DHEA Sublingual 25mg (60 tabs)


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DHEA (DeHydroEpiAndrosterone)

Lose Weight, Slow Aging, Improve Hormone Levels with this “Master Hormone”

DHEA is a steroid hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. It is a precursor  (“master hormone”) for many other steroid hormones including male and female sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) and corticosteroids. DHEA levels often decline dramatically with age. Low DHEA levels in the brain and blood are thought to contribute to many of the problems associated with aging.

DHEA has been shown in numerous clinical studies to:

  • improve age-related memory and mental decline
  • increase strength and muscle mass lost through aging
  • enhance antibody and immune system response
  • protect against heart disease and atherosclerosis
  • increase interleukin-2 (beneficial) and suppress interleukin-6 which increase with age and are associated with autoimmune diseaseosteoporosis, immune system decline, depressionbreast cancerB-cell lymphoma and anemia.
  • promote weight loss.

In addition, DHEA may be helpful for reduced libido and fatigue in those over forty, and in autoimmune disease regardless of age.

Suggested dose: (over forty years of age):
Men: 50 mg DHEA per day.
Women: 25 mg DHEA per day.

Although higher doses of DHEA may be valuable, a male or female hormone test to determine baseline DHEA levels is highly advised before using higher doses.

Sublingual DHEA – 25 mg

Oral DHEA is processed almost immediately by the liver, where it is prepared for excretion. This means that much of the DHEA taken in oral form is “lost” before it is used by the body.

Sublingual (dissolved under the tongue) DHEA allows the hormone to be effective in the body for a longer period of time before it is transformed by the liver for elimination.

If you have been taking DHEA orally but still have low DHEA levels, consider taking the sublingual form for better absorption and improved hormone effect.

Each (one) capsule contains:
DHEA (pharmaceutical grade), sublingual tablets …………………….25 mg

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