Children’s Health

Raise Healthier Children Naturally

Healthy, Happy Children - Naturally!Children aren’t just “little adults.” Because their bodies are in “fast growth mode,” they have different nutritional requirements than adults.

Because still-growing bodies soak up nutrients like sponges, diet and nutrient deficiencies will have a bigger and more noticeable impact on a child than on an adult. In other words, good nutrition is even more important in childhood and young adulthood that at any other time of life. The nutrition your child receives today will impact him or her for the rest of their life.

While conventional medicine is sometimes necessary to treat certain childhood illnesses, most problems can be better managed through natural means. Less negative side-effects and a true “correction” of underlying problems (instead of just a “band aid” approach) are among the reasons many parents choose natural alternatives over synthetic options.

Children can use many of the “adult” remedies, especially herbs. Here is a convenient equation for adjusting an herb or nutrient dose for a child based on body weight.

Child-Friendly Supplements Health Concerns
of Children
Children’s Vitamins
Greens Firse Berry / Red Alert
Similase Jr.

Whey Protein ADD/ADHD
Attention Deficit
Colds and Flu