Extreme Duty Optimal Defense Packs

Nutritional Supplement Packs Especially Formulated to Support Health in Extreme Mental and Physical Conditions

Extreme Duty Defense PacksStress burns nutrients like a fighter plane burns jet fuel.

Add stress with a diet of processed, preserved foods, and you’ve got a recipe for decreased energy and increased infections.

“Extreme Duty” supplement packs are designed especially for our troops. One packet per day provides optimal — not just “minimal” — nutrients to keep America’s Finest fit and healthy under the stress of duty. 30 individual packets are a one month’s supply.

Yes, these are specially designed and formulated by Dr. Myatt for our troops, to support them under the rigorous demands of combat service – but many men and women on “Civvie Street” as well as troops who have used them while in service and want to continue to use these convenient packs here at home have asked us to make them available for sale. Now you can use the same high quality multiple vitamin packs that we have been sending to our troops – they are combat-proven!

These Extreme Duty supplement packs are ideal for men and women under stress – elite athletes, business people, executives, anyone functioning under increased physical or mental stress will notice the difference that the optimal nutrients in these packs can make to their performance.

Each container holds 30 Once-Daily Packs – a one month supply – for only $29.95

Try some today – and supercharge your performance!

Be sure to order Male or Female – there is a difference!

Special order only – please enquire for availability