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Prescription Fish Oil Now Available!

This just in from the “how dumb does it get?” files…

Enormous amounts of research into the benefits of fish oil have shown that it lowers triglyceride levels, relieves many cases of depression and helps prevent an astonishing number of ailments including osteoporosis, stroke, heart attach, cardiac arrhythmia and some types of cancer. That’s why I’ve been encouraging everyone to add fish oil to their daily health program.

Now, a drug company did another study which showed exactly what we already knew about fish oil—- that it lowers triglyceride levels. They sought and gained FDA approval to offer fish oil as a prescription, at a cost of aprox. 797% more per milligram than Wellness Club brand or other high quality health food store brands. So, instead of a month’s supply at $19.95, you can now enjoy a bottle of 180 caps for $236.89!

As I’ve been warning readers, when the drug companies figure out that a natural substance works, they want a piece of the action. The trouble is, their profit margins will make simple, life-saving natural substances unreachable for most people because of cost.

Meanwhile, There’s even More Reason to Take Fish Oil...

Fish oil could potentially save more lives than cardiac defibrillators, researchers estimate in a new report. In fact, the studies show that the Omega-3 essential fatty acids in fish oil prevent more sudden cardiac deaths due to fibrillation than AED machines. Of course, the makers of these high-tech, high-cost gadgets aren’t going to want you to take fish oil, unless perhaps it’s the $236.89 per bottle prescription brand they can cash in on! What next? Soon we’ll need an Rx. to buy vegetables and fruit at the grocery store because they contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients!

More Dangers of Antidepressant Drugs Found

I’ve always been adamant about my treatments for depression, anxiety and other “mood disorders”: go for the fix, not the band aid. No one has ever suffered a case of depression because of a Prozac deficiency!

Now, researchers have found that many antidepressants are even more dangerous than we knew. Paxil, for example, increases violent behavior and suicidal tendencies in users, especially teenagers. EXCUSE ME? Why in the world would we put a child on a dangerous “head med,” one that makes the likelihood of depression-related suicide over twice as high as the un-medicated?

Of course, the FDA is helpful, as always <I say with tongue in cheek>. The have recommended “stronger warning labels” on Paxil. I’m sure most patients especially teens read these labels—Not.

Now here’s a vision – millions of Americans, from children to seniors, all popping what are touted as “happy pills” – at least that is what the Big Pharma Companies and their FDA lapdogs want us to believe. All is not well in this chemical paradise though: Not only do these supposed “happy pills” cause an increased potential for suicide in those taking them (especially in teenagers according to the latest research), they are also linked to violent behavior in what the study calls “hostility events.” What a great idea! Take stressed, depressed, suicidal Americans, driving around in multi-ton Urban Assault vehicles, riding the ragged edge of road rage at the best of times, just waiting to have a “hostility event.” It boggles the mind even more that the FDA has no intention of removing these chemical time-bombs from the marketplace. That would make too much good sense.

Natural Alternatives Treat Depression Without Risks

Paxil, Prozac and other SSRI’s fool the body into temporarily recycling the neurotransmitter serotonin. Of course, not everyone who is depressed has a serotonin deficiency. In fact, epinephrine (adrenaline), noradrenalin, dopamine, acetylcholine are all brain chemicals that can be altered in depression. And even though laboratory tests exist to evaluate neurotransmitters, they are rarely performed by conventional doctors who simply dish out SSRI’s without knowing if this is even going to be a good “band aid.”

The safer and more sensible way to treat depression is to evaluate the neurotransmitters, then use precursors (raw material) nutrients that so the body can naturally make more of its own serotonin, adrenaline, noradrenalin or whatever neurotransmitter is deficient. Instead of simply throwing an SSRI drug at anything that looks like depression, a simple, accurate neuro-transmitter test followed by corrective nutritional therapy is a cure, not a deadly stop-gap.

How many acts of violence will it take before these drugs are removed from the marketplace? Of course, now you can pay 20 times as much for prescription fish oil, which is helpful in many cases of depression, thanks to its approval as a drug. Rest assured that the FDA has Big Pharmacy’s best interests—- not yours— at heart.

FDA Defends Deadly Vioxx, More Proof of Their Allegiance

Vioxx has been found in several major studies to be the most dangerous COX-2 inhibitor drug, increasing the risk of irregular heart rhythms AND kidney disease according to Researchers at The Department of Epidemiology and Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health. A second study at the University of Newcastle in Australia looked at 500,000 healthy people who used Vioxx and found that as drug dosage increased, so did the rate of heart attacks.

Eric Ding, who co-authored the Harvard study, felt strongly that “The risks of these drugs should have been made known to the public much earlier.”

Dr. David J. Graham, associate director for science in the FDA’s Office of Drug Safety, blew the whistle on both Vioxx maker Merck and the FDA itself, stating “It is clear that Vioxx increases the risk of heart attack, and that increase in risk begins with the first tablet a patient takes.”

In spite of the known dangers and mounting evidence against Vioxx, the FDA offered a “spin control” press release stating that “the FDA does not believe the available data rise to the level required to support an official FDA regulatory decision regarding comparative safety and efficacy of the available COX2-selective and non-selective NSAIDs.”

Don’t you sleep better knowing that the FDA is “protecting” us from affordable, safe, proven remedies like fish oil while ensuring that dangerous drugs such as Paxil and Vioxx remain on the market? I know I do.

In Health,
Dr. Myatt

Hepatitis C

Some thoughts and discussion by Dr. Myatt

Hepatitis C and/or Iron Toxicity?

Hepatitis C virus causes inflammation of the liver and is the most common chronic blood-borne infection in the United States. The virus can be spread by sex with an infected person, transfusion of infected blood or contaminated needles. HCV infection often results in chronic liver disease. High iron levels are a major factor in many cases of hepatitis C.

How to Properly Diagnose Iron Overload

Iron overload, or hemochromatosis, is actually the most common inherited disease. Excess iron has been known to be associated with infection for 30 years. When excess iron is present, the body’s normal antibacterial mechanisms become severely compromised, making one more susceptible to infectious disease.

Measuring serum iron is a poor way to do diagnose iron overload, because frequently the serum iron will be normal. The most useful of the indirect measures of iron status in the body a measure of the serum ferritin level in conjunction with a total iron binding level. Ferritin shows us how much iron is stored in the body.

Help and Hope for Hepatitis C

Conventional medicine takes a “Band-aid” approach to HCV. Many of the treatments are “supportive” only, meaning they are designed to manage symptoms but not intended to cure the disease. Interferon, the “latest and greatest” bug guns treatment for HCV has many devastating side effects. Unfortunately, we do little in conventional medicine to find and correct HCV at the causative level.

In Alternative and natural medicine, we go looking for the cause. Iron overload, as described above, is a major factor. Causes of immune weakness, including nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine, increased intestinal permeability, heavy metal toxicity (other than iron) are a few of the factors to be considered.

With the help of an experienced holistic physician, the cause of Hepatitis C can usually be discovered and the disease either cured or put into sustained remission. A normal life span and health span can be expected in HCV when the disease is diagnosed and treated correctly.


An Explanation Of These “Must-Have” Nutrients

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) are fats required by the body that must be supplied by diet because the body cannot manufacture them, hence the term “essential.” These fats are the raw material for the production of prostaglandins (local-acting, hormone-like substances) in the body.

Some fats eventually become inflammatory prostaglandins. These inflammatory prostaglandins contribute to generalized inflammation and blood platelet “stickiness.” Inflammatory prostaglandins play an important role in the development of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), stroke, heart disease and cancer. They may also contribute to pain and generalized inflammation.

In contrast, other fats become anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. This type of prostaglandin relieves painful inflammation, improves blood flow, and reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and autoimmune disease.

Omega-6 fatty acids produce inflammatory prostaglandins almost exclusively. Many vegetable oils are Omega-6 oils.

The typical American diet is much higher in inflammatory fats than anti-inflammatory fats.

Glossary of Fats

Omega-3 Oils are derived primarily from fish oil and flax seeds. These essential fatty acids are anti-inflammatoryand have a positive effect on cardiovascular disease, including high cholesterol and high blood pressure, allergic and inflammatory conditions (including psoriasis and eczema), autoimmune diseases, cancer, neurological disease, menopause, general health enhancement. Supplementation with Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids can help “tip the scales” in favor of anti-inflammation.

Omega-6 Oils are found in evening primrose, black current, borage and a number of vegetable oils. Although supplementation is popular, these oils are necessary only in very small amounts. Excess Omega-6 oils increase arachadonic acid levels (an inflammatory substance). Only diabetics usually need to supplement very small doses of these oils. (Less than 500mg/day).

Omega-9 Oils are found in olive and canola oils. These oils are neutral, producing neither inflammation nor anti-inflammation. Extra virgin olive oil is a good choice for salad dressings & stir-frying food because it is expressed mechanically, without the use of chemicals.

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency is a common problem in the average American diet, and supplementation with Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids is almost always indicated. Find the best dietary sources of Essential Fatty Acids here.


Natural Treatment And Support Strategies

High cholesterol levels (above 200mg/dl) are associated with an increased risk of atherosclerosis, and atherosclerosis is a leading cause of heart disease, strokes, and other circulatory disorders. Fortunately, since most cases of high cholesterol are caused by diet and lifestyle, they can be reversed by self-care measures. If cholesterol levels do not improve in 12 weeks of self-care, consult an holistic physician for further guidance.

It is also important to note that cardiovascular disease can occur in people with normal cholesterol levels. In fact, half of the people who have a heart attack have a cholesterol level under 200. Total cholesterol levels are important, but they are far from being the entire story of what causes atherosclerosis and heart disease. Other risk factors, such as elevated homocysteine and CReactive Protein (hs-CRP), are independent risk factors. To truly determine your risk for heart disease, consult a holistic physician who can evaluate each of your risk factors, not just cholesterol. Many people with cholesterol levels below 200 mg/dl still suffer heart attacks and stroke.


  • Maintain a normal body weight.
  • Eat “Super Foods,” especially garlic and soy products. Fiber in food and/or supplements helps bind cholesterol and carry it out of the body. Be sure your diet is high in fiber.
  • Engage in regular aerobic exercise.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Drink 64 ounces of pure water daily. Water detoxifies the liver, which is the organ responsible for managing cholesterol in the body.


  • Maxi Multi: 3 caps, 3 times per day with meals. This daily “multiple” contains high potency antioxidants. Optimal (not minimal) doses of antioxidants (ACES), calcium, magnesium, selenium, chromium, bioflavonoids and B complex vitamins are particularly important for normal cholesterol levels.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids:
    Flax seed meal, 2 teaspoons per day with food
    Flax seed capsules
    : 2-4 caps, 3 times per day (target dose range: 6-12 caps per day)
    Flax seed oil
    : 1 tablespoon per day
    Max EPA
    (Omega-3 rich fish oil): 1-2 caps, 3 times per day with meals (target dose: 3-6 caps per day).
  • CoQ10 (50-100mg): 1 cap, 2-3 times per day with meals (target dose range: 150-400mg per day).
  • Flush-Free Niacin: Begin with 1 cap, 3 times per day with meals. After two weeks, increase dose to 2 caps, 3 times per day or as directed by a physician (target dose range: 1,500-3,000mg per day). Liver enzymes should be monitored by a physician every 3 months for the first six months of treatment. [NOTE: In the Coronary Drug Project Study, niacin was compared to cholesterol-lowering drugs. It was found that niacin was the ONLY “drug” that lowered mortality. It compared favorably to cholesterol-lowering drugs in effect but with a much better safety profile.]
  • Red Rice Yeast (600mg): 2 caps, 2 times per day with meals (target dose: minimum 2,000mg per day).

Take Red Rice Yeast in addition to niacin if 8 weeks of niacin therapy does not lower cholesterol to <220mg/dl cholesterol. Take instead of niacin if niacin is not well tolerated.


  • Oral ChelatoRx: 4 capsules, 2 times per day between meals. This formula contains garlic, gugulipid, EDTA (chelating agent), chlorella, magnesium, potassium, and more. It is a comprehensive formula for lowering cholesterol levels and clearing the arteries.
  • Garlic (Garlitrin): 1 tab per day (target dose: minimum 4,000 allicin per day).


  • Thyroid function tests should be performed to rule out low thyroid function. These are conventional medical tests that most medical doctors will order as part of a physical. (It should be included in a physical work-up for high cholesterol). Conventional doctors usually only do a TSH test for screening, but T3 and T4 should also be evaluated.


  • If you are overweight, a ketogenic diet, particularly The Super Fast Diet, will help you easily lose weight, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, and correct high blood sugar levels if they exist.
  • There are so many natural treatments for high cholesterol, and cholesterol-lowering drugs have so many negative side effects, that it is worthwhile to work with an holistic physician if your self-help measures fail to improve cholesterol levels in three to six months.
  • Be SURE to supplement CoQ10 if you are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins) or Red Rice Yeast, as these drugs deplete CoQ10. Adequate CoQ10 levels are necessary for normal heart function.

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Dr. Myatt’s Cardiovascular Risk Checklist

A Medical White Paper Presented By Dr. Dana Myatt

“…As many as fifty percent of all first heart attacks are last heart attacks. Half of all people who have a heart attack die from “sudden cardiac death.” People with NO conventional risk factors are more likely to die “sudden death” from a first heart attack. Sudden cardiac death is the first and only sign of heart disease in this group…”

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Dr. Myatt’s Cardiovascular Risk Checklist

A Medical White Paper Presented By Dr. Dana Myatt

February is “Heart Month.” Here’s Your Heart-Risk Checklist.

Shocking Facts about Heart Attacks

February is heart month, and in honor of your heart, I have prepared a special heart-risk assessment and report for you. First, some surprising statistics about heart disease. These “fast facts” will help you know why my heart-risk checklist is so potentially important.

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the US.1 2,200 people die every day from heart disease.

As many as 50% of all people who have a heart attack do not have ANY classic risk factors, although one study argues that this number is actually only 20%.  “Only” a 20% chance of having a heart attack with no known risk factors? I don’t know about you, but that still sounds like a big risk to me.

As many as fifty percent (50%) of all first heart attacks are last heart attacks if you get my drift. Half of all people who have a heart attack die from “sudden cardiac death.” No second chances. No “jump-starting” the heart with a defibrillator. No bypass surgery or stents. Just gone in a heartbeat.

People with NO conventional risk factors are more likely to die “sudden death” from a first heart attack.  Sudden cardiac death is the first and only sign of heart disease in this group.

You could be a non-smoker with a normal body weight, total cholesterol below 200, LDL below 100, HDL above 50. You don’t smoke, are not diabetic and have no family history of heart disease. Good for you. You doctor has just given you a clean bill of health and told you your heart is fine. And you could die of a heart attack as you leave the doctor’s office. Remember, twenty to fifty percent of all people who have a heart attack do not have ANY conventionally-tested heart risks.

Emerging Risk Factors: The “Other Risks” No One Is Telling You About

Routinely screened conventional risk factors include blood fats (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL), blood pressure, smoking, and diabetes.4 Additional testing might include a cardiac stress test (the “treadmill test”). Overweight/obesity, family history and activity levels should also be considered.

Unfortunately, 20-50% of people who have heart attacks are “normal” for all of these tests and markers. It’s the folks with “all normal” risk factors who have the greatest likelihood of having a fatal heart attack.

Conventional medicine acknowledges that there are a number of other risk factors for heart disease. These are called “emerging risk factors” because the information is still “emerging” or coming to light.

Unfortunately, tests for these “emerging risk factors” are not yet ordered by most conventional physicians nor are they typically covered by insurance. Many of them will be “standard of care” in conventional medicine some day in the future. Will “some day” be soon enough for you or me?

