Potassium Citrate Powder


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Potassium Citrate100% Pure Food Grade Tri-Potassium Citrate Powder (Anhydrous Tripotassium Citrate)

Potassium is an alkalinizing mineral that is typically deficient in the American diet. The primary source of dietary potassium is from fruits and vegetables.

Mild metabolic acidosis (MMA) results from low intakes of alkaline fruits and vegetables and high intakes of grain and protein foods. This MMA can cause the gradual leaching of minerals from bone,leading to osteoporosis. MMA and/or lack of urinary citrate is also a metabolic factor in the formation of kidney stones.

Potassium citrate serves as a source of both potassium and citrate and has been found useful for:

    • increasing bone mineral density and improving bone architecture (1-4)
    • decreasing the formation of kidney stones by up to 93% (3-11)
    • alkalinizing the body and reversing mild metabolic acidosis (7)

Potassium Citrate Powder is used to treat kidney damage and specifically, metabolic acidosis which is where the blood is more acidic than normal. Potassium Citrate Powder may be used to help pass kidney and bladder stones through the body easily and less painfully, as it causes the stones to break down while passing through the body.

Some people take Potassium Citrate Powder just to reduce the amount of acid in the urine or increase the pH levels- that is, to “alkalinize.”

Suggested Use: Take as directed by your health care professional. DO NOT take more than recommended.

Doses in the studies range from 1 mEq/kg daily in children (10) up to 80 mEq (3120milligrams) daily total for adults. (7-8)
Eight grams (8g) of potassium citrate contains approximately 3,000mg potassium. This amount can be found in 1 and 1/4 tsp.

It is best taken in divided doses; that is, divided into two or three doses daily.

To use: Carefully measure and mix the desired amount of potassium citrate in a glass of warm water, mix well, and drink. Can be mixed with sugar-free flavored beverages – we recommend ZipFizz for a healthy “sports drink.”


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