Heavy Metal / Urine Chelation Test


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Heavy Metal / Urine Chelation Test.

The most accurate test for heavy metals in the body.

Heavy metals — including mercury, lead, cadmium, iron and arsenic — can be an overlooked cause of high blood pressure, neurological diseases and symptoms, chronic fatigue and other complaints for which there is no clear diagnosis.

Blood tests for heavy metals are virtually useless because the body clears toxic metals from the bloodstream very rapidly and stores them in tissues such as bone and metabolically active tissues where they will cause less damage.

Hair mineral analysis for heavy metals is more accurate than blood testing but is subject to “false negatives.” If one or more metals are found to be high based on a hair mineral analysis, there is definitely a toxic mineral problem. But if the hair test comes back negative, that doesn’t prove that you’re free from heavy metal toxicity. The metal can be stored in other tissues in the body, not the hair.

The best test for the presence of heavy metals is a chelation test. This test uses a “chelating agent” (EDTA, DMSA) to pull metals out of storage sites where they are then eliminated in the urine. Older versions of the test required in-office IV chelation prior to testing.

Fortunately, there is a newer oral chelation challenge / urine test that many holistic physicians feel is just as accurate as IV chelation testing, at a fraction of the cost and inconvenience.

The test entails fasting for several hours, then taking an oral chelating agent called DMSA (Dimercaptosuccinic Acid), a potent chelating agent. The urine is then collected for the next 6 hours and a send a sample of this to the lab in a pre-paid mailer.

This test kit includes DMSA sufficient to complete the test

Heavy Metal / Urine Chelation Test # N267 $279


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