Good News About “Emerging Risk Factors”

The good news is many of the most important of these “other risks” can be tested at an affordable price. They are not obscure tests with thousand-dollar price tags.

The OTHER good news is that there are safe, natural, proven options for correcting abnormalities if and when they are found. After all, what good would it be to know about a risk factor if there was nothing you could do about it?

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Dr. Myatt’s Cardiovascular Risk Checklist Lab Tests

From Dr. Myatt’s Medical White Paper on Cardiovascular Risk Factors:

“…As many as fifty percent of all first heart attacks are last heart attacks. Half of all people who have a heart attack die from “sudden cardiac death.” People with NO conventional risk factors are more likely to die “sudden death” from a first heart attack. Sudden cardiac death is the first and only sign of heart disease in this group…”

Dr. Myatt has been able to locate and provide a comprehensive Cardiac Risk Profile that includes both currently accepted Cardiac Risk Factors and the New Emerging Cardiac Risk Factors that she discusses in her Medical White Paper.

These “emerging Risk Factors” are the ones that your conventional doctor – even your conventional cardiologist – will not test for.

Sorry – Currently unavailable – please check back soon!

The Bacon and Egg Cure for High Cholesterol


This Week In HealthBeat News:

This is a repeat of last week’s “urgent announcement.” It is SO important that I WANT TO BE SURE EVERYONE SAW IT. If you already took action, good for you and please go enjoy the other articles from this week’s HealthBeat. (And be sure to pass this information along to friends and family)……

More Proof-Positive That Big Pharma Doesn’t Give a Damn
About Your Health

by Dr. Dana Myatt

Breast cancer rates have not changed significantly in the last 50 years with one notable exception. The rates dropped an unbelievable 7% in just one year when the news about the connection between Premarin (Pregnant Mares Urine) hormone therapy and breast cancer finally broke. This was barely mentioned by the media, then it disappeared. I’m not sure if many people really caught the significance of this, so let’s review it in a nutshell.

In 2001, sales of Premarin and Prempro (conventional hormone replacement therapy for post-menopausal women) exceeded $2 billion. In 2002, the huge Women’s Health Initiative Study showed that both Prempro and Premarin significantly increased women’s risks of breast cancer, heart attacks and dementia. (This information was actually known 20 years ago, even before the Women’s Health Initiatit5ve Study, when I was just a medical student. But the news just “broke” to the general public in the last several years). As a result of the study’s findings about these increased health risks, use of Premarin and Prempro plummeted along with sales. Revenues from these poisons fell to less than $1 million per year ($880,000 to be exact) by 2004. That’s a drop of 99.96% in sales and profits if you need a little help with the math.

Benefits of Natural (Bio-identical) Hormone Replacement Therapy

Many women turned from these deadly Big Pharma hormones to natural, aka bio-identical, hormone replacement therapy which so far appears to be MUCH safer than the drug versions of hormones. The big difference is that natural hormone replacement therapy attempts to duplicate a woman’s hormones (replace the same approximate amounts the exact same hormones a woman has when younger), instead of giving un-natural amounts of only the strongest female horse-hormones, which is what the drug versions do. Here is what we know about the benefits of natural hormone replacement therapy (nHRT):

* Natural HRT has been used in the U.S. for almost 25 years without a single related death or complaint

* Unlike synthetic HRT drugs (typically made from horse urine), bio-identical hormones use the same four main sex hormones that the body makes, and in “physiologic” amounts (amounts similar to what the body makes)

* Unlike “one-size-fits-all” horse hormone prescriptions, natural HRT prescriptions are custom-tailored to individual patients

* Natural HRT still requires a doctor’s prescription and supervision

Because the nHRT duplicates the pattern of natural female hormones, they appear to be far safer than conventional HRT. In fact, there is evidence that nHRT may actually help prevent breast cancer instead of causing it. Many women have found relief from menopausal complaints over the past 25 years with this apparently far-safer form of hormone replacement therapy.

Big Pharma Doesn’t Give a Damn About Your Health

In October of 2005, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, manufacturers of Prempro and Premarin, filed a complaint with the FDA asking that the sale of ALL bio-identical hormones be banned. That’s right —Wyeth, makers of cancer-causing hormones, has petitioned the FDA to outlaw the natural HRT alternatives that are safer, more effective, and cheaper than their dangerous drugs. This should go a long way to preserving the less than one half of one-thousandth the dollars they used to make on these killers. Apparently, Wyeth cares more about protecting the now-miniscule market-share of their line of dismally failing drugs than they do for protecting women’s lives.

Wyeth’s drugs were causing at least 7% of the country’s breast cancers, yet now they want to take away access to the much safer hormone alternative. See how much our lives are worth to Big Pharma?

Why the FDA Sleeps with Big Pharma

Our lives aren’t worth any more to the FDA than they are to Big Pharma. After all, Big Medicine, Big Pharma and their Bed Partner the FDA are about Big Money, not altruistic endeavors. (I hope I’m not popping anyone’s candy-colored bubble here).

The FDA receives “drug user fees,” which totaled over 3 billion dollars in 2004 from pharmaceutical companies for the drugs they sell. The less drugs that Wyeth or any Big Pharma Company sells, the less money goes into the FDA coffers. Natural hormones, made by “compounding pharmacies,” are regulated by the states. The FDA does not receive any money from the sale of natural hormones. No wonder the FDA is just as eager as Wyeth to either outlaw natural hormones OR have compounding pharmacies fall under their (FDA) jurisdiction.

