Supplements and Medical Testing in Support of Fertility Restoration and Enhancement

Dietary Supplements

A deficiency in any one nutrient can result in impaired fertility for both women and men. These Vitamins, Antioxidants, Flavonoids, and other dietary supplements are intended to address and correct any deficiencies that may be affecting your ability to conceive.

Medical Testing

Medical testing can quickly reveal physical imbalances or deficiencies, allowing your fertility specialist to quickly and accurately target specific areas of concern.

Dietary Supplements

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Maxi-Multi Pre-Conception Multiple Vitamin (270 caps – a 30 day supply for 1 person) $39.95


Maxi-Flavone Broad-spectrum herbal antioxidant formula (60 Caps) $46.95

Due to strong interest in this formula we may occasionally become backordered, with shipping delayed by up to a week.

Because of this we recommend that our Maxi Flavone customers consider ordering two bottles, re-order when they have completed the first bottle and never worry about running out of this important flavonoid / antioxidant / TNF-inhibiting formula.


For our fertility patients and customers, Dr. Myatt recommends that this formula be continued through conception and for the duration of pregnancy.


Maxi-Greens (270 Caps) Complete Green Food / Flavonoid / Phytonutrient-Rich Daily Herb Formula (a 30 day supply for 1 person) $56.00 Temporarily Out Of Stock!


Maxi Marine O-3(120 softgels) Extra High Potency Enteric Coated Ultra-Pure Essential Fatty Acids $54.95


Melatonin 3 mg 60 tabs $10.95


Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer 120 caps $70.50


Myo-Inositol powder 250 grams $35.20


N-Acetyl Cystein (NAC) 60 caps $16.97 When used in Infertility treatment as an adjuvant to clomiphene citrate in infertile patients with PCOS, NAC treatment results in higher ovulation and pregnancy rates, lower miscarriage rates and higher live birth rates.


Vitamin D 5000 iu 250 Capsules $21.95


Grape Seed Extract W/Grape Skin 100mg (90 Caps) $32.95


Lycopene 15mg (30 Softgel Capsules) $15.95


Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg (30 Caps) $24.95


Alpha Lipoic Acid – 100 mg (60 Caps) $19.95


Bromelain 400 mg of 2,400 mcu-strength (120 Caps) $32.00


CoEnzyme Q 10 100 Mg (60 Softgel Capsules) $62.95


DHEA Sublingual 25 Mg (60 Tabs) $15.95


Vitamin K2 – Super K – 90 softgel capsules -$25.97


Energizing Iron – $21.50


Similase GFCF 120 caps – $24.97


Medical Testing

Female Hormone Profile $329.00


Male Hormone Profile $154.00



Why Dr. Braverman Recommends Dr. Myatt’s Supplements and Herbal Formulas

Dr. Braverman has no financial ties with Dr. Myatt’s Wellness Club. He does not receive any financial remuneration from the sale of any nutritional supplements on this website nor does he receive any remuneration for research or other purposes from Dr. Myatt’s Wellness Club. In other words, Dr. Braverman doesn’t make a nickel when his patients purchase products from this website!

So why does he specifically recommend Dr. Myatt’s brand of nutritional supplements and herbal formulas for his patients? Three words: potency, purity and formulation.

Dr. Braverman recognizes the powerful impact that supplemental nutrition has on fertility. He wants his patients to enjoy the results that are possible from the use of quality nutritional supplements. But it is a known fact in the supplement industry that many brands of supplements do NOT contain what the label says they do. Others have contaminants not listed on the label. And most products are not specifically formulated for pre-conception fertility enhancement.

Dr. Myatt, known as “The Dragon Lady” of the nutritional industry because of her uncompromising standards, produces the purest and most potent supplements available. Her products get results.

As to “formulation,” it isn’t enough to have the right nutrients; they must be present in the right doses, combined in the right way, and delivered in the best form to insure assimilation. Again, Dr. Myatt’s careful attention to detail in this area has resulted in perfectly balanced, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements that achieve the desired results.

Dr. Braverman and Dr. Myatt have come together in a powerful synergy of cutting edge medical knowledge to bring you natural supplement products tailored specifically to target the unique needs of pre and peri-conceptual couples who are dealing with fertility issues.

