The Fertility Project

Bringing You A Synergy Of Conventional and Natural Approaches To Infertility Treatment

Fertility Restore is a collaborative project of Dr. Jeffrey Braverman, Reproductive Immunologist and Medical Director of Braverman Immunologic and Reproductive Medical Services and Dr. Dana Myatt, holistic physician, Chief Medical Officer of Dr. Myatt’s Wellness Club, and naturopathic researcher and educator.

With over 20 years of successful infertility treatment experience, Dr. Braverman has personally witnessed the beneficial effects that a naturopathic approach brings to his patients.

With the goal of offering the very best in natural treatment adjuncts to his patients, Dr. Braverman sought out the best minds in naturopathic medicine – and the collaboration between Dr. Braverman and Dr. Myatt was born.

With the experience gained from having overseen thousands of infertility treatment cycles and his knowledge of reproductive immunology combined with a number of successful experiences with vitamins, herbs, diet, and other natural treatments for infertility Dr. Braverman realized that a more exacting, clinical, and even scientific approach to natural treatments would bring greater benefits and increased success to his patients. Dr. Myatt brings that scientific, research-based approach, along with her extensive knowledge of herbs, vitamins, ancient Chinese and Eastern medicine, diet and a holistic, naturopathic approach to endocrinology and immunology to the partnership.

While there are plenty of supplements available to consumers which claim to be formulated to support fertility and pregnancy, none properly addressed the unique needs of men and women with infertility challenges to the satisfaction of either Dr. Braverman or Dr. Myatt, and none satisfied Dr. Myatt’s demanding standards for quality, purity, potency and formulation. Some even contained ingredients that might be harmful to fertility, conception, pregnancy or an unborn child in some cases! Consequently, Braverman and Myatt have worked together to develop a number of natural supplement products tailored specifically to target the unique needs of pre and peri-conceptual couples who are dealing with fertility issues.

These top-quality, specialized formulas bring increased hope to infertile couples, and we invite you to learn more about our specialized fertility supplements.

Please visit our Natural Fertility Knowledge Center for information on fertility related topics – discussed from a natural viewpoint.

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Dr. Jeff Braverman is available to consult and discuss any of your infertility issues. His specialty is immunologic causes of recurrent pregnancy loss as well as the diagnosis and treatment  of previously  failed infertility cycles.