How Does Dr. Myatt Ship My Order To Me?

We ship exclusively by United States Post Office Priority Mail.

USPS Priority Mail provides 2 to 3 day delivery of your order at the most economical rates.

We have tried other carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) and we have found that for our location none of them can match the cost effectiveness and quick delivery times of USPS Priority Mail.

Can I pay extra for “Overnight” shipping?

No – sorry, there is no “overnight” where we are. Dr. Myatt’s Wellness Club is located in an area of Arizona that has clean air and pure water and is also very rural. That means that our location adds at least a day to any expedited shipping method as the package must get from our location to a major center (Phoenix) where it can begin it’s journey to you. For all the extra cost of “overnight” shipping, we have found that 2 to 3 day USPS Priority Mail is just as fast in most cases.

UPS and FedEx pickups and deliveries are irregular and unreliable where we are. On the other hand, our staff takes your orders to our local post office for delivery.each postal business day at around 4 PM and they are on theri way to you that day.

I placed my order today – when can I expect to receive it?

If you placed your order on Sunday through Friday, we’ll do everything possible to have it in the hands of the Postman and on it’s way to you the next morning. Because there is no mail pickup on Sunday orders placed on Saturday will ship Monday morning.

Once your order is in the Postmans hands you can expect to receive it in 2 to 3 days.

Please remember that there is no mail pickup or delivery on Sunday or national holidays. (There is no UPS or FedEx either!)

My order is taking longer to come than it should – Why?

Delays sometimes happen. The Postman’s delivery van might have a flat tire. The USPS truck or airplane might be delayed by weather. Maybe someone in the post office sorting room goofed and your package went to Portland Oregon instead of Portland Maine and then it was redirected by way of Portland Texas. Once the package leaves our location it is up to the post office – we have no further control over it.

On very rare occasions we get caught short on products here: Sometimes there is an unexpected demand for a product, or maybe our supplier can’t get fresh products to us quickly enough. Usually delays like that are only a day or two – and if they are longer we’ll let you know and we may ship as much of your order as possible with the back ordered items to follow ASAP.