt: How can I stay healthy while traveling?

Q: Is there anything specific someone could take to help prevent catching a virus while flying on a plane.  I leave Friday for the holidays to spend with my family and I will be on the plane for about 10 hours going from a warm climate to freezing temperatures.  What can help keep me healthy?

A: Wow! Ten hours on a plane! You probably know most of the drill… be really well-rested before your flight, avoid caffeine and alcohol while traveling, drink plenty of pure water, get up and stretch frequently, wash hands ~VERY~ frequently (remember, all those things that you touch in the terminal and aircraft have also been touched by a bazillion other people!). I have seen some people even wearing paper masks while in public areas and on aircraft (very common in Japan too) but really, most of these bugs are transmitted by hand contact. Be sure to eat high-protein meals and avoid sugars, fruit juices and simple carbs. Protein keeps the immune system strong, sugars and simple carbs suppress the immune system.

Now to some specifics – you will hopefully have all of this on hand…

  • In addition to your regular daily MaxiMulti (you are taking 3 caps, 3 times daily, right?) you should take an extra 1000 mg of selenium daily from now ’till you get home. Wellness Club doesn’t carry this – any reputable health food or nutrition store should have it.
  • Bromelain, 400 mg of 2400 GDU, one capsule three times daily between meals will help your immune system better resist any bugs, and will also help to prevent blood clots that can form while sitting immobile for a long time on the plane. Product # 183
  • Dr. Myatt’s Immune System Support – one capsule two times daily, and may increase to 2 caps three times daily for additional support if the immune system is under stress (like when travelling) Product # 143
  • Echinacea & Goldensealtincture is a classic herbal immune formula. Dr. Myatt has the most potent available. Product # 402

Now, if the above doesn’t keep you from catching something, your herbal “first aid kit” should contain:

These three, taken AT THE VERY FIRST HINT OF A COLD OR FLU can be a big help to your body and can help to lessen the severity and possibly even the duration of the infection.

Additionally, for nasal congestion you can use INSPIROL inhalant; 4 to 6 times per day (Product # 504), for cough: Herbal Cough Elixer II, one teaspoon every 1 to 2 hours as needed (Product # 481), and for sore throat use Throat Mist every hour as needed (Product # 465).

This is a great question, and really timely – we will be including it in the next HealthBeat! If you don’t have some of the above items, and time is too short to get them before you leave, why not place an order for what you need, and have it shipped to your destination? That way it can be waiting for you when you arrive!

Have a great trip, and a wonderful holiday.