International Orders:

Please Read This Information Before Placing An Order From Outside The USA

Dr. Myatt’s Wellness Club is pleased to provide our products to people all around the world. We have many satisfied international customers, patients, and Wellness Club Members.

Please be aware that every country has different regulations and laws regarding what is allowed to be imported into that country, and those regulations and laws change frequently and often without notice. It is your responsibility to ensure that the items that you order are legal in your location. Failure to do so can result in your order being seized and confiscated by your customs bureau – this is beyond our control.

Some of our products, such as hormones like Melatonin or DHEA may require a prescription from your doctor in order to clear your customs. It is your responsibility to determine this and obtain a prescription if it is required.

Please remember, if you are unable to obtain a vitamin, herb, supplement or other product locally in your country then it is likely that it is not permitted there for some reason.

Unfortunately, credit card fraud has become all-too-common in international orders. Attempts to verify international credit cards are extremely time consuming, expensive, and often futile. This results in increased costs for all of our customers.

In order to reduce our losses from credit card fraud and keep our prices as low as possible, we are no longer able to accept credit cards from international customers. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Yes, we understand that you may be a US Citizen living abroad with a credit card billing address in the US. Unfortunately, a common fraud technique is to order products using a stolen card number for shipment to a foreign country. Please don’t ask – we will not do this.

Further, we will not provide banking information so that you can make a “Bank Transfer” or “Wire Transfer” or any other scheme. Please don’t even ask.

A Suggestion For International Orders:

When we ship an international order we are required to complete and submit customs declaration documents which list the exact contents of the shipment and the exact value of those contents. There are no exceptions.

We cannot list shipments as “gifts” or “samples” – they must be listed as merchandise.

Penalties for false statements on a Customs Declaration Form are severe and we will not risk them – please do not ask us to falsify customs or shipping documents for you so that you may avoid paying customs fees or taxes.

We have been told by customers that international shipments from private individuals may attract less attention from both US Customs and the customs bureau of the receiving country and may undergo less scrutiny.

Our suggestion to international customers wishing to have “special” or “creative” customs declarations:

If you know someone in the United States, have them place the order for you for delivery to their United States address. We will ship promptly and they will usually receive your items in 2 to 3 days.

They may then send your items along to you by whatever manner you wish, with whatever customs declaration information you direct them to submit – they can list your items as anything you choose, at any value that you wish.

Thank you for your understanding

We are happy to fill and ship international orders on the following basis:

  1. Orders will be shipped only after they have been fully paid for, including shipping and handling costs.
  2. We will ship via the most expedient and cost effective method at our discretion. Please do not request specific shipping methods – the courier service or shipper that is popular in your region or country may not be readily available to us here.
  3. Shipping costs will be passed along to you at  as close to actual cost as possible.
  4. We are responsible for ensuring that your shipment arrives safely to your customs, not your final shipping address. We have no control over your customs, and once the package or shipment is in their custody, our responsibility for it ends. We cannot give refunds for items that are denied entry by your customs. Be sure before you order!
  5. To place an order, please email us with your needs. We will calculate the cost, including shipping, and email you with a total.
  6. Payment may be made by:
    a.) International Money Order. Your order will ship once the money order has been fully cleared by our bank. Be aware that in some cases this can take several weeks.
    b.) Western Union ( has convenient locations in most countries world wide. They are able to accept payment on-line in many countries, and will forward your Western Union Money Order very quickly to us. We will begin preparing your order upon notification from Western Union that your payment has been initiated, and will ship your order as soon as your payment arrives and has cleared our bank. Please have Western Union payments sent to:Dr. Dana Myatt or Mark Ziemann RN
    P.O. Box 900
    Arizona 85937

    Your order will ship once the money order has been cleared by our bank.

  7. Please do not ask us to ship your order to a country or address different from your Western Union account address.

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation
We look forward to serving you!