Essential Oils

Concentrated “Plant Hormones”

Essential oils are highly concentrated, volatile oils found in many plants. In plants, they serve a variety of functions similar to human hormones.

Essential oils can be used, diluted, for topical application (all essential oils are highly anti-microbial), aromatherapy, or (in the case of lavender and tea tree) applied directly to the skin (undiluted) for healing.

Lavender Essential Oil – Skin’s Healing Friend

Essential oil of lavender can be applied undiluted to the skin for burns, bites and general irritation. It is the single best healing oil for all skin types. Used as aromatherapy, lavender has a balancing, relaxing and uplifting effect. Apply several drops to a cotton ball or diffuser to help drift peacefully off to sleep.

Myrrh Essential Oil – Soothe Irritated Gums

Essential oil of Myrrh is a classic for healing sore, irritated gums. Apply at gumline with a finger or Q-tip swab.

Myrrh Essential Oil is increasingly expensive and difficult to obtain. Dr. Myatt is able to special-order this rare oil but availability, price, and delivery times are variable. Please call for a quote.

Tea Tree Essential Oil – Nature’s Anti-Fungal

Essential Oil of Tea Tree can be applied directly to the skin for fungal infections, including toe and fingernail fungus, athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm.