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A Physician’s Diary

A Physician's Diary Book Cover

A Physician’s Diary

Case Histories of Hope and Healing with Edgar Cayce’s and Other Natural Remedies

by Dr. Dana Myatt

This book is a confirmation of the innate healing ability of the human body and mind.

Dr. Dana Myatt, a practicing naturopathic family physician, is in the vanguard of a growing number of health professionals who know and practice better health and healing through the use of natural remedies.

Her book will take you on a fascinating journey as she embarks on a career of medicine-as-usual, only to be drawn toward the art of natural healing as encouraged by Edgar Cayce and others who believe in the healing power of nature.

The case histories of her patients offer compelling evidence that there are other ways to heal the body instead of only drugs and surgery, and she makes a strong case for the practice of complementary medicine, where different healing disciplines work together in the highest interest of the patient.

This is a book for everyone who seeks to better understand how natural methods can heal, and also how the body and mind cooperate to create healing.

233 pages of information and inspiration. Softcover.

Personally autographed and dedicated by Dr. Myatt upon request.

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Not only was this book offered as a member benefit for the 25,000 members of The Association of Research and Enlightenment and featured on CNBC’s Alive and Wellness, it has become a very popular read for students of alternative healing disciplines, like BMc who wrote:

Hi Dr Myatt,

Just wanted to send you a short note to let you know how much I have been enjoying your book, A Physician’s Diary. I bought this book with the intention of giving it as a gift to a classmate. However, as I leafed through it, I found it fascinating. Now I’ve almost finished it.

What a wonderful book. I am an older (50ish) student who recently left her job to start a Master’s degree in Acupuncture here in Maryland. I have found myself regularly wondering if I am doing the right thing (usually when I have to pay tuition or buy books). Reading your book has helped keep me focused.


Videos With Dr. Dana Myatt

Body 101: The Body/Mind Connection

Our thoughts have direct influence on our bodies. Modern medicine now recognizes the power of thought to control bodily functions, and the discipline of psychoneuroimmunology has been the result.

Dr. Myatt explains the Body/Mind Connection in terms of easy-to-understand physiology. She explains how thoughts become translated into flesh via the endocrine and nervous system. And she explains how we can draw upon that knowledge to change unproductive habits, heal our bodies, and create new circumstances.

Dr. Myatt’s Videos are now available in both VHS and DVD formats!

Order the The Body/Mind Connection in VHS Format Here
VIDEO (60 minutes Running Time)

Order the Body/Mind Connection in DVD Format Here
VIDEO (60 minutes Running Time)

Spirit 101:Remembering Who You Are

Recognition and remembrance of our true nature has always been the goal of both science and religion. It is a necessary component of the healing process, whether of body, mind, or spirit.

Drawing from well-accepted scientific principals, plus wisdom from a variety of the worlds great religions, you will be led on a journey of remembrance that may prove to be the most valuable tool of your entire existence.

Dr. Myatt’s Videos are now available in both VHS and DVD formats!

Remembering Who You Are in VHS Format Here
VIDEO (60 minutes Running Time)

Order Remembering Who You Are in DVD Format Here
VIDEO (60 minutes Running Time)

Dancing The Lord’s Prayer Video and Booklet

A spiritual exercise program

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