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Dr. Myatt's Cardiovascular Risk Checklist

A Medical White Paper Presented By Dr. Dana Myatt

February is "Heart Month." Here's Your Heart-Risk Checklist.

Shocking Facts about Heart Attacks

February is heart month, and in honor of your heart, I have prepared a special heart-risk assessment and report for you. First, some surprising statistics about heart disease. These "fast facts" will help you know why my heart-risk checklist is so potentially important.

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the US.1 2,200 people die every day from heart disease.

As many as 50% of all people who have a heart attack do not have ANY classic risk factors, although one study argues that this number is actually only 20%.  "Only" a 20% chance of having a heart attack with no known risk factors? I don't know about you, but that still sounds like a big risk to me. 

As many as fifty percent (50%) of all first heart attacks are last heart attacks if you get my drift. Half of all people who have a heart attack die from "sudden cardiac death." No second chances. No “jump-starting” the heart with a defibrillator. No bypass surgery or stents. Just gone in a heartbeat.

People with NO conventional risk factors are more likely to die "sudden death" from a first heart attack.  Sudden cardiac death is the first and only sign of heart disease in this group.

You could be a non-smoker with a normal body weight, total cholesterol below 200, LDL below 100, HDL above 50. You don't smoke, are not diabetic and have no family history of heart disease. Good for you. You doctor has just given you a clean bill of health and told you your heart is fine. And you could die of a heart attack as you leave the doctor's office. Remember, twenty to fifty percent of all people who have a heart attack do not have ANY conventionally-tested heart risks.

Emerging Risk Factors: The "Other Risks" No One Is Telling You About

Routinely screened conventional risk factors include blood fats (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL), blood pressure, smoking, and diabetes.4 Additional testing might include a cardiac stress test (the "treadmill test"). Overweight/obesity, family history and activity levels should also be considered.

Unfortunately, 20-50% of people who have heart attacks are "normal" for all of these tests and markers. It's the folks with "all normal" risk factors who have the greatest likelihood of having a fatal heart attack.

Conventional medicine acknowledges that there are a number of other risk factors for heart disease. These are called "emerging risk factors" because the information is still “emerging” or coming to light.

Unfortunately, tests for these "emerging risk factors" are not yet ordered by most conventional physicians nor are they typically covered by insurance. Many of them will be "standard of care" in conventional medicine some day in the future. Will “some day” be soon enough for you or me?

Good News About "Emerging Risk Factors"

The good news is many of the most important of these "other risks" can be tested at an affordable price. They are not obscure tests with thousand-dollar price tags.

The OTHER good news is that there are safe, natural, proven options for correcting abnormalities if and when they are found. After all, what good would it be to know about a risk factor if there was nothing you could do about it?

To receive your free copy of Dr. Myatt's Cardiovascular Risk Factors Medical White Paper please enter your name and email address in the area to the right.

Your Medical White Paper will be sent to your email address as a safe and secure .pdf document attachment that can easily be opened by any computer using the free Adobe Reader program.

You will be able to save it to your computer and print it out as needed.

This registration protects us from unauthorized downloading of this important document and protects you from spammers and computer security risks.

Important: If you have previously downloaded this White Paper (if you are "Already Subscribed") and you have lost or misplaced your copy please email NurseMark at for a replacement.

Please print this Medical White Paper, including the pages of references, so that you can show it to your doctor / cardiologist. When he / she tells you that 1) he has never heard of some of these tests, 2) you don't need them, 3) he's not going to order them for you, and 4) your insurance won't pay for them anyway, please note that Dr. Myatt will make these tests available to you here at a very reasonable cost.

Dr. Myatt's Cardiovascular Risk Checklist Lab Tests

From Dr. Myatt's Medical White Paper on Cardiovascular Risk Factors:

"…As many as fifty percent of all first heart attacks are last heart attacks. Half of all people who have a heart attack die from "sudden cardiac death." People with NO conventional risk factors are more likely to die "sudden death" from a first heart attack. Sudden cardiac death is the first and only sign of heart disease in this group..."

Dr. Myatt has been able to locate and provide a comprehensive Cardiac Risk Profile that includes both currently accepted Cardiac Risk Factors and the New Emerging Cardiac Risk Factors that she discusses in her Medical White Paper.

These "emerging Risk Factors" are the ones that your conventional doctor - even your conventional cardiologist - will not test for.

Sorry - Currently unavailable - please check back soon!


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