The “Spark” of Life

Life is a series of chemical reactions. These reactions would occur too slowly to support life without the aid of enzymes. Enzymes act as biochemical catalysts, “sparking” the chemical reactions that are the basis of all physical function.

Digestive enzymes are made by the pancreas and are necessary for assimilation of nutrients from food. Without these enzymes, the body cannot absorb energy (calories) efficiently. Incompletely digested food is associated with a number of health problems including gas, bloating, a sense of “fullness” after eating (not related to simple over-eating), indigestion, irritable bowel (constipation and/or diarrhea), and abdominal cramps. Other health difficulties can also arise from incomplete digestion: arthritis, chronic nasal mucous, allergies, joint aches and pains, candidiasis, high blood pressure, immune dysfunction and decreased vitality.

Taken with meals, enzymes assist in digestion and help correct the problems caused by incomplete breakdown of foods. Taken between meals, enzymes have an anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting effect.

Here are ways in which digestive enzymes can be of benefit:

Plant enzymes assist digestion, improve assimilation and help correct the chronic health problems listed above. They are active in a wide range of pH (acid/alkaline). Take with meals for this purpose. (See Similase and Gastric complex).

Animal enzymes assist digestion and perform similarly to plant enzymes. They have very specific pH ranges in which they will function, however, and many people with illnesses do not have the stomach or intestinal pH that optimizes animal enzyme performance.

Bromelain is the digestive enzyme derived from pineapple. Taken betweenmeals, bromelain helps relieve the inflammation of strains, sprains, “pulled” muscles by acting to counter inflammation. Bromelain also has mucous-dissolving, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-fibrinolytic effects when taken between meals. Taken with meals, bromelain acts as a protein digestant.

Digestive enzymes are quite safe to use, and an abundance of enzymes (more than the body needs for food digestion alone) have additional health benefits. These “other benefits” include: correcting blood viscosity (important for those at risk for stroke or heart attack), preventing and eliminating intestinal parasites, and reversing atherosclerosis. Digestive enzymes are used extensively in holistic anti-cancer protocols.

Children who complain of “tummy aches,” or who have allergies or recurrent ear infections, often have incomplete digestion. Plant derived enzymes are safe and highly effective in small people, too!