Dr. Dana Myatt’s Wellness Club

Vital Nutrients d-Pinitol

d-Pinitol 600 mg 60 caps

Supports ovarian health and insulin sensitivity.*
*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving:
d-Pinitol 600 mg
Chromium (polynicotinate) 250 mcg
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 600 IU

Other Ingredients:
Vegetable cellulose capsule.  May contain ascorbyl palmitate and/or silica.

1 capsule twice daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Contains no coatings, binders, fillers, sugar, preservatives or hydrogenated oil.

Independently tested for authenticity (GC and optical rotation), potency, solvent residue, bacteria, yeast and mold counts.

For a limited time only (while supplies last), take advantage of this special “overstock” price of $75.97. AND, enjoy flat-rate shipping of $4.95 regardless of how many bottles you order!

Stock up while these special prices are in effect. These bottles of d-Pinitol 600 are brand new and don’t expire until 2012!

This product cannot be shipped internationally.

D-Pinitol – (60 Caps) Sale Price $75.97

2 March 2015: UPDATE

Schwabe North America / Integrative Therapeutics has been aggressively working to control the retail price of Vitaline and other products. They have been successful in making it impossible for Dr. Myatt to continue to offer these products for the low prices that she has in the past. We regret this development and will keep you updated with any news.

A Letter from Dr. Myatt


Dear Patients, Wellness Club Members, and Friends:

It is a pleasure and privilege to share my knowledge of natural and alternative medicine with you. The information on this website contains the most up-to-date research in both conventional and alternative medicine combined with my years of clinical experience.

This is the medical advice I give to patients; the products I recommend are the ones I use myself. The only way I could do a better job of advising you is to work with you personally. Please keep several caveats in mind as you read.

First, I always recommend conventional medical evaluation and diagnosis from a physician or other qualified health practitioner. Annual physical exams with appropriate lab work remain one of our most powerful preventive “tools.” I may use additional “unconventional” or “complementary” diagnostic methods for further evaluation, but I always start with a basic medical exam. I recommend that you do, too. You may or may not elect to follow conventional methods of treatment, but at least you will know what options are available to you from conventional medicine.

Secondly, although every statement on this website is accurate and up-to-date to the best of my ability, remember that things change. The day after this information is published, a new piece of information may be found that contradicts or updates something I’ve said herein. Such is the fast-paced, ever-changing face of medicine. (This is a good reason to join The Wellness Club. I keep members constantly informed of updates and breakthroughs in every field of medicine). Also, none of these statements have been blessed by the FDA, the CDC or any other GAG (Government Acronymed Group), although all information contained herein is scientifically verifiable.

Also keep in mind that although my advice and statements are supported by scientific research, experts do not always agree on the meaning and interpretation of research data. Another physician might look at the same information and draw a different conclusion. This is why it makes good sense to get a second (and even a third and fourth!) medical opinion before undergoing invasive surgery, using potentially toxic drugs, or giving up hope of finding help.

What you do for yourself on a regular basis is far more powerful than any medicine or surgery. This website is designed to assist you in making good decisions for self-care. It is NOT meant to replace the care of a physician.

I am available for consultation by telephone.  If I can be of further assistance to you by way of an appointment, please call. You are invited to join my Wellness Club if you are not already a member. This will allow me to keep you abreast of the most current information in the field of conventional medicine, holistic medicine, and healing.

All the Best of Health and Happiness!

Dr. Dana Myatt

Please also see: How Our Office Handles Insurance

EnteraKlenz® (Activated Charcoal with Bentonite)

Natural Support For Systemic Detoxification

EnteraKlenze for Systemic DetoxificationActivated charcoal is a systemic (full-body) detoxifier as well as a gut detoxifier. Higher doses used in anti-aging and longevity medicine, or for acute poisoning, require taking a LOT of capsules.

This chocolate-mint flavored drink mix of activated charcoal and bentonite is an alternative way to take larger doses of activated charcoal.

Activated Charcoal taken internally relieves gas and diarrhea and binds ingested poisons and toxins in the gut.

Recommended Dosage: varies, typically 10 to 30 grams per day.

Sorry – This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and we are unable to find a substitute.

