The Body/Mind Connection – DVD


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Videos With Dr. Dana Myatt

Body 101: The Body/Mind Connection

Our thoughts have direct influence on our bodies. Modern medicine now recognizes the power of thought to control bodily functions, and the discipline of psychoneuroimmunology has been the result.

Dr. Myatt explains the Body/Mind Connection in terms of easy-to-understand physiology. She explains how thoughts become translated into flesh via the endocrine and nervous system. And she explains how we can draw upon that knowledge to change unproductive habits, heal our bodies, and create new circumstances.

Dr. Myatt’s Videos are now available in both VHS and DVD formats!

The Body/Mind Connection in VHS Format # 101 $19.95
VIDEO (60 minutes Running Time)

The Body/Mind Connection in DVD Format # 2101 $19.95
VIDEO (60 minutes Running Time)



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