IREST Massager Mini

iRest MassagerThe Tiny Technologic Marvel With Huge Health Benefits

The IREST Massager Mini is a dual channel battery operated muscle stimulation system (TENS unit) that helps to relieve minor muscle aches and pains.

What is TENS?
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a therapy that uses low-voltage electrical current for pain relief. It can also be used for muscle stimulation.

Patients tell us they use TENS-type devices to relieve pain from many illnesses and conditions.

Some common uses are to treat muscle, joint, or bone problems that occur with illnesses such as osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia, or for conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, or bursitis. Many people have also used their TENS to treat sudden, acute pain from muscle strain or overuse, and even labor pain, and chronic pain such as cancer pain. Diabetics have reported good results with the use of these devices to improve diabetic neuropathy. Bodybuilders use these devices both for soothing relief after a workout, and as a muscle stimulator for very tergeted muscle exercise (Like working a biceps for example).

The IREST Massager Mini is the best unit of it’s kind that we have been able to find.

Dr. Myatt and Nurse Mark have personally purchased and tested a number of different units. The units we tested ranged from bargain-basement junk that delivered outright shocks (Ouch!) to medical-grade, prescription-required units (with a price tag of $1400.00!) that were complicated and annoying to use and didn’t actually work veryt well. We believe the high-quality construction and superior operation of the IREST makes it the “best in class.”

So what does this little wonder do? By providing mild electrical current to muscles, the unit increases circulation, provides pain relief and muscle stimulation. Medically, these devices are prescribed for muscle and nerve pain.

The IREST has six different settings, all feeling like different types of massage or acupuncture. You can adjust the strength of impulse from almost impercetable to very strong.

How well does it work? Dr. Myatt got a patient off narcotic pain drugs in a single session by using this unit for back pain. This was a pateint who failed to respond to a $1400 prescription TENS unit.

Says Dr. Myatt: “I believe one of these devices needs to be in everyone’s medical kit. It is right up there with aspirin and bandaids in importance. I have one and use it regularly!

  • Pocket-size / Compact Design – Smaller than an i-pod!
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 2 Output channels- treat 2 different areas at the same time, or two people can share a treatment.
  • 6 massage modes
  • 20 intensity level settings
  • Adjustable treatment time settings
  • 2 Year manufacturers warranty Now with extended 5 Year manufacturers warranty

Find more information on the Massager Mini at the IREST website

Suggested retail price is $349. Because Dr. Myatt believes so strongly in the benefits of these devices she has negotiated a lower price and is offering these units at a substantial savings. You save $129.00!

IREST Massager Mini – Product # N372 – $219.97

Wellness Club Members pay only $197.98 and free shipping! Find out how you can start saving today! Extra Electrode Pads are available too – see below!

IREST Massager Mini KitWhat comes in the package?

  • IREST Massager Mini Unit
  • 1 set of regular single sided adhesive electrode pads 3×2 inches
  • 1 set of small single sided adhesive electro pads, 1 ¾ x 1 inches
  • Electrode Wires
  • USB Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • Instruction Manual

Please note: Because this is a medical device, it is not returnable or refundable.

This very high-quality unit is covered with a 2 year extended 5 year warranty by the maker – purchase with confidence.

Extra Electrode Pads Are Available:

Each IREST Massager Mini Unit comes complete with 1 set of regular single sided adhesive electrode pads 3×2 inches and 1 set of small single sided adhesive electro pads, 1 ¾ x 1 inches.

With reasonable care your pads can be re-used dozens of times. If they begin to lose their adhesive quality they can be gently washed by hand with a drop of dish soap and warm water and left to air dry. They can also be sanitized using a few drops of plain, non-perfumed, alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

If your pads become damaged or you wish to have extra pads on-hand we have them available. We also have larger pads available.

Large Massager PadsLarge pads

These adhesive electrode pads are approximately 2 inches by 4 inches and are useful for treating larger muscle groups or areas.

N383 – Large Electrode Pads – $14.97

Medium Massager PadsMedium pads

These medium sized duck-foot shaped adhesive electrode pads are approximately 2 inches by 3 inches and are useful for treating most areas.

N384 -Medium Electrode Pads – $9.97

About Recharging Adaptors:

The iRest Mini Massager uses an internal rechargeable battery that is recharged between uses with a power adaptor that plugs into a wall outlet.

We have had a number of inquiries from people who have misplaced their recharging adaptor and are seeking a replacement. We do NOT have these adapters available for sale seperately.

But, all is not lost! These recharging adapters are very common, generic “wall-wart’ power adapters commonly used to recharge cellphones, tablets, music players, and similar electronic devices. They can be purchased readily and inexpensively at stores like Best Buy, Radio Shack, WalMart, Target, K-mart, grocery stores, and even thrift stores often have them available for a few dollars.

You just need a generic charger with a ‘Mini USB’ plug to fit your iRest.