Dr. Myatt’s FAQ Page

Dr. Myatt and her staff hear many of the same questions frequently. Here are some of the more common questions, and some answers to them:

What kind of a doctor is Dr. Myatt? – click to show/hide

Dr. Myatt is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor fully licensed in the State of Arizona

Is Dr. Myatt a “real” doctor?click to show/hide

Dr. Myatt is a Licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor. She can perform surgery. She can prescribe drugs. She has a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) number that allows her to prescribe controlled substances like narcotics. She can order lab and diagnostic tests. If those things mean “real doctor” to you then yes, she is a real doctor.

Dr. Myatt has all the training and education of a regular allopathic doctor, and she also has additional education and training in alternative and natural medicine.

Did Dr. Myatt go to a “real” medical school?click to show/hide

Dr. Myatt attended the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) – a Federally and Regionally Accredited Naturopathic Medical School located in Portland, Oregon.

The training curriculum at NCNM provides 4668 hours of medical education – 357 hours more than that required of a Yale University trained doctor! To see how the training of naturopathic medical doctors exceeds the training of conventional medical doctors see this comparison page:

If Dr. Myatt is a real doctor why doesn’t she take insurance?click to show/hide

Dr. Myatt gave up her Universal Provider Number (UPN) years ago when it was still legal to do so. Now she is now free to spend her time concentrating on your case and care – not on satisfying insurance paperwork. Dr. Myatt believes that your doctor should work for you – not for your insurance company.

But if I get the doctor to fill out and sign these forms I can get reimbursed – will Dr. Myatt just do that?click to show/hide

Sure! At her regular billing rate of $240 per hour, with a 1/2 hour minimum, billed in 1/2 hour increments, Dr. Myatt will complete your insurance paperwork. Additional interaction with your insurance company, and there will inevitably be additional questions and demands for justification for your claim, will be similarly billed at this same rate. Please be aware that this back-and-forth with insurance companies can be very time consuming and rarely results in the insurance company paying for the cutting-edge naturopathic treatments that Dr. Myatt provides.

Where is Dr. Myatt’s clinic – I would like to see her.click to show/hide

Dr. Myatt does not operate a “clinic” in the usual sense. Dr. Myatt manages her Concierge Care patients by telephone and the internet. This allows her to help people all across our country and even around the world.

But I really want to see her in person!click to show/hide

Dr. Myatt’s Concierge Care patients will sometimes arrange to see Dr. Myatt in person, here in Arizona. Not surprisingly, this usually happens in the winter months when it is cold and miserable elsewhere in the country. Patients will fly or drive to Phoenix, Tucson, or other places in Arizona and make arrangements with Dr. Myatt for a visit.

More rarely, Dr. Myatt may arrange “The Ultimate House Call,” making a visit to see a Concierge Care patient who cannot travel to see her. This may be because of physical limitations, or privacy / confidentiality / security issues. Dr. Myatt travels by private motorcoach or in her personal private plane.

Dr. Myatt’s staff will discuss and assist with requests to see Dr. Myatt in person.

But how can Dr. Myatt do anything for me if she hasn’t seen me in person? That just doesn’t seem right!click to show/hide

When you see your regular doctor he or she will likely spend between 7 and 12 minutes with you. If you are fortunate, your doctor may listen to your heart and lungs and do a very minimal “physical exam” and glance at your lab results before either writing you a prescription or passing you off to a “specialist” with a “referral” and running off to see the next patient.

When you work with Dr. Myatt you have her full attention. She and her staff have reviewed your case thoroughly and have gone over your medical records and history in detail. She will spend up to an hour at a time with you, hearing your side of the story, getting more detail, educating, collaborating, and generally working with you to find solutions to your concerns. And she will do this as often as needed, until you get the results you and she agree on.

You already have a conventional doctor who has done a basic physical examination. Dr. Myatt will have you send her all your medical records, which will include records of all physical exams and labs and other diagnostics. There is usually no need to duplicate that basic work. If there are things that could be done that would be covered by conventional insurance, Dr. Myatt will tell you how to ask your conventional doctor for them. Your conventional doctor will still be available to you for medical emergencies such as cuts or injuries, and for such things as hospital admissions in cases of accident or sudden illness.

So, what if I need drugs or x-rays or a cardiogram or other prescriptions or doctors orders?click to show/hide

Dr. Myatt is fully licensed, and can prescrive drugs and order tests when needed. However, in many instances she will advise you how to ask your local “insurance doctor” for these things so that they can be covered by your insurance.

My case is very rare / special and I can’t afford Dr. Myatt – doesn’t she ever do ‘Pro Bono’ or charity work for reduced fees?click to show/hide

No. It is our experience that people assign “value” to something according to what it has cost them in time, effort, or money. “Free advice” is considered to be worth exactly what was paid for it, and is rarely followed. Dr. Myatt is highly “results oriented” and she has found that people who are getting “free medical advice” rarely achieve the results that they or she would like to see.

For free advice, please read through the pages of Dr. Myatt’s website – the information presented there is scientifically verified and the protocols offered are the result of Dr. Myatt’s years of clinical experience.

Isn’t it a bit hard-hearted to refuse to take ‘Pro Bono’ cases?click to show/hide

No. Dr. Myatt is a very compassionate healer and is keenly aware of the suffering and needs of her patients.. Please see The Shaman’s Lesson of Worth