Castor Oil Packs

How to use this effective detoxifying treatment

Materials Needed

  • Wool flannel – un-dyed, un-treated, un-bleached
  • Cold pressed castor oil
  • Electric heating pad
  • Baking dish
  • Plastic sheet (or 2 plastic trash bags, large size)
  • Old bath towel

Instructions for Use

Place the wool flannel in a baking dish. (Use any suitable baking dish for a conventional oven; use a glass baking dish for the microwave oven). The cloth should be folded at least 3 thicknesses for use. Pour castor oil over the flannel, sufficient to saturate it through all thicknesses. Get the pack wet with castor oil but not dripping. Place the baking dish in the oven, microwave oven, or hot plate until it is quite warm. Be careful not to burn the pack or to get it so hot that it will burn you.

Spread the plastic sheet or bags on the bed, couch, or where ever you will be using the pack. Place the bath towel on top of the plastic. Plug in the heating pad.

After the pack is warm (again, be careful not to burn yourself!!), apply it to the indicated area. Put the heating pad on top of the pack and leave it in place for at least one hour, or as recommended.

You may want to put an additional piece of plastic over the top of the pack to prevent the oil from staining bed, couch, or chair. The reason for the use of the plastic is to protect fabrics.

When you are finished using the pack, put it back in the baking dish and leave it for next time. You DO NOT wash the pack between uses. If the pack begins to dry out, simply add more castor oil the next time you use it.

Also when you are finished, clean the skin with 2 teaspoons of baking soda added to a quart of water. The pack draws toxins out of the body and these can be reabsorbed or cause a skin rash if not removed by cleaning the skin.

It is best to do some relaxing or meditative exercise while you are using the pack. This is a good time to practice visualization exercises, listen to personal-growth audio or video tapes, or meditate. It is also fine to sleep with the pack in place, but be sure to remove the heating pad when sleeping to avoid burning the skin.