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The Healing Power of Garlic in a Super-Potent Liquid Extract.

AlliUltra® Liquidium

Each bottle contains:
15ml Allisure® AC-23 stabilized allicin liquid in a water base.

AlliUltra™ Allisure® AC-23 Liquidium is made from fresh, raw garlic. Heads of garlic are specifically selected to ensure that they contain significant enzyme activity (allinase enzyme). Garlic heads are split into cloves, which are left unpeeled and then subjected to crushing, filtration and a temperature controlled extraction process designed to produce pure liquid allicin dissolved in water. No chemical solvents are used. The allicin amino acid in fresh garlic is subjected to complete conversion by the allinase enzyme and to ensure a large volume of active allicin is harvested. The volume of allicin produced is directly related to the enzymatic activity.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Albert Schweitzer used garlic to treat dysentery in Africa. In addition to it’s broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity, garlic enhances numerous aspects of immune function. Garlic lowers blood pressure, triglycerides, and platelet stickiness (which can lead to clots and strokes while increasing HDL (the good cholesterol) and fibrinolysis (the breakdown of fibrin clots). Garlic is useful in HIV/AIDS, allergy, atherosclerosis, cancer, candidiasis, cardiac arrhythmias, diabetes type II, high blood pressure and infection.

Alliin, the primary substance of garlic, and alliinase, the activating enzyme, are present in separate chambers of the garlic clove. When garlic is ruptured, alliinase interacts with alliin and converts it to allicin – one of garlic’s most beneficial compounds. However, allicin dissipates quickly during standard processing techniques.

AlliUltra can also be used topically (externally) to help resolve any condition that has a bacterial, fungal or viral cause.

AlliUltra® Liquidium – Product # N316 (15 ml) $49.97
Each bottle contains 15ml Allisure® AC-23 stabilized allicin liquid in a water base.

Suggested Use: 1-8 drops per day—either internally or externally—for maximum health benefits.
Once opened AlliUltra should be kept refrigerated.

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If you are pregnant, lactating, or using anticoagulants (including aspirin), please consult your healthcare professional prior to use. Also, do not use in children under 10 years of age unless recommended by a healthcare professional.


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