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Friendly Gut Bacteria

Acidophilus and related species are the “friendly” gut bacteria, naturally-occurring bacteria of the colon that help protect us from many conditions including candidiasis, allergies, constipation, and B12 vitamin deficiency. These good bacteria are damaged or destroyed by dietary imbalances, antibiotics and other drug use. Replacement of good bacteria results in improved colon function. Lactobacillus acidophilus is the best known probiotic species, but there are many other “friendly species” native to the GI tract.

Latest research is confirming the importance of healthy gut flora to our overall immunity.

Dr. Myatt has revised her recommendations to suggest that one capsule of 35 Billion ProBiotic, taken twice a day, with meals is best for maintenance of healthy gut flora and strong immune function.

Read more, including references, in Dr. Myatt’s healthBeat News Article:
The Most Important Immune Supplement Ever

35 Billion ProBiotic

“Supremadophilus on Steroids”

Sometimes, bigger really is better. Our new super-high-potency Supremadophilus has 35 billion viable probiotics compared to 5 billion in Supremadophilus. Recommended during and after antibiotic treatment  and for those times when a more vigorous gut bacterial replacement is indicated.

Suggested dose: one to two capsules per day with meals or as directed.


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