Dr. Del Nichols

Dr. Del Nichols, The Wellness Club’s most highly recommended dentist for the critical task of safe mercury amalgam removal, passed away in 2009 following a brief illness.

We at the Wellness Club miss his wisdom and compassion and extend our most heartfelt sympathies to his family. We will maintain this page because we feel that the knowledge he gave us should be an enduring legacy to his memory

We are currently seeking another holistic dentist of Dr. Nichols’ caliber, but his shoes will not be easily filled.

Dr. Myatt does not currently have a recommendation for an holistic dentist.
She is unable to assist in obtaining past dental records from Dr. Nichols’ practice as she was not associated with that practice.
Dr. Nichols sold his practice before his death. There is a new dentist practicing in that same location, now called “Rustic Mountain Dentistry”.

The Wellness Club was very fortunate to have located an holistic dentist who was highly skilled in the safe removal of mercury amalgams. In fact, Dr. Myatt felt comfortable in placing her confidence in Dr. Del to have him replace all of her mercury amalgam fillings, and she has never for a moment regretted her decision – she reports that her health improved markedly following the procedure!

Here is what Dr. Del had to say about his process of mercury amalgam removal:

We have found several unique keys that lead us to a successful Amalgam Removal and Replacement.

Before the patient comes in for the removal we have them take a special blood test to do a blood serum biocompatible dental material testing which shows the different types of dental materials their unique body composition is compatible with. Also, we can and have used other modalities for determining the proper match up of dental materials to the patient.

Most materials in the mouth have a current that is either positive (+) or negative (-) but the natural tooth does not have a charge. The unique principal we have incorporated into our program is that the currents do not come out when they [the amalgams] are removed. The standard for normal removals is to remove one quadrant (upper right, upper left, lower right, or lower left) at a time. The problem with this is the currents will reattach to the existing metals in the mouth which can create a meridian overload and an electrical short circuiting. We use an electro current analyzer to determine the currents of the filings. We then remove the highest cumulative current quadrant first, the next highest second and so forth. We will remove the amalgam filings two quadrants at a time and then replace them with the compatible material. Then we remove and replace the next two quadrants. The complete removal is accomplished in either one or two days depending on the number of filings.

During the procedure the patient also has the option of using regular Anesthesia or a non-invasive electrical anesthesia.

We also encourage the patient to use an oral or IV chelation and we work very closely with a health practitioner that can perform these.

We take many precautions to protect the patient during the removal. We use a rubber dam to keep as much debris as we can out of the patients mouth. We use special ionizers and a Swiss filtering system to pull any debris from the air. All of our patients are on oxygen during the entire procedure with gas also available. All staff in the room also have masks on for their protection.

In the picture to the right you can see how the rubber dam seals the patients teeth from the oral cavity, and prevents any mercury-containing debris from contacting the tissues of the mouth or entering the breathing passages or throat. A rubber dam protects the oral cavity The Dentis, assistant, and patient are all protected from the freshly released mercury The picture to the left shows the extent to which Dr. Dell and his assistant – and especially the patient – were protected during the mercury amalgam removal procedure. A fume extractor is removing contaminated air from the work area. Dr. Del Nichols was a Native Arizonan, born and raised in Heber, Arizona.
He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in General Dentistry in 1973.
For two years he served his country and fellow men in the Navy as a naval dentist.
He returned to his roots and started his practice in Snowflake, Arizona, in 1977.
He was a holistic dentist and had been removing mercury for over 20 years.
He was trained in TMJ, Sleep Disorders and Functional Orthopedic Orthodontics. The Late Dr. Del Nichols

We were pleased tohave been able to have Dr. Del working with our patients. He was gentle, kind, patient, and above all, highly skilled! We miss you Dr. Del!