We recommend Activated Charcoal, found here:

And Maxi Fiber – found here:

Extreme Duty Optimal Defense Packs

Nutritional Supplement Packs Especially Formulated to Support Health in Extreme Mental and Physical Conditions

Extreme Duty Defense PacksStress burns nutrients like a fighter plane burns jet fuel.

Add stress with a diet of processed, preserved foods, and you’ve got a recipe for decreased energy and increased infections.

“Extreme Duty” supplement packs are designed especially for our troops. One packet per day provides optimal — not just “minimal” — nutrients to keep America’s Finest fit and healthy under the stress of duty. 30 individual packets are a one month’s supply.

Yes, these are specially designed and formulated by Dr. Myatt for our troops, to support them under the rigorous demands of combat service – but many men and women on “Civvie Street” as well as troops who have used them while in service and want to continue to use these convenient packs here at home have asked us to make them available for sale. Now you can use the same high quality multiple vitamin packs that we have been sending to our troops – they are combat-proven!

These Extreme Duty supplement packs are ideal for men and women under stress – elite athletes, business people, executives, anyone functioning under increased physical or mental stress will notice the difference that the optimal nutrients in these packs can make to their performance.

Each container holds 30 Once-Daily Packs – a one month supply – for only $29.95

Try some today – and supercharge your performance!

Be sure to order Male or Female – there is a difference!

Special order only – please enquire for availability

DMSA (DiMercapto Succinic Acid)

Oral Chelation for Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury

DMSA (DiMercapto Succinic Acid)DMSA (meso-2,-3-dimercaptosuccinic acid) is a water soluble sulfhydryl-containing metal chelator that binds to arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury. It is effective when taken orally and has been used since the 1950’s as chelator of heavy metals in the body.

According to Ward Dean, M.D., “Research confirms this substance’s efficacy and safety, and supports its use as the premier oral metal chelator for mercury and its efficacy for other heavy metals. DMSA’s water-solubility, oral dosing, large therapeutic window and low toxicity make it the chelator of choice for many applications.”

Although DMSA has a low toxicity, side effects can include rash, nausea or vomiting. Discontinue use of product and consult an holistic physician if these symptoms occur. Do not use during pregnancy or childhood except under the supervision of a physician.

Dr. Myatt’s Note: This is the chelator I recommend for use with a 6-hour urine mineral test to detect the presence of heavy metals in the body. When using DMSA on an ongoing basis for oral chelation, please use under the guidance of an holistic physician.

SORRY! Due to FDA regulation his safe and effective supplement is no longer available for sale without a prescription.

The FDA has ruled that it cannot be sold – it seems that there is a prescription drug available that contains the exact same ingredients, so the FDA must “protect” us from the non-prescription supplement form of DMSA.

Your tax dollars, hard at work – “protecting” us all from anything that has not been FDA “approved”! (FDA approval just means that the drug company has paid millions of dollars in licensing and approval fees to the FDA.)


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D-Mannose Plus

Natural Help for Urinary Tract Infections

D MannoseD-mannose is a sugar molecule and close cousin of glucose. Many alternative physicians have found that it can effectively treat 90 percent of all UTIs within 1 to 2 days. Because D-mannose works by preventing bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract and not by direct antibiotic action, it does not have any of the potential for negative side-effects that antibiotics do.

D-mannose tastes good (because it is related to the sugar molecule, although it does not raise blood sugar levels). It is so safe that it can be used by pregnant women and young children. It is also one of the few “medicines” that children actually enjoy taking!

Although D-mannose is virtually unknown to conventional medical doctors, many research reports have proven its mode of action and effectiveness against E. coli, the microorganism that causes 90% of all UTIs.

D-Mannose Plus combines D-Mannose with cranberry extract to enhance it’s effectiveness. Cranberry prevents adherence of the bacteria E. coli to the bladder and urethra wall, creates some acidification of urine and decreases calcium excretion (excess calcium loss can be a cause of kidney stones).

Recommended Use: one level teaspoon (4.7 grams) in four to six ounces of cold water. For general urinary tract health, drink once daily. For infection, repeat four to five times daily.

