(Astragalus membranaceus) Milk Vetch, Huang Qi (Chinese)

Immune and Stamina Herb

Actions: Immune stimulant; adaptogenic; vasodilator; anti-viral

Uses: Tonic and endurance remedy; immune stimulant (not an acute remedy, like Echinacea, but for long-term use to improve immune function); night sweats.

Dr. Myatt’s Immune Support is a daily Immune-Enhancing Formula containing Astragulus and other immune-boosting herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and support nutrients to keep your immune system healthy on a daily basis.

Dr. Myatt’s Energy Rehab contains Astragalus and is designed to support the body’s energy and immune systems when they are challenged by any type of infection.

Dr. Myatt’s Immune Boost is another preparation containing Astragalus that is designed to stimulate every aspect of immune function. This potent liquid tincture goes to work “lightning fast” to enhance immunity.