Because the FDA and Big Pharma are bedfellows, an FDA ruling on the matter would have gone in favor of Wyeth last year had it not been for a massive grassroots effort that appeared to put the matter to rest. Now enter the double-dealing “tag on” bill brought to you by our “Also don’t give a damn about the individual” politicians.

Crooked Politicians Aid and Abet The FDA and Big Pharma
(The Sneaky End-Run Around)

Another surprise to some of you, I know, but politicians actually aid and abet this Big Money Machine, not our individual health freedoms or our personal health concerns. Just several days ago, this “tag on” piece of legislation was introduced by Senators Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) and Richard Burr (R-N.C.), aka “the usual suspects.” It should be noted that Senator Kennedy is # 4 on the list of the top 20 political recipients of Big Pharma money, reporting a total of $221,550 received from the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2006 alone.

“The Safe Drug Compounding Act of 2007,” deftly tacked on the back of a major FDA funding bill, will be voted on the end of this month and will surely pass (so much for our legislators “reigning in” the FDA). What this sneaky “tag” will do is drastically curtail compounding pharmacies and place them under FDA control instead of state control. Expect to kiss your natural (bio-identical) hormone replacement therapy and all other compounded prescriptions

Notice how this “tag” was placed at the last minute (so few people would have time to hear about it, much less respond), and how it was added to a bigger bill that is sure to pass? Evil, dirty, rotten nasty politics. This stinks, but it’s the “modus operandi” of Big Government and other Big Money interests. You and I don’t matter at all to these people except for the money we can put in their collective pockets, and our individual health and freedom be damned.

Take Action Now to Preserve Compounding Pharmacy
and Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

Remember that I promised to let you know when it was time to take action on an impending health freedom matter? The time is NOW to protect compounding pharmacy and natural hormone replacement therapy.

What You Must Do Today to Protect Your/Our Health Freedom

Since almost no one except HealthBeat readers have even heard about this yet, the opportunity for a grassroots movement to stop this legislation is cutting close. Don’t wait until next week to act. Here is what you need to do if you want to help save compounding
pharmacy and health freedom in general and natural hormone replacement therapy in particular.

You need to write a letter to both your state Senators AND your state Representatives. This letter should be FAXED to their office, not mailed. A fax is far more potent than a phone call (if you can even get through) or an email. It is estimated that each individual fax carries the weight of 13,000 voters (because they figure about one in about 13,000 who care about a particular subject will ever actually contact a representative). Here is what you need to say, and it is short and sweet:

(Please modify this into your own words, but this is the gist of it):

Dear Senator BlowHard:

I am vehemently opposed to the proposed “Safe Drug Compounding Act of 2007” and request that you vote “no” on this stealthy tag-on legislation. Leave compounding pharmacy where it belongs, under state jurisdiction. Further, I believe the dysfunctional FDA does
not need more control over drug regulation, they need less.

Please help protect what shred of my health freedom remains by voting “no” on this senseless legislation.

Your Voting Constituent,
Joe Doaks

How to locate your representatives:

Locate your representatives by state

Locate your senators by state

Political Action Steps Summary:

1.) Fax your state’s senators and representatives ASAP. If you don’t have a fax machine, http://www.faxzero.com lets you send out 2 free faxes per day. (Hot tip on free faxing courtesy of Steven C.). A fax really is that much more important and worth your time than an email, and a typed or legibly hand-written letter carries a LOT of weight!

2.) Pass this note on to friends, family, anyone who gives a darn about health freedom. (You know, all those people you forward e-mail jokes to). If you have friends who aren’t on e-mail, snail-mail them this information. Encourage them to pass it along to as many people as they can.

Grassroots movements have saved the day on other health freedoms issues in the past decade. We must not underestimate the power of the general citizenry (that’s us!) to slay the dragons that jeopardize our freedom. Since the pen is mightier than the sword, please draw your weapon and let’s see if we can save the day for health freedom once again.

In Pursuit of Health and Freedom,
Dr. Myatt


Why Don’t You Bill Insurance?

by Mark Ziemann, R.N.

[Dr. Myatt’s Note: The following commentary is a continuation of Nurse Mark’s Poor, Poor Pitiful Me: Why Some People Will Never Get Well and Would Your Plumber Work This Cheap? from previous weeks’ HealthBeat News. If you haven’t read these articles, you might want to check them out first to see what has gotten my mild-mannered Nurse in such a tizzy. I do believe this is the final installment of Nurse Mark’s indignation! ;-)]

“Why Don’t You Just Bill My Insurance?” This plea usually comes from someone wanting to book an appointment, but who is haggling and chiseling at the cost. “But she is so expensive – I couldn’t possibly afford that much money…” These people almost invariably go elsewhere, usually to their “conventional” doc, who is only too happy to give them a 5 to 10 minute visit, a mandatory drug prescription as a “prize” for visiting, and send them happily on their way. These doctors usually have a bustling office staff devoted to scheduling patients in at ten-minute intervals, and an even busier back-office staff devoted to doing all the preliminary paperwork that goes to the insurance company to generate income for the doctor and his staff. Even with a back-office staff doing much of the prep work, the doctor will still spend several hours each day finishing up his or her part of the insurance paperwork. This really is a major business, and must be run as efficiently as possible if that doctor is to achieve the desired income.

