Selenium 200 mcg – SelenoExcel (formerly Selenomax)


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An Essential Mineral Antioxidant

Selenium is an essential mineral, meaning that the body must obtain selenium from food or supplementation. Selenium’s primary role is that of antioxidant. Selenium works in conjunction with vitamin E to prevent damage to cell membranes.

Selenium deficiency is correlated with numerous diseases, and selenium supplementation is known to benefit a variety of conditions including:

  • cancer (all types, but especially prostate cancer)
  • cardiovascular disease
  • inflammatory conditions
  • cataracts
  • viral conditions
  • low immunity

Selenium deficiency is prevalent in the modern American diet due to depletion of selenium in the soil.

Dose: Daily optimal dose of selenium is 200mcg, but doses as high as 1,000mcg may be useful for herpes prevention, immune stimulation and in cancer and heart disease care under the recommendation of an holistic physician. Higher doses of selenium are warranted in cases of decreased viral immunity.

NOTE: Maxi Multi contains 200mcg of selenium. Unless you have a specific reason to take additional selenium, you may not need to supplement separately if you are taking Maxi Multi multiple vitamins.

Each Capsule Contains: 200 mcg of L-Selenomethionine per capsule.

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