Malignant melanoma

Is that Brown Spot a Melanoma?

Malignant melanoma is a cancerous skin tumor arising in a pigmented area of skin, eye, or the central nervous system. The incidence of melanoma has risen 812% over the past five decades.

Among skin cancers, melanoma has the highest potential for invasion and metastasis (spread). It can spread so rapidly that it can be fatal within months of diagnosis. Melanomas usually look more like moles than liver spots. How do you know if your “liver spot” is benign or if it is a melanoma?

Here are the A-B-C’s of Diagnosis:

A: asymmetry

B: borders that are irregular

C: colors that are varied (brown, black, blue, red, purple)

D: diameter greater than 1/4 inch

OR A smaller ulceration that continues to flake and does not heal

If you have any question about a “brown spot” on your skin, see a doctor for diagnosis. When treated early, melanomas are completely curable.