Eye Drops From Hell®

Natural Support For Healthy Eyes

Dr. Myatt’s Comment:

Not for the timid, but for those who wish to make serious improvement in their eye health. Yes, it stings a bit at first due to increased circulation caused by cayenne! And it really helps improve the eyes: cataracts, dry eye syndrome, eye infections, tired eyes, declining vision.

Contains: Eyebright (Euphrasia), Chamomile (Matricaria), Golden seal (Hydrastis), Cayenne (capsicum).

Dose: Begin with one drop in an eye cup filled with distilled water or buffered saline solution. Rinse each eye. Gradually work up to as many as 12 drops in an eye cup of water.

This formula is Unavailable – thanks to increasingly restrictive FDA “protective” regulations.

Because we have had so many requests for this formula and it is no longer available ready-made we are providing you with the recipe so that you can make your own.

Please, follow this recipe very carefully – make no substitutions or changes to ingredients or amounts or ratios. Be sure that your ingredients are absolutely pure, fresh,and sterile. Be sure that all the equipment that you use to make thsi formula is absolutely sterile and that the bottle that you keep the product in is sterile. Remember, there is no preservative in this formula so store it carefully and discard it immediately if you should contaminate it in any way.

Remember – you will be using this formula in your eyes – don’t take chances!

Dr. Myatt’s Eye Drops From Hell:

  • Capsicum: .8%
  • Cineraria: .4%
  • Euphrasia 25%
  • Foeniculum 13%
  • Coptis 14.5%
  • Calendula succus 11.75%
  • Plantago 11.75%
  • Sterile water 22.75%.

Specific amounts of all these ingredients in ml or ounces or grams or drops will depend on the amount of solution that you are making. Double-check your math, be careful, and be safe.

Remember, you are making and using this formula at your own risk!

Detailed Directions For Using Eye Drops From Hell

You will need an eye cup. (Eye rinse cups can be obtained inexpensively at any pharmacy)

Fill the cup with distilled water. Begin by adding 3 drops of the Eye Drops From Hell.

Do Not use Eye Drops From Hell undiluted !

Rinse each eye. (It is not necessary to make a new solution for each eye unless you have an eye infection). Rinse both eyes in the freshly made solution. Discard – do not save leftover or extra mixed solution.

As you eyes become accustomed to the rinse, gradually increase the number of drops of Eye Drops From Hell that you use. You will eventually be able to work up to 12 drops per dose. Use morning and evening for best results. You may use more frequently if desired.

The drops will cause some mild stinging, especially at first. This is normal.

The cayenne in the formula enhances circulation to the eyes. Although your eyes may appear red just after use, they will then clear and be very white. Your eyes will feel good, too!

Remember — if you have a medical condition or eye disease, it is best to be under the care of a physician who can help you know what other healing measures to take.

Have fun with these drops! And Happy Healing!