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Balancing Mood With Natural Remedies

Depression, anxiety, attention deficit and other mood and thinking disorders are NOT caused by drug deficiencies! Do you really think depression is due to a lack of Prozac®? Or anxiety caused by a Valium® deficiency? Let’s think this through together.

Mood and clear thinking are largely related to the correct balance of our brain hormones (called “Neuro-Transmitters, or NT’s). When all of our NT’s are in good balance, we think clearly and feel happy.

These Neuro-Transmitters are made in the body out of amino acids (building blocks of proteins). Their manufacture also requires certain vitamins and minerals. The B complex vitamins, for example, are absolutely necessary for normal neurotransmitter production.

People suffering from a mood or thinking disorder almost always have an imbalance in their Neuro-Transmitters. A deficiency or excess of any one of the NT’s can cause serious mood changes.

Knowing which NT’s are imbalanced is the first step toward correction. This can be easily accomplished with a Neuro Transmitter Profile, although this test is not yet commonly used in conventional medicine. That’s too bad, because it means that doctors are only “guessing” as to which NT imbalances you may have.

After the nature of the NT imbalance is discovered, various amino acids, nutritional supplements and herbs can be used to correct NT levels instead of just “masking” them with a drug.

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Neuro Transmitter Profile: the first step toward mood balance and correction

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