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Hello All:

Do you want to keep your finger on the pulse of alternative, holistic and conventional medicine? Have I got BIG NEWS for you!

I feel privileged to have spent a week with Dr. Myatt and Nurse Mark. Yup… staying at their home, eating, sleeping (well, in a guest room!), and just plain ol’ living with them. The purpose of my visit was to gain a clearer understanding of Dr. Myatt’s needs regarding HealthBeat, but I learned a whole lot more than I bargained for.

For starters, they really do practice the things they talk about. Up at 6 AM(ish) in the morning, they each exercise (Nurse Mark goes for a run with their two dogs, Dr. M rides her bike). Then they return home and have a “Super Shake” and their before-breakfast supplements without fail. By 7am they are both at their computers, drinking freshly-brewed coffee (made with pure water and no chlorine filters — they brew this elixir in a Bodum – AKA “French Press” –  that requires no paper filter). But the BIGGEST NEWS is that they are both reading the news, live on computer, even before they have breakfast and start their workday!

Dr. Myatt and Nurse Mark each have a collection of on-line newsletters that they read every morning. Dr. Myatt’s list includes JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), BMJ (British Medical Journal), NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine), Medline, plus holistic medical newsletters from Dr. Whittaker, David Williams, Atkins, Health Sciences Institute, Natural HealthLine, The Daily Times, CBS, NBC and a boat-load of smaller news feeds you’ve probably never heard of. Nurse mark’s list reads just as long, only with a different palette of sites. They review ALL OF THESE over their first 1-2 cups of morning coffee. If there’s something of interest, they e-mail each other with the news and discuss it. I feel comfortable in telling you that there is NO BREAKTHROUGH that has occurred overnight in any field of medicine that this medical team will not know about! Their diligence with tracking all late-breaking medical news is truly astounding.


[SIDEBAR: I had to laugh, maybe you will, too. While I was there, Dr. Myatt received patient and member e-mail notes (I didn’t see the notes, she just told me the “gist” of them) like the following: “Have you ever heard of glyconutrients”? and “I got this e-mail about coral calcium and I am taking it. Any good”? I’m here to tell you: if any “new nutrient” has merit, Dr. Myatt has heard about it AND reported it to you. If you haven’t heard about it from her, consider it marketing hype on the internet. I just don’t see how there could be ANYTHING of true merit or “breakthrough” status that Dr. Myatt hasn’t heard about, and probably LONG before you have, because of the multiple news feeds she monitors every morning. She also has the scientific background to sort out “marketing hype” from true science. Dr. Myatt and Nurse Mark really do this, every single morning without fail, even on weekends.]


SO… as the new HealthBeat newsletter editor, my mind was racing….

This amazing medical duo (known locally as “The~Z~Team”) get daily updates in every field of health and medicine, but the HealthBeat newsletter comes out twice, and sometimes three times monthly. These two have a LOT more information to convey than that! So here’s what I suggested (you may send thank-you notes to me at my wellness club address!) and they went for it: a HealthBeat news “blog.” For those who don’t know, a blog is something that can be easily updated regularly if not DAILY. I set this up so Dr. Myatt can “flash” news briefs to you on a daily basis if she so chooses. I’ve made it easy and simple for her. And here’s what it means to YOU:

Dr. Myatt and Nurse Mark will continue their daily medical updates (I don’t think wild horses could stop them!). THEN, they can instantly post any important medical updates to the HealthBeat Blog. Although Dr. Myatt may be away from her computer for a day or two, you can expect (for the most part) this medical news to be updated Monday through Friday and sometimes on weekends. In other words, instead of only the bi-monthly HealthBeat, you will have access to an almost-daily HealthBeat update. Not only will you get daily breaking news, but you will have the benefit of the “new news” being screened and commented on by a physician who is an exacting scientist, thus helping you separate the “hype” from the true medical news.

TWO WAYS TO GET YOUR Daily Dose of News

Method one: If you are an RSS user, simply sign up for the newsletter and it will be “fed” to your news aggregator. If you have no idea what this means, then you are not using a service to read blogs, so you’ll use method two.

Method two: simply go to this blog link every morning.
Here it is if you need to cut and paste the link into your browser:

Once there, you will want to bookmark this link in your browser by clicking on “bookmarks.”

That’s it! Daily medical news delivered. Why not check this our right now and let me know what you think?

Jamie Jameson-White

Editor, HealthBeat Newsletter