PC-Spes, Dr. Dana Myatt, and Dr. Myatt’s Prostate Support.

A Letter From Nurse Mark To Those Enquiring About Prostate Support and Matural Prostate Cancer Treatments.

There has been an increase in interest and phone calls to the Wellness Club recently from persons concerned about prostate cancer and interested in Prostate Support and PC Spes.

In response to this I would like to offer the following information, on behalf of Dr. Myatt and Dr. Myatt’s Wellness Club.

First and foremost, for those who wish to call for information, or to have questions answered, or to argue that PC-Spes was “done wrong” by the FDA, the State of California, or anyone else, please note that our toll-free number should be reserved for orders only – if you have more specific questions, please either use our Contact Us page to send us a message or call to arrange a personal consultation with Dr. Myatt.

Please do not ask for names of satisfied patients, or for case histories, or for statistics of success. To give out such personal information is highly unethical and we will not do it. If you want “testimonials” there are plenty of other “practicioners” who will be more than happy to dazzle you with endless unsubstantiated, unprovable “success stories”.

Dr. Myatt has treated a large number of cases of prostate cancer over the past two decades – ranging from men with mild elevations of PSA and minor enlargements of the prostate to men who have been told they have a few weeks to live by their conventional doctors. Most of her patients are happily in remission, getting on with their lives, and to our knowledge not involved with any of the various prostate support groups

There are a few, such as the fellow who was given two to four weeks, who have passed away. That man enjoyed well over a year of good life while following Dr. Myatt’s advice, and actually played 36 holes of golf shortly before he died from complications of the conventional treatments prescribed by his “oncologist” who panicked in response to an aberrant lab result. There are a few case studies available on our website that illustrate a number of Dr. Myatt’s techniques. Please feel free to study them.

Please do not write or call until you have been to our website, and read fully and completely the pages discussing Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Prostate Support (which includes a discussion of PC-Spes), and alternative medicine consultations with Dr. Myatt. These pages, and the links within them, will answer most all of your questions.

Dr. Myatt is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor – an NMD – licensed in the State of Arizona with full prescribing privileges and a DEA number. Please note: licensing requirements for NMD’s are as stringent and more than the licensing requirements for “regular” MD’s. Dr. Myatt’s biography can be found on her alternative medical consultations page and the Consultations Brochure page that links to it.

Now, about PC-Spes and Prostate Support: When PC-Spes first appeared Dr. Myatt was impressed by it’s apparent good effect on those who were taking it. Then, following reports of side effects resulting from the use of this formula, Dr. Myatt became suspicious that there might be “more than meets the eye.” She had independent testing done, and found that there was indeed more in the formula than was listed on the label.

She then looked at the individual herbs listed in the formula, determined the best ratios of these herbs for maximal effect, and formulated Prostate Support to provide those beneficial herbs in the very most effective ratios, without the undisclosed drugs that were being discovered to be in some lots of PC-Spes.

There has been some suggestion that the only “good” formulation of these herbs must be obtained from the University of Shanghai in China. Dr. Myatt’s Prostate Support does not come from the University of Shanghai. Dr. Myatt’s Prostate Support formula is compounded here in the USA using the highest quality, purest materials available, standardized and combined to Dr. Myatt’s very exacting standards. There is good reason that she has become known amongst supplement manufacturers as “The Dragon Lady!” She is well known for her lack of tolerance for anything but the highest of quality standards!

Please take note that it is Dr. Myatt’s opinion that for most cases of prostate cancer, hormone suppression should be a cornerstone of treatment. There are also a number of other therapies that must be used in conjunction in order to obtain best results. It is her belief that PC-Spes was highly effective because it contained undisclosed drugs that in effect resulted in hormone suppression therapy in those who used it. It is further her belief that someone needing or wishing to use hormone suppression therapy should be doing so knowingly, with knowledge of the doses of drugs involved, and not by using “shot in the dark” amounts such as were found in some lots and then not others of PC-Spes.

Finally, it is Dr. Myatt’s very strong opinion that Prostate Support, PC-Spes, and any of the other “Prostate Formulas” available must NOT be used as a sole treatment for prostate cancer. The herbs found in PC-Spes and in Prostate Support are valuable adjuncts and support for the prostate and the immune system, but by themselves they will not “cure” prostate cancer.

Here is the bottom line from my viewpoint: Gentlemen, Dr. Myatt has been successfully treating prostate cancer for a decade and a half, her patients include her own 83 year old father who remains alive and well after being diagnosed over 20 years ago. She has been treating my own father for over 6 years. She knows what she is doing, and does it well

Any of you who believe that PC-Spes worked solely because of the combination of herbs that it contained and not because it contained undisclosed drugs, please try our Prostate Support – it is the same optimal combination of herbs, with no adulterants or drugs. It is compounded (mixed) to the very highest of western standards for purity and precision. There will be no surprises or changes from lot to lot with this formula.

Please be aware though that Prostate Support is not a “Holy Grail” of prostate cancer treatment – it is but one facet of a complex treatment plan.

Expecting to treat prostate cancer with a single formula such as this would be like trying to give your car a “tune-up” or even an engine overhaul by using a bottle of “gasoline treatment.” That stuff may help keep your engine clean – great for preventive maintenance – but it won’t fix what’s broken!

Prostate cancer is NOT a “do-it-yourself” disease to be experimented with as you might with toenail fungus.

Prostate cancer can be a deadly disease if managed poorly, or a chronic medical condition if managed skillfully – it’s your choice.

Nurse Mark