Cayenne / Lobelia

Emergency Heart and Circulation Remedy Extraordinaire

Cayenne Lobelia TinctureCayenne (Capsicum frutescense) is a circulatory stimulant, used for Atherosclerosis, poor circulation, shock, hemorrhage, heart attack. It is synergistic with many herbs.

Cayenne is the premier circulatory stimulant herb.

Lobelia (Lobelia inflata) is an expectorant, antispasmodic, emetic, relaxant, used with cayenne for circulatory shock, fainting, heart attack.

Lobelia is the premier relaxant / antispasmodic herb.

Dr. Myatt’s comment: A superior emergency formula for shock, hemorrhage, heart attack, circulatory and migraine headaches. Everyone should have a bottle of this on hand – it is a real “life saver”!

Contains: Capsicum (cayenne) and Lobelia inflata.
Dose: 10 drops under the tongue, up to every 2 minutes as needed.

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