Bio Pro (Thymic Protein A)

Increase Stamina and Boost Immunity

Bio Pro Thymic Protein AThe thymus gland is a small lymphoid organ located behind the sternum and between the lungs. It is the “bootcamp” where young immune cells, the “T cells,” go to mature. The thymus gland also produces peptide hormones that keep these same T cells active once they leave the thymus and begin their function as immune cells in the body. Damage to the thymus glad results in lowered immunity. The thymus gland tends to shrink with age, which may contribute to the decrease of immune response seen in aging.

T cells are that part of the immune system that helps protect us from fungus, viruses and cancer. Their role in cancer prevention is especially important. Mature T cells do not function correctly unless programmed by thymic hormones.

Studies have shown that many cancer patients live longer (often double their expectancy) when thymic hormones are used as an adjunct to conventional treatment. Researchers surmise that this is due to the immune-protecting effects of thymus hormones which help offset the immune-suppressing effects of most chemotherapy and radiation.

Thymic Protein A is a highly purified mix of bovine thymus hormones that is useful for a variety of immunocompromised conditions including:

  • early stage AIDS
  • hepatitis
  • autoimmune conditions
  • cancer
  • allergies
  • chronic infections
  • candidiasis
  • asthma
  • anti-aging protocols

Because the thymus gland tends to shrink with age, and because this shrinkage is associated with decreased immunity, many longevity specialists recommend thymus hormone supplementation as part of an anti-aging program.

Recommended dose: 2-4mcg per day.

Each (one) packet contains: 4mcg thymic protein with intact hormones. 30 packets per box.

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