Here is the history behind Dr. Myatt’s decision to “opt out” of the insurance business. As she tells it, it was one of those rare “ah hah” moments in life. Many years ago, while working for a major holistic medical clinic in Phoenix (one that accepted insurance, as most do),
Dr. Myatt came into the office an hour early one morning to plow through the mountain of insurance paperwork that her busy medical practice required. Anyone who does their own income taxes has some idea of what these forms look like, with one notable exception. Each insurance provider has a different form and requirement of what information is needed.

So there sat Dr. Myatt, scratching her head and grinding her way through a mountain of paperwork when in walked one of the clinic nurses, announcing that there was a work-in patient in the ER, here before regular clinic hours with severe breathing difficulty and chest pain. Doctor Myatt was the only physician available (of course she was — it was over an hour before the clinic usually opened)! As The Good Doctor shifted mental gears from paper-pusher to emergency room physician, she found herself for just a moment feeling resentful. After all, how could she get the insurance paperwork completed if she was interrupted with patients? Like a splash of cold water in the face, this thought was immediately replaced with the realization of what the paper-pushing had done to her. Too busy doing insurance paperwork to see a patient? She got up, saw the patient (who was in severe cardiac distress due to a non-functional mitral valve) and decided right then and there that she would never resent seeing a patient for want of more time to fill out insurance forms.
Dr. Myatt “opted out” of insurance and Medicare at that time (it is no longer possible for a physician to “opt out” of Medicare), and has never looked back or regretted her decision. She now spends all of her time on patient care, and her results speak for themselves.

Here at the Wellness Club, we work at a slower pace. We book each patient for a full hour, and visits often run longer. We focus entirely on the patient and on how to make them well, not on how to comply with sometimes-impossible insurance forms.

I recently had a patient (one of our “incurable” success stories) ask me “do you really make any money at this?” and I had to answer honestly. We cover the bills and expenses and we are comfortable, but we are not “rich” and aren’t likely to get rich any time soon unless we hit the lotto.

People measure success by many different markers. Some see success as a big, fancy home (we live in a comfortable but modest straw bale home where we have clean air, clean water, and plenty of outdoors to enjoy). Others measure success by the car they drive (we have an older model van and an older model Saturn wagon). We also have a — you guessed it, older model — RV that allows us to travel to see patients, lecture, and teach. Still other people believe that their success is measured in their 401K’s, retirement pensions and gold-plated medical (sickness) insurance plans. We have no plans to “retire” for as long as we can keep helping people find better health, our “health insurance” is our daily supplement and vitamin regimen (especially Maxi Multis!), clean air, clean water, good food, and modest exercise, and our “retirement plan” is to build a modest home that is completely self-sustainable (no electric company or propane delivery required) and raise our own food.

Dr. Myatt could undoubtedly make more money if we “took insurance.” This would require seeing far more patients for far less time each, and there would be no time for individual “case study,” but it would certainly bring a bigger income.

Would we be “more successful” if we “took” insurance? Not if you calculate success like we do, by the number of people that we have helped. We sleep well at night knowing we are giving our all to each and every patient, and we never find ourselves feeling annoyed that a patient is disturbing our paperwork time. Most importantly, many patients reaffirm our “success” when they thank us for helping them with “incurable” medical problems that conventional medicine has given up on.

Now that’s success in our book!

Nurse Mark

P.S. Here is the information from the “Insurance” page of our website for those who are interested.

How Our Office Handles Insurance

Q: Does Dr. Myatt Accept Medicare or Medicaid?

A: No. Dr. Myatt “opted out” of Medicare years ago. Without a UPN number (universal provider number required by Medicare), there is no way for Medicare to cover Dr. Myatt’s services. Further, Medicare rarely covers the type of progressive, alternative care that Dr. Myatt and other holistic physicians provide.

Q: Does Dr. Myatt accept insurance?

A: No. Services are due and payable on the day they are rendered.

Q: Will Dr. Myatt fill out insurance paperwork if I file a claim myself?

A: Yes. Dr. Myatt will gladly complete any necessary insurance paperwork including writing letters of medical necessity, as required by your insurance company for you to file a claim yourself. However, all time spent completing insurance paperwork or writing such letters is billed at Dr. Myatt’s usual hourly fee of $240. For example, if it takes Dr. Myatt one-half hour to complete insurance paperwork, the patient will be billed $120.

Q: Why does Dr. Myatt charge for filling out insurance paperwork? My other doctor does this for free.

A: Your other doctor spends 5-10 minutes with you and charges for a complete office visit. Dr. Myatt charges for the office visit (typically one hour, the entire time of which is devoted to your care), then spends an average of 2-12 hours in “case study” following your exam or phone consultation. This additional time spent on case study is not charged for but is included in your visit. Very few physicians spend so much time and attention on an individual patient.

Insurance paperwork is incredibly time-consuming. This is valuable time that Dr. Myatt prefers to spend studying the patient’s case in order to get the patient well, not shuffling papers.

When you consider the true amount of time Dr. Myatt spends on an individual case, you will see that her fees are a bargain. When you find yourself recovering from an “incurable” illness, you will further understand why Dr. Myatt’s case-study time is so valuable and why we charge for the non-wellness time spent on paperwork.

Nurse Mark

The Bacon and Egg Cure for High Cholesterol

Is your cholesterol still “too high”? (Above 230, but this depends on what your “good cholesterol,” or HDL levels, are, too).

