Black Salve Intensive

Resources for Students

Hello Doctors, Herbalists and Interested Others!

Here is part of the promised follow-up resources from our Black Salve Intensive.

Please Note:

  • The information on this page is presented for educational purposes only.
  • This information is based on Dr. Myatt’s clinical experience with Black Salve. It is not intended as “how to” instruction for anyone using Black Salve.
  • As Dr. Myatt explained in her lectures, Black Salve is not recommended for the removal of cancers other than melanoma.
  • Removal of any cancer with Black Salve is “Chemical Surgery.” If you would not be comfortable cutting a lesion out with a scalpel then you should not be considering the use of Black Salve.

Malignant melanoma: practice visual diagnosis

Here are slides of melanoma, but also look at their NON-melanoma pages for comparison.

More practice pictures: comparisons of benign and malignant lesions

Remember, the “big deal” in dermatology is whether or not you can visually be sure of a melanoma. “When in doubt, cut it out (biopsy),” which in the case of melanoma means “cut it out with a big margin” (bummer, since most lesions are NOT melanoma)
apply the black salve for 30 minutes and see if the lesion changes. If it does,
something is abnormal. Take it out. Here is what a suspicious lesion will look
like in 20-30 minutes after application of the black salve: (slide from the Black Salve Intensive will go here as soon as we convert the pic to digital!). Visualize that little white bump you saw in several slides at the conference.

Making Black and Other Salves

Black Salve

The primary ingredients in black salve are blood root (sanguinaria) and zinc chloride, although chaparral and other herbs have also been used.

Black Salve Recipe 1 & 2

Drawing Salve

Remember that drawing salves will contain charcoal and usually also bentonite  clay as the main “magic” in the formula.

Drawing salve #1

Healing Salve

Most healing salves contain some variation on a theme of comfrey, aloe vera, or calendula.

Healing salve with comfrey

Make this with chamomile and comfrey

I will post additional recipes as I find them. If any of you discover a good recipe, please forward it to me for addition to this page.

Buying Black and Other Salves

1.) Best on Earth I haven’t used their black salve but it’s got all the right ingredients and looks like it should work. They also have “after care” salve, AKA “healing salve.” They do NOT carry a drawing salve.

I have used their non-toxic sunscreen and I love it! It’s light, non-greasy, feels wonderful on the skin and doesn’t contain any potentially harmful ingredients. I now use this myself for my daily sunscreen (face and neck).

2.) Sun Spot (glycoalkaloid) cream (for non-melanoma — basal cell and squamous cells, actinic keratosies and other “pre-cancerous” lesions).

Misc. Black Salve Information

Ingredients, pictures and history of black salve. This is a great page with pictures and history of each ingredient.