Keto Test Sticks (50 per bottle)


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Ketone Test Strips

for Low Carb Diets

Followers of the The Myatt Diet, The Super Fast Diet,  Atkin’s, South Beach and other low-carb (ketogenic) diets need Ketone Test Strips to verify fat loss.

The presence of ketones (acetoacetic acid) in the urine is proof that your body is metabolizing fat for energy. Low-carb dieters should test one or more times daily to verify the effectiveness of their diet. Ketone test strips also provide “feedback” that one is following a low carb diet correctly. Diabetics who are not deliberately trying to metabolize fat also use ketone test strips for monitoring.

Simply pass a test strip through the urine stream, wait 15 seconds, then compare the test strip to the color chart on the bottle. Colors range from from beige for “negative” ketones to a pink or purple for a “positive” reading.

[NOTE: ketone test strips are sensitive to moisture. Do not remove the desiccant in the bottle and do not store in a high humidity environment such as a bathroom with a shower].

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