We get calls and letters literally every day with questions about how to lower high cholesterol. The self-treatment stories we hear include “I only eat good carbohydrates,” or “I almost never eat eggs.” To which we reply, “well no wonder your cholesterol is high!”

You see, what you have probably heard about how to lower cholesterol is completely backwards. If it was correct, you’d see big result in as little as a month. If you’ve been on your cholesterol-avoidance diet for more than a month and haven’t seen dramatic improvements, then you have proof that you are on the wrong track. Clearly, it’s time to try a new approach. Cholesterol levels don’t take that long to change.

I had a telephone follow-up with new patient Kim this week. She’s thrilled because the migraine headaches she originally contacted me about are gone. Not reduced, but completely gone, no drugs needed. As a side-effect, she’s lost 30 pounds and her once-high cholesterol levels have dropped like a rock, back into the normal range for the first time in many years. Her secret? She’s following my advice and having either a Super Shake or bacon and eggs for breakfast, along with following the rest of The Myatt Diet. It wasn’t an easy “sell” to convince her to eat this way, but now she’s an absolute missionary for The Myatt Diet. (You’ll see her testimonial in an upcoming HealthBeat). She also tells me that she’s amazed how her food cravings have completely disappeared, so she’s not missing her former junk food, including “good carbs.”

If you’ve bought into the prevalent but misguided idea that avoiding cholesterol will lower your cholesterol, here’s a hot “biochemical tidbit.” When you lower dietary cholesterol, your liver simply makes more. (Cholesterol comprises 80% of the cell wall of every cell in your body, so it’s a very valuable commodity indeed). Fortunately, your liver knows how to make cholesterol even when you don’t eat it. When you stop eating eggs, your liver detects a “cholesterol famine” and cranks out more of this life-giving fat. Your attempts to outsmart Mother Nature will fail. (You can’t get up early enough to fool Mama Nature)!

Low Cholesterol diets rarely work to lower cholesterol. Eating only “good carbs” rarely works to lower cholesterol. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” Stop struggling with your cholesterol levels and go have some bacon eggs for breakfast!  — Dr. Myatt

* Calling All Fellow Gardeners! *

Greenest Envy: Make Your Garden The Talk of The Neighborhood
Grow Bigger Flowers, Greener Lawns, Humongous Produce

I like to garden. It pleases me no end to see my front yard filled with bright splashes of color all season long and bring fresh cuttings indoors for a continual warm-weather treat. And really, can you call those tasteless red things from the grocery store a tomato after you’ve tasted home-grown? A juicy red beefsteak still warm from the vine atop fresh-picked lettuce puts me in salad bliss. Not only is home-grown produce far fresher and more convenient, it can be FAR healthier than store-bought produce grown with synthetic fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides, then sprayed with anti-fungal agents, spoilage retardants and Goddess only knows what else so they’ll “keep” longer on the grocery shelf. The toxic spate of chemicals in produce often offsets the value of “eating green” in the first place! For my money and health, homegrown is better whenever I can pull it off. The problem is, how do you fertilize and keep bugs at bay without those nasty chemicals? Much as I hate to use them, there’s no doubt that many of them are effective at what they do.

Fortunately, I’ve found a marvelous gardening secret: Gardens Alive!

Gardens Alive! offers non-toxic solutions for just about every garden problem you can name. Got pests? They have non-toxic solutions that are effective and affordable. Lawn problems? Their seeds and growth enhancers (again, all non-toxic) will give you the greenest lawn on the block with far less effort. Their fruit, vegetable and flower growth enhancers produce bigger, healthier yields without fail. Kill nasty garden pests without harm to yourself or your pets; have an enviably perfect lawn and harvest eye-popping produce with these not-to-be-missed garden solutions. No more nematodes, blossom end-rot or meager yields for me, no siree! Bye bye deer and birds sharing my harvest (it wouldn’t be so bad if they’d eat the whole leaf or fruit instead of pecking one hole in every leaf, huh?). I even get a jump-start on the season with their ingenious little seed starter kits.

I’ve never seen anything like the array of products offered at Gardens Alive! They even have solutions for helping keep your pets healthy. Best of all, these non-toxic solutions are not only more effective than their synthetic counterparts, they are also less expensive in almost every case.

If you do any gardening at all, you owe it to yourself to take a look at these incredible products. Imagine the pride you’ll feel harvesting state-fair quality produce and flowers, or enjoying a golf-course quality lawn that will be the envy of your entire neighborhood! Please be sure to take “before” and after” pictures of your efforts so we can show them off to other gardening readers.

Here are some of my top recommendations:

Gardens Alive! Organic Garden With Seed Got 4’x4′ of space? You can have a complete organic garden with 10 vegetables, easy and weed-free. This kit R-O-C-K-S! I’m setting one up on my deck this summer and I’ll have organic salads all season long.
Vegetables Alive! Fertilizer  Dramatically increase your yield of lettuce, peas, broccoli, cabbage, beans, cucumbers, melons and more.
Turf Alive! Brand Have a thick, green lawn the looks like a lush golf course without the toxic chemicals. Your neighbors will hate you.
Portabella Mushroom Kit Portabellas have a wonderful texture and flavor, plus they’re loaded with nutrients including vitamin B and potassium. They can be difficult to find at the supermarket (and they’re expensive), but with this kit you can grow your own and enjoy fresh mushrooms in 3-5 weeks.
No Fleas, Please! Stop fleas outdoors AND kill ’em indoors. Non-toxic, inexpensive, effective. Outdoor Flea Control and Indoor Flea Control

AND, Here’s a “starter special” for you:
$20 FREE off your first order at Gardens Alive for Wellness Club Members!

