Design Your Own Optimal Health / Anti-Aging Supplement Program

Natural Support To Keep You In The Peak Of Health For Years To Come

Step 1: Optimal Dose Multivitamins & Minerals

Optimal (not just minimal) doses of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants should be the foundation of every good health program. For information about optimal daily adult doses of nutrients, refer to the vitamin/mineral chart here.

Dr. Myatt’s Maxi Multi delivers optimal daily doses of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals in a single formula. Other possible combinations of formulas based on age and sex can be found here: Which Formulas Are Right For You?

If you take only one thing, make it an optimal potency multiple vitamin / mineral / trace mineral / antioxidant formula such as Maxi Multi or equivalent combination.

[Note: To obtain the equivalent of Maxi Multi’s, most people need to take the following: I.) High quality multiple vitamin / mineral formula II.) B complex vitamins III.) Additional antioxidant formula IV.) Calcium / magnesium / boron.]

Step 2: Phyto-nutrients

Plants contain hundreds of non-vitamin/non-mineral substances known as “phytonutrients.” (Phyto=plant). Although not absolutely essential to to life like vitamins and minerals are, these plant-derived nutrients never-the-less perform many important functions. Phytonutrients act as potent antioxidants, detoxifiers, oxygenators and anti-mutagenics. (Preventing cancerous changes in cells). The typical American diet is far too low in produce, so plant-derived nutrients are often lacking. Supplementing flavonoid-rich herbs is good “health insurance.” Maxi Greens provides a broad spectrum of phytonutrients in a single formula OR use other flavonoid-rich herbs singularly or in combination.

Step 3: Organ System or Condition-Specific Protocols

If you have a medical diagnosis, you may choose to use a supplement protocol that has been proven useful for your condition. You can look up medical conditions in the “Disease” Knowledge Search box on the upper right hand corner of every page on this website. If you do not have a diagnosis OR if you wish to practice preventive medicine, follow the “Health Priority Protocols” for any organ system that scored “high” on the Health Priority Self-Evaluation. The Health Priority Evaluation can be found on page 6-8 of the Holistic Health Handbook.

Step 4: Hormones

Hormones are potent “biochemical messengers” that control virtually every aspect of physical function. Many hormones, including sex hormones (DHEA, estrogens, progestins, testosterone), neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine) and melatonin decline with age. It is believed that the aging process can be slowed or countered by maintaining more youthful levels of these hormones.

Because the hormonal “milieu” is a complicated mix, I recommend hormone testing when available (as it is for the sex hormones) before beginning replacement therapy.

Additional Measures to Consider:

Cancer Prevention Protocol

1.) Take optimal daily doses of vitamins and minerals. (Maxi Multi or equivalent).
2.) Take additional flavonoid-rich herbs (Maxi Greens or equivalent).
3.) Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids: fish oil (best) or flax oil OR 2 TBS. or more ground flax seed.
4.) Hormone Balancing as indicated by the results of a hormone profile.
5.) Cancer-prevention “extras” (if not included elsewhere in your program)

Use any or all:

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Q & A About Nutritional Supplements

Q: It seems strange to take so many supplements to stay healthy. Can’t I just get my nutrients from a good diet?

A: Theoretically, yes. Realistically, no. You need supplements to ensure that there are no “gaps” in your nutrient intake. And while it may seem “strange” to take supplements, consider how strange our eating behaviors have become.

We don’t eat fresh fruits and vegetables just picked from the vine; we eat produce that was grown with multiple pesticides and insecticides, then shipped long distances and kept in cold storage. Instead of fresh produce, we may be eating an apple that was picked 18 months ago. Nutrients are lost by the hour when produce is picked.

We no longer eat whole grain bread from freshly milled grain, with the germ (which contains vitamin E), and bran (which contains fiber and B complex vitamins) intact. Instead, our flour has been processed, all nutrients removed, bleached, chlorinated, baked into bread with preservatives added, then “enriched” with a few token nutrients.

Do you drink milk for the calcium? Or eat cheese? Our cattle are fattened by using human sex hormones and growth hormones to stimulate milk production and fatten them for beef. Those hormones are in the flesh and milk, and then passed on to us. High levels of dioxin are now found in cattle, presumably because this outlawed environmental toxin is making it’s way up the food chain.

I could go on, but what’s the point? Even if you consistently make every effort to eat healthfully, unless you raise all of your own food and eat it fresh, you are not obtaining the necessary nutrients from diet. Few people I know eat this way.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the protective value of obtaining target doses of various nutrients. Even a single nutrient deficiency can cause a whole “domino effect” of health problems, since “everything is connected to everything” in the body. Why take chances? Taking Maxi Multi is inexpensive health insurance.

Q: The recommended dose for Maxi Multi is 9 caps per day. I take a one-per day multi vitamin now. Why does your formula require so many capsules for a full day’s dose?

A: Because optimal doses of nutrients do not fit into one capsule or tablet.

Q: I have been taking vitamins from the health food store and I feel fine. Should I keep taking these, or switch to Dr.Myatt’s Maxi Multi’s?

A: Switch to Maxi Multi! Are you certain that your multiple contains optimal doses of all nutrients? Are you certain that it was manufactured with the highest quality raw materials? Verified by independent laboratory testing as well as stringent in-house testing? Does the company use the most efficacious form of each individual nutrient? Do they include important (but often overlooked) trace minerals such as molybdenum, vanadium and boron? Do they continually update the formula to reflect new discoveries in the field of nutritional medicine? Do they have me-”The Dragon Lady”- or someone just like me, watching every aspect of quality, purity, and formulation? If you want to be sure that you are getting all the nutrients your body needs on a daily basis, in the purest, most potent, optimal doses, take Maxi Multi.

Q: I take Maxi Multi’s every day. Do I need to take other supplements?

A: That depends. If you are in good health, have no medical problems, and follow the “Golden Rules of Good Health” at least 90% of the time, Maxi Multi’s may be all you need.

If you have already-existing health problems, do not follow good health practices on a regular basis, or want to do more to prevent problems, then additional supplementation is in order.

Maxi Multi’s provide a solid foundation for your good health program. They are inexpensive “health insurance” that will protect you from numerous deficiency-related disease, dietary imbalances, and environmental toxins. Consider Maxi Multi’s the starting place for your supplement protocol.

Every “protocol” listed here is built on a foundation of Maxi Multi’s or the equivalent. If you are not getting the “foundation,” additional supplementation will be far less beneficial.

Remember, if you only take one nutritional supplement, Maxi Multi should be The One.