Special order only – please enquire about availability

Activated Charcoal

Emergency Detox for Poisoning and Infections

Uses Activated Charcoal taken internally relieves gas and diarrhea and binds ingested poisons. Used as a poultice it draws infection and toxins out of wounds. Taken internally it binds toxins in the gut.

Dosage Taken internally, 4 to 6 capsules, up to every hour as needed.

Dr. Myatt’s Comment:
Activated charcoal adsorbs, or “draws,” 17 times it’s own volume in fluids. (Adsorption is much faster than absorption).

When given for internal poisoning, it adsorbs toxins and prevents them from entering the bloodstream. We use it in conventional medicine for this purpose.

When used externally, charcoal has the same “drawing” effect. It’s the ONLY thing to do for a Brown Recluse Spider bite in my opinion. (Conventional medical treatment consists of giving an antibiotic and prednisone, both of which are useless in preventing the inevitable tissue damage that will follow.)

Using a charcoal poultice over the bite site will pull the toxins out of the system, usually in as little as one hour. I have also used it successfully in Black Widow Spider bites (not as serious as a Brown Recluse bite, but very painful). Two M.D. colleagues of mine tell me that it works well for snake bite, and I would certainly use it in this instance if I had occasion to. Every household should have charcoal on hand!

Find Activated Charcoal for internal and external use here:

Making and using a charcoal poultice is easy:

Remember, when working with activated charcoal, IT IS MESSY – it will stain and blacken everything it touches! That includes your clothing and countertops and even your dishes. Fortunately, it washes off the skin fairly easily with soap and water.

NOTE: It is possible that charcoal could cause permanant tattooing if allowed to enter a cut or broken skin – use with caution in cases of open wounds.

Open some Activated Charcoal capsules and mix the charcoal (1 to 2 Tbs. should do it) with a little water to form a wet paste. It should be moist but not so dry as to be crumbly or so wet as to be runny or drippy.

Spread the paste on a piece of folded paper towel, loosely woven cloth (like cheesecloth), or piece of gauze sized to fit the area to be treated. When ready the cloth should be moist, and thoroughly saturated with the paste. Another great material to spread your charcoal paste on is a piece cut from a disposable protective underpad – these are available in your local drugstore. Others folks have told us of using feminine hygene pads – these make great absorbant dressings and are sterile until their packaging is opened!

Place the charcoal poultice on the affected area making sure it completely covers the area.

Cover the poultice with plastic (plastic food wrap works well) sized to be larger than the poultice by at least an inch on every side. This keeps it from drying out. If the charcoal paste dries out, it will not be able to adsorb effectively.

Tape the edges of the plastic down and cover the poultice to keep it securely in place. You may wish to bandage it in place with gauze wrap.

You can leave it on for several hours, or even overnight.

After 6 to 10 hours another poultice can be applied – you may continue to use a charcoal poultice until the symptoms have cleared up.

Chocolate Fiber Harmony

Fiber Harmony ChocolateA Tasty Heart-Healthy** Treat

  • Provides heart healthy soluble fiber**
  • Facilitates ease of elimination
  • Soothes and protects intestinal tract
  • Aids protein digestion & assimilation
  • Gluten free
  • Certified 100% organic

The benefits of psyllium with those of inulin, aloe vera leaf, and marshmallow root to provide you with a daily psyllium fiber formula that vitalizes and soothes the digestive tract, keeps your colon healthy and provides heart healthy** soluble fiber.

Psyllium husk powder is a bulk forming, natural dietary fiber which promotes good digestive health and regularity. Doctors recommend psyllium as a convenient way to increase intake of dietary fiber.

Inulin, a prebiotic, helps grow beneficial bacteria needed to maintain a healthy colon. Aloe vera helps promote digestive health by protecting the intestinal tract and aiding protein digestion and assimilation. Marshmallow root helps soothe the digestive system.

Great tasting, all organic Chocolate flavor Fiber Harmony – a safe, effective way to start and end your day.

Dr. Myatt recommends this product in many of her low-carb / ketogenic recipes.

Sorry – Currently Unavailable.

Chocolat Fiber Harmony Nutrition Facts Box** 7g of soluble fiber from psyllium seed husk/day when included as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease. 3 servings per day of Fiber Harmony will provide you the recommended 7 grams.