They’re Tasty, They’re Healthy, They’re Myatt Muffins™!

(You’ll thank me later!)

A Myatt Muffin - Ready To ServeThis is an AMAZING muffin recipe; high in fiber, Essential Fatty Acids, phytonutrients and TASTE and low in calories and effective carbohydrates. They are also gluten-free. The most amazing part of all is that they take just 2 minutes in the microwave to “bake.”

“Try ‘em you’ll like ‘em”! (And your skin, bowels, eyesight and a whole lot else will thank you for the super nutrition). Did I mention that these are delicious and don’t taste like a “health muffin” at all? Heck, you can even get your kids to eat these if you don’t mention that they’re super-healthy!

Myatt Muffin™

Dry ingredients:
(mix together in one bowl)

  • 2 TBS. freshly ground flax seed
  • 2 TBS. psyllium husk powder from Organic India Psyllium (it MUST be Organic India brand to work properly – we have not found any substitute that works as well. Most psyllium is ground far too fine and has a slightly harsh, bitter taste!)
  • 1 heaping TBS. Maxi Fiber
  • 1 scoop Red Alert
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1 tsp baking powder (I use the “no aluminum” kind from the health food store)

Wet ingredients:
(mix together in the bowl or cup that you’ll use to bake your muffin)

  • 1 egg
  • 3 to 4 TBS. water (adjust amount for best results)
  • 1/8 cup fresh or frozen blueberries (optional)


Stir dry ingredients with a fork until blended.

Stir wet ingredients with a fork until blended.  Add blueberries to water / egg mix if using and stir again.

Add dry ingredients to wet and stir about 20 seconds until combined – do not over-stir. This will get “fluffy” because of the baking powder. Allow to rise undisturbed for one minute.

Cook on high in the microwave oven for 2 minutes. Remove from microwave (Careful – HOT!), allow to cool for a few moments and then tap out onto a breadboard and allow to cool undisturbed for two minutes before eating – this allows your muffin to reach it’s peak of fresh-baked goodness. Share with a friend or spouse (makes two servings) or save the other half for later in the day.

Nurse Mark baking hint: I like to use a Pyrex #508 measuring cup to mix and bake my muffins in – it is only graduated to measure 1 cup, but actually holds about 2 cups – a perfect size for cooking muffins.

Each serving contains:

Servings Per Recipe: 2 (blueberry variety)
Calories: 155
Total Carbs: 17.5 g
Dietary Fiber: 12.5 g
Effective carbs: 5
Protein: 3 g (or 14 grams if MRM brand whey is used)


PLAIN MUFFINS: Simply omit the blueberries – or you can substitute crushed walnuts or another low-carb nut, berry or fruit – Be creative!

CHOCOLATE BROWNIE: Omit the blueberries and add 1 TBS. organic, unsweetened cocoa powder. Let muffin rise in the bowl or cup, then stir again to “knock it down” for a denser, more brownie-like consistency when cooked.

“FULL MEAL DEAL” (With Whey powder): add 1 scoop whey protein to any variation and have a complete meal per serving! OR mix one scoop of MRM vanilla whey with a small amount of water and enjoy as a low-carb, high protein “frosting” on your muffin.

AS A DESSERT: Make any of these in a flat-bottomed bowl, allow it to cool without removing it from the bowl, sprinkle on a few crushed walnuts or berries, top with a little heavy cream or whipped cream (read the label to be sure it is low carb!), and enjoy a sinfully good low-carb, high-fiber dessert dish!

This isn’t “just” a muffin, it’s a complete meal of highly nutritious food disguised as a muffin. Enjoy!

Take THAT, Starbucks!

Nurse Mark’s Helpful Hints: Why not make up your muffin mix in 20 serving batches, in advance – what a time-saver to be able to just scoop out your ready-to-go dry mix whenever you want to whip up a fresh muffin! View the how-to Bulk Muffin Mix video here.