A Letter from Dr. Myatt


Dear Patients, Wellness Club Members, and Friends:

It is a pleasure and privilege to share my knowledge of natural and alternative medicine with you. The information on this website contains the most up-to-date research in both conventional and alternative medicine combined with my years of clinical experience.

This is the medical advice I give to patients; the products I recommend are the ones I use myself. The only way I could do a better job of advising you is to work with you personally. Please keep several caveats in mind as you read.

First, I always recommend conventional medical evaluation and diagnosis from a physician or other qualified health practitioner. Annual physical exams with appropriate lab work remain one of our most powerful preventive “tools.” I may use additional “unconventional” or “complementary” diagnostic methods for further evaluation, but I always start with a basic medical exam. I recommend that you do, too. You may or may not elect to follow conventional methods of treatment, but at least you will know what options are available to you from conventional medicine.

Secondly, although every statement on this website is accurate and up-to-date to the best of my ability, remember that things change. The day after this information is published, a new piece of information may be found that contradicts or updates something I’ve said herein. Such is the fast-paced, ever-changing face of medicine. (This is a good reason to join The Wellness Club. I keep members constantly informed of updates and breakthroughs in every field of medicine). Also, none of these statements have been blessed by the FDA, the CDC or any other GAG (Government Acronymed Group), although all information contained herein is scientifically verifiable.

Also keep in mind that although my advice and statements are supported by scientific research, experts do not always agree on the meaning and interpretation of research data. Another physician might look at the same information and draw a different conclusion. This is why it makes good sense to get a second (and even a third and fourth!) medical opinion before undergoing invasive surgery, using potentially toxic drugs, or giving up hope of finding help.

What you do for yourself on a regular basis is far more powerful than any medicine or surgery. This website is designed to assist you in making good decisions for self-care. It is NOT meant to replace the care of a physician.

I am available for consultation by telephone.  If I can be of further assistance to you by way of an appointment, please call. You are invited to join my Wellness Club if you are not already a member. This will allow me to keep you abreast of the most current information in the field of conventional medicine, holistic medicine, and healing.

All the Best of Health and Happiness!

Dr. Dana Myatt

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