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New and Improved Super Shake recipe. Ever wish that something which tasted like a yummy treat was also good for you? Have I got great news for you! My “Super Shake” recipe is an incredibly tasty, amazingly healthy “milkshake.” Great for snacks, as a meal replacement, and even kids love it! It is also THE recuperation formula after surgery or when ill. Forget the “Ensure” and other sugar and artificial-ingredient laden junk and try a Super Shake instead.

10 Most Dangerous Foods, Part I. Some foods are bad for your health. And then there are foods that are SO bad they shouldn’t even be considered edible. Find out which foods make my Top Ten “Hit List.”

Cancer-Fighting Herb that Drug Companies are Rushing to Imitate. It’s powerful, it’s proven, it’s probably in your kitchen cupboard. But don’t expect to hear about it from your doctor— not until Big Pharma figures out how to duplicate it’s effects and make a patentable, synthetic drug that resembles this amazing herb.