Happy Gardening!
— Dr. Myatt

Laughter is Good Medicine : Best Single’s Ad Ever

This has to be one of the best singles ads ever printed. It is reported to have been listed in the Atlanta Journal.

SINGLE BLACK FEMALE seeks male companionship, ethnicity unimportant. I’m a very good girl who LOVES to play. I love long walks in the woods, riding in your pickup truck, hunting, camping and fishing trips, cozy winter nights lying by the fire. Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand. I’ll be at the front door when you get home from work, wearing only what nature gave me. Call (404) 875-XXXX and ask for Lucy, I’ll be waiting…. (Click here to see the punch line):

B Vitamins

The “Energy Vitamins”

B vitamins comprise an entire complex or “family” of related but different vitamins. Together, the B vitamins comprise an important group of vitamins with many functions, as seen in the chart below. Although their individual functions differ, all B vitamins are involved in energy production in the body. Deficiencies of B vitamins are common today due to food processing.

B vitamin supplementation is useful for:

  • chronic fatigue
  • overweight and obesity
  • memory loss
  • heart disease
  • depression
  • cataracts
  • neuropathy
  • irritability
  • atherosclerosis
  • anemia and more (see chart below).

Maxi Multi is a comprehensive multi-vitamin and mineral formula that includes high potency B complex vitamins. Click here for a full description of this supplement.

B-12 Extreme

The Most Potent B-12 Formula Available.
A full description of B-12 Extreme can be found here.

B-Complex 50

High-potency vitamin B complex in a hypoallergenic, yeast-free formula.

Each (one) capsule contains:

Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine HCL) 50 mg Biotin 50 mg Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) 50 mg Pantothenic acid 50 mg Niacinaminde 50 mg Vitamin B-10 (Para-Aminobenzoic Acid) 50 mg Vitmin B-6 (Pyridoxine HCL) 50 mg Choline (Bitartrate) 50 mg Folic Acid 400 mcg Inositol 50 mg Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamine) 50 mcg

Order B-Complex 50 (100 Capsules) Here $15.90


High potency sublingual tablet supplying vitamin B-12 and folic acid.

Each (one) capsule contains:
Vitamin B-12 2500 mcg (Cobalamine concentrate)
Folic Acid 800 mcg

Order Hi-B-12/Foliplex (60 tablets) Here $17.00

The B Vitamin Complex “Family”

vitamin major functions major deficiency associations optimal adult dose range best food sources cautions/

vitamin B1

energy processes fatigue, mental confusion, neuropathy 5-100 mg eggs, berries, nuts, legumes, liver, yeast Nontoxic.

vitamin B2

energy processes, wound healing, activates other B vitamins infection, cataracts, blurred vision, eye surgery 5-100 mg green leafy vegetables, eggs, organ meats Nontoxic. Higher doses will make urine a harmless, bright yellow.

vitamin B3

energy processes depression, tension headaches, memory loss 20-100 mg milk, eggs, fish, whole meal wheat flour Doses greater than 50mg may cause a skin flush. Take high doses only with doctors supervision.

vitamin B5
(pantothenic acid)

energy processes; adrenal gland function allergies, morning stiffness; fatigue; muscle cramps 10-1,000 mg eggs, yeast, liver No known toxicity.

vitamin B6

energy processes; antibody formation insomnia, irritability, atherosclerosis 5-200 mg wheat germ, yeast, whole grains Oral contraceptive use increases need for this vitamin.

Folic acid

red blood cell formation, RNA/DNA synthesis fatigue, depression, atherosclerosis 200-800 mcg beans, green leafy veggies, yeast Do not take with Phenobarbital or dilantin.

vitamin B12

red blood cell formation; energy processes atherosclerosis, memory loss, GI symptoms 10-1,200 mcg fermented soy products; root veggies Nontoxic.


energy processes; blood sugar regulation muscle pain, depression 300-600 mcg egg yolks, whole wheat No known toxicity.

Blood Work Printable

Blood Chemistry Panel


Related to:

Triglyceride Diabetes BUN
BUN/Creatinine Ratio
Phosphorus Kidney Function
Renal Disease Alkaline Phosphatase
Calcium Bone Function GGT
Total Bilirubin
Total Protein Liver Function Albumin
A/G Ratio Nutritional Status Cholesterol
LDL Cholesterol
HDL Cholesterol
VLDL Cholesterol
Total Cholesterol : HDL Ratio
Percent HDL Cholesterol Coronary Risk
Disease Risk Serum Ferritin Iron Status hs-CRP Cardiovascular Disease Risk

If you have medical questions or concerns, contact your physician.

CBC – Complete Blood Count

WBC – White Blood Count Infection / Lowered Immune System RBC – Red Blood Count Anemia MCV – Mean Corpuscular Volume
MCH – Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin
MCHC – Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration
RDW – Random Distribution Width Red Blood Cell Index Platelet Count Coagulation (clotting) Neutrophils
Basophils Infection

The CBC is a complex test and requires physician diagnosis for any specific conditions. If you have abnormal values, we recommend following up with your physician