Natural Support Strategies To Combat Infections

Infections are caused by various organisms (bacteria, viruses, yeasts and other microbes) that establish residence within the body. Infection can occur in nearly any tissue. While severe infections may require antibiotics or other drugs, most infections can be relieved by stimulating the body’s immune system. Viral and other infections are often self-limited (meaning they will go away on their own), but these types of infections can be shortened by correct immune stimulation.

Antibiotics are WORTHLESS against viral infections, and the overuse and misuse of antibiotics has greatly decreased their effectiveness by causing resistant strains of bacteria.


  • Drink plenty of clear liquids, especially water, herb teas, and vegetable broths and soups during any infection. Avoid sugars and fruit juices which suppress immune function.
  • If the infection is generalized (such as a cold, flu, bronchitis), bed rest is preferable.



For infections of every type:

  • Fresh garlic: 1-3 cloves per day, taken as close to raw as possible. (Add to soups or broths at the very end of cooking to preserve antimicrobial effects).
  • Refer to Immune Enhancing recommendations, page 9 of your Holistic Health Handbook, if infections are chronic or recurrent.
  • Rule outfood allergies if infections are chronic or recurrent.

For respiratory infections

For dental infections

Other skin infections (except fungal infection)

Skin fungal infections:

  • Essential oil of Tea Tree, applied topically.