Dr. Myatt’s Guide to Good Health

Natural Support Strategies

Basic Principals of Health:

Nutritious diet, pure water, regular exercise, NO smoking, moderation of alcohol and caffeine, daily multiple vitamin/mineral supplement with antioxidants (Such as Maxi Multi or Once Daily MyPacks), stress reduction, sufficient sleep and relaxation, spiritual practices (see the video Remembering Who You Are), enjoy life! (Be sure to read 10 RULES OF GOOD HEALTH. All other recommendations build on these basics…..

For Healthy Brain and Nervous System:

Nutritious diet with limited saturated fats; additional essential fatty acids (Flax seed oil); extra antioxidants (found in Once Daily MyPacks or Maxi Multi); herbs (Maxi Greens or ginkgo, bilberry, tumeric.).

For a Healthy Cardiovascular System (Heart and Circulation):

High fiber, low fat diet; NO smoking; regular exercise; achieve ideal body weight; Limit coffee (regular OR decaf.); Multiple vitamin/mineral supplement with bioflavonoids and antioxidants (such as Maxi Multi or Once Daily MyPacks); Extra B vitamins, especially B6, B12, and folic acid (such as in B-complex 50); extra fiber supplements (such as Fiber Formula); CoQ10; Omega-3 fatty acids or fish oils (Flax Seed Oil) herbs (hawthorne, ginkgo, garlic); stress reduction (watch Dr. Myatt’s video The Body/Mind Connection).

For a Healthy Colon:

High fiber diet; fiber supplementation (such as Fiber Formula); intestinal bacterial replacement (such as Suprema-Dophilus); see also Healthy Digestion, below.

For Healthy Digestion:

Chew food thoroughly; don’t eat when upset or rushed; take digestive enzymes (such as Similase or Bromelain).

For Healthy Eyes and Vision:

Multivitamin with antioxidants (such as Maxi Multi or Once Daily MyPacks), herbs (Bilberry Plus, Ginkgo); wear sunglasses in bright light.

For a Healthy Immune System:

Nutritious diet; regular exercise; multiple vitamin/mineral supplement with extra antioxidants (such as Maxi Multi or Once Daily MyPacks); immune-enhancing herbs (Immune Support, Astragalus, bromelain, echinacea, garlic, goldenseal, turmeric, hypericum); stress reduction; visualization and affirmation; meditation or other spiritual practices (see Dr. Myatts video Remembering Who You Are).

Rejuvenation & Longevity

Many of the practices that make for a healthier life also increase life expectancy. In addition, some herbs and nutritional substances may increase life expectancy, although this is less well-proven than the health practices described below.

Factors which have definitely been shown to increase life expectancy, demonstrated in decades-long research in animals and also in human population studies: Maintaining a lean body mass index (being at the lean end of your desirable weight range) while maintaining a high level of nutrition. (Staying slim through nutrient deprivation doesn’t extend life. Staying slim by eating a high quality, low calorie diet does). [See Weight Loss if you are overweight]. No other physical means (not even exercise) is proven to increase life expectancy. (Exercise is known to increase health span, meaning the number of years that a person stays healthy. We have no proof that it increases total lifespan, however).

SUPPLEMENTS: (less well-proven than caloric restriction, but there is a strong consensus among longevity experts that the following nutrients may help extend expected life-span).:
I.) Multiple vitamin/mineral, antioxidants: see Supplements for dosage recommendations.
II.) Maxi Greens antioxidants. Flavonoid herbs
III.) CoQ10: 20-100mg per day