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The Wellness Club doesn’t sell the following items, but the links will lead you to the websites where you will find foods and products that come highly recommended by Dr. Myatt.


 Healthy and Hard-to-Find Foods and Such    Shiritake (Konjac Noodles)    Wild Pacific Salmon and Other Organic Delicacies    Grass-fed Organic Beef, Chicken and Raw Milk Cheese    Water Filters


Shiritake Noodles – Noodles and thickeners made from a tuber (Konjac root), not grain. Suitable for use in low carb, low calorie and anti-fungal diets.

Dr. Myatt’s Comment: These make a surprisingly good substitute for regular noodles. Rinse well in hot water or boil for 2 minutes to get rid of the “fishy” smell. (They come packed in sea water). You really need to try these, either in stir-fry or other oriental dishes or served with  pasta sauce.

Regardless of what the package says, here is the accurate “scoop” on nutrition composition: each one ounce of shiratake noodle contains 4 calories, 1 gram of carbohydrates and no fat or protein. (Compare this to regular pasta at approx. 38 calories and 7 grams of carbs per ounce!).

Wild Pacific Salmon Salmon is a “Super Food,” high in Omega-3 essential Fatty Acids. There’s one problem, though. Farm-raised fish don’t have a great Omega-3 content because of what they’re fed, and many ocean-caught salmon contain high levels of mercury.

The answer? Wild, sustainable Alaskan-caught salmon, tested for purity. This is the best, purest, highest Omega-3 salmon you can buy.

This company also features organic nuts and dried fruits, “salmon burgers” and other products made from salmon, scallops, halibut, shrimp, sablefish, organic cooking oils, teas and organic dark chocolate. Yum!

Grass-Fed Beef is a “Super Food,” especially when it is free of hormones, antibiotics and other synthetic additives. In fact, grass fed beef has an Omega content similar to fish, a very different food from “corn fed” or other types of beef. (Which not only contain hormones and antibiotics but are fed on fungus-containing grains).

This company offers all cuts of grass-fed, pure and wholesome beef plus free-range chicken and raw milk Amish cheese.

Quality Water Filters Eating right is important, but “drinking right” is even MORE important! Make sure your drinking water is clean and chemical-free. An at-the-sink water purifyer is a great health investment, better and less expensive than buying bottled water.

This highest-rate water filter company also offers whole-house purification units, shower filters, and an “auto-ship” filter service so you never have to worry about changing your filter

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* Inner Bonding – Grace Through Growth
We invite you to learn about the powerful emotional and spiritual healing process of Inner Bonding, created by Margaret Paul, Ph.D. and Erika Chopich, Ph.D. and recommended by Lindsay Wagner.

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O-zonelite Air Purifier Compact ozone light bulbs put out 6000 hours worth of environmentally friendly air filtration. Removes bad odors, eliminates many airborne irritants and microbes, and gives out the same light as a 100